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How to get Sexy Gujarati women in bed

This is a story of my late boss’s wife whom I fucked in her office. The important factor in getting a Chamdiben (Savita Bhabhi), whom you know for fucking, is by studying her psychological behavior. In this story I will explain you as what I have studied in her psychological behavior and used the knowledge to get her in bed. In June 2006 my boss had expired and his sexy wife took charge of the office. She was a Chamdiben (Savita Bhabhi) in her early 40’s but was looking like in her early 30’s. She is having my weak point of smooth silky skin (Chamdi) and on bonus of that she has very huge well shaped round ass. Her ass is her ancestral property since all her sisters are also having the same assets with them.

After her taking charge of office I had started studying her psychological behavior for 2 months and found that she was not at all sad on the demise of her husband, on the contrary she was behaving like a free bird which has come out of cage after years in slavery One day she showed me her boobs accidentally while lifting her purse which she only had thrown down purposefully & in another incident she pressed her well shaped gand over my land and remain in that position for half a minute causing erection of my land.

After getting positive results in my observations I decided to fuck her and hence now either of us has to create situation where we will get chance for actual fucking. It was clear to me that like other Chamdibens (Savita Bhabhi) she will not come with me to lodge or hotel room for fucking since she is having image in the society. Fortunately she created this opportunity for us by sending her elder lunatic son and my colleague who were present in the office to seminar. After one hour (Ensuring that they had gone to seminar and will not return back to office before 7 pm.), she told me to close the office doors and windows from inside. Here I used my observational behavior of her ‘feeling like free bird after the death of her husband’ and concluded that she must be dominated and harassed by her husband over the years for her behavior like feeling free bird after the death of her husband hence I decided to let her dominate me.

At this time even though my land was fully erected I asked my boss politely “Madam, kindly let me know as to what are your sexual likes and preferences?” for which my Madam replied “We have full day to do this discussions to know each others sexual likes and dislikes but please first fuck me urgently now without any delay since I had not got sex from past 6 months” (My boss was ill for 3 months before his death hence could not able to give her sexual intercourse) She put my hand over her wet pussy to let me realize her emergency situation. Her panty was fully wet due to juice which was outcome of her immense sexual arousal. I asked apology to my dead boss in my mind for what I was going to do with his wife and obeyed her orders without any delays.

My land was become red after I feel the wetness in her panty and ask her to lie down on my boss’s huge table, since there was no sofa/bed in the office at that time. Then I put her dress’s tops upwards and without wasting time on removing her top quickly removed her panty and put my hot rod in her cleanly shaven pussy for first time. Since I am single and controlling very well my erections (like old monks) I am always taking longer time to come, which my Chamdibens (Savita Bhabhi) enjoy very much. After 20 minutes of fucking her ruthlessly like a ‘randi’ I poured my juices in her half year hungry pussy.

I observed immense satisfaction & freshness like a flower feelings on her face after a good hard fuck which a true Experience Certificate was issued by her for my hard work. It was 11:00 Am by then. We took 10 minutes rest after our first intercourse session and then removed completely our cloths in order to not to spoil them. She has got average pair of loose breast size and surprisingly there were nail marks on her entire body. It seemed to me that she had been gang raped ruthlessly leaving nail marks over her body. I asked her Madam, What are these nail marks on your body? She laid her head over my chest and replied my husband was a drunkard person and used to torture me daily evening after drinking wine. Now I understood why she was behaving like a free bird after the demise of her husband. I promised her that I will give her true love, abundant sex and she will forget completely about her husband and the tortures which he had done for the years.

I asked her what your future plans are and whether she would be interested in marrying me even though she was 10 years older than me. She replied to me that she would love to marry me but due to her lunatic son she could not. I thanked God in my mind for her son’s lunacy. Then I started kneading her soft left side of gand gently with both of my hands. I knead left side of her gand for 15 minutes passionately and then turn to right side of her gand. While kneading her gand I asked her “Tame Kyat hi aviya cho?” meaning where is her native place. She replied to me that she is from Gandhinagar. One hour has passed in this massaging her gand. While kneading her gand I had tried to put my finger accidentally in her ass hole and found that it was a very tight hole meaning she was a virgin from there. My land was become hard rock again to taste her virgin ass. I asked her politely Madam, Can I fuck your ass hole please. She replied promptly No. She must had imagined the pain which will cause there if the strong land which just now entered her pussy if gone to her virgin ass how much pain she will suffer.

My land was fully erect and wanted desperately to enter in her virgin ass hence I tried to convince her. I told her that I will put oil in there and hence there will not be much pain over there. Further I will not put my entire land and will stop anytime if she feels irresistible pain there. She agreed since the M7 strategy I had applied to her and she does not want to loose me. But now there was another problem, there was no oil in the office at that time and my land was not in mood of waiting and wasting time on going to shop for purchasing oil. Then I recollected there was machine oil in office for use of office chairs, doors etc. I took the same. Since the intercourse was going to be hard and wild we decided to do the same on the ground instead on table like last time.

I told her to lay back and put yellow pages directories below her chest and pussy, I also given few office files below her face like a pillow. Then I put few drops of machine oil in her ass hole and massaged her ass hole for some time and loosen the same. Then I put my hot land over her ass. My land could reach only 10% of its size in her ass and she started shouting since it seems she was feeling irresistible pain over there. Hence I decided to stop, but it was a sign that she was truly virgin from there. I thanked my dead boss in my mind for keeping her virgin from there for me. I decided to take her first in confidence and since we both were little exhausted I bring drinking water for both of us.

To divert her attention from excessive pain which she had encountered just a while, I started kissing her lower lips passionately. After half an hour of kissing her over lips, face and neck I asked her, Madam, are you still feeling pain there She replied Only little pain is there then I asked her Whether she enjoyed this new adventure and whether she would have enjoyed it if I could able to insert my full land in there she replied I would love to get this experience but the pain is not tolerable. I tried to convince her Madam, you are my dream woman and I want to give you all the pleasures which I can and wish that you should not miss this pleasure, further the pain will be only for first time and the pleasures will be for life time It seemed that I was successful in pursuing her for this new adventure. She replied Ok. You can try one more time.

I told her to gag my underwear in her mouth and bite it hardly when she will be unable to tolerate the pain, this process of biting my underwear will enable her to tolerate the pain. Secondly it will repress any loud shouting which might be result of her reaction over immense pain in the process. Then again massaging her ass hole for few minutes I put my hot land over her ass. After doing painful affords for half hour I could enter my half land in her ass hole, but this time due to my underwear which she was biting she was able to take the pain and there was no loud shouts. I was enjoying immensely this adventurous sex activity which was far more superior to our earlier session. However I could able to only insert 3/4th of my land in her virgin ass since she had started bleeding from there hence after doing this hard intercourse for half hour I promptly poured my juices in her virgin ass for first time in her life.

I wiped her ass with my napkin and my napkin has become completely wet by her blood. My underwear in her mouth has totally torn due to her hard bites. Her face has become completely red. There was a strange look of immense happiness and feeling of immense pain on her face. There was dead silence in the office for another half hour while we were laid down relaxing after half hour hard exercises. It was 3 pm by then and we both were feeling very hungry by then hence we took lunch. After lunch I tried to break the silence by passing one small joke on her. I asked her whether she had enjoyed her second Suhagrat? For which she replied the immense pain brought her memories of her dead husband. We cleaned our genitals and started again. I started kissing all over her body. First I kissed her lips & tongue. Then I moved to her cheeks, head and ears.

Then I started kneading her boobs, which were little loose but very attractive and nipples were very big and juicy. I started sucking her nipples passionately while my hands were kneading her other boob.
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