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Even A Servant Has A Day

On reaching at Calcutta I was given a job of a cleaning by in a hotel. I was from U.P. since two years we were facing drought. In utter famine i have decided to escape. I have entered in a train with out ticket. I was 20 years,tall and with tanned skin.. Till 17 I was studying gusthi in local akhara. Education also have stopped after +2. . We were poor and of washing men by profession.I have done the cleaning boys work well for two years. The owner was a wicked fellow . does not pay in full. By the end of second year I came to know a thakhur moshai who was having a large old house in our street. He was of 70+ and was alone since all his 4 children were working in other places. There were servant for cooking . but at night he was in need of a man. Somehow he has called me and I have agreed. The money was not a problem. He has given food and money more that the hotel.

He was a good man and was not going to the first floor of his 2 floor bldg. I have to maintain all the floors and at night has to sleep near his room. Of course with coat and mosquito net and A.c. Now and then his boys and their family do come and then my room will be used by them .I have to move to the first floor guest room. Monthly this will happen for 2 or 3 days,except in pooja and summer days when more people and more days will be occupied. I may be able to go home for about 10 or 15 days then. I was by then was 23 and my mother and family used to press me for marriage. Still then I was a virgin. I have only heard of the sex as told by friends. It was during one of those days I could see the real show. That also with characters from bang la film world. From that day I became mad and has started hand ling my dick in bath room, by thinking her.

I have started seeing ladies with a different eye. I used to imagine each of their parts by seeing even their palm ,feet, or lips etc.The live sex was with thakurdas elder son. One day he has come alone to meet his father.As usual I was ready to move to the first floor. But he told me not to do so. Insted he has moved to the top. .He was a top police officer and so many calls will come and he does not want to trouble this father. By nine in the night the old man has gone to bed. Then a car has come and a lady and a man has entered. They have been taken to the saheb in first floor. I was told not to worry and so has slept. But just before my sleep I have seen the man going out. I was asked to lock the door. Then I was thinking of that burka clad lady. where she will sleep? so I have moved to the first floor to make everything convenient to her. All were dark lady was found in that room. except his room. They were talking. Or he was questioning her. she was free from outer dress. I felt that I have seen her before. so familiar. .

later remembered her as a TV star and film star. She was a sensation then. She infact was in defensive mood. crying and requesting to free some one. Finally she has even touched his feet. She was with out make up. Still she was marvelous. My dick was in ful form till the show was over.. Finally he has pulled her up and has started opening her. Made her cloth less. .A golden beauty. He was also tall and nice but bit dark. He has asked her to suck. She has denied. He has abused her and family in bad words ,and pushed her face down and forcefully made her to do. Later she did it well, I hope. .When the tool has reached in full size he has asked her to lie on her back and has climbed on her . Her cry was terrible while he has inserted in. The slim girl of about 20 or so was nothing in front of the strong man of 45 or so. His fuck has ended and both laid calm till again for next. I have never slept . Sat there to see the full shows till early hours. He has inserted in her back also among her cries. I have never heard about such a way till then. Later in the morning she has left in burkha ,and left in car. . From that day I was a different man. Like a shark tasted blood. I have started looking all didies coming there in that eye. By good food and less work I have formed a good body. I was made to run for half an hour by the old man .

He doee not want a gusty student to tern to a fat gay.. The months have passed. Once came the eldest daughter who was about 40. Tall slightly fat and the same colour of her brother. .Her husband seems to be an officer in a bank. .she was left here for a day by her Hus himself. I have moved to the top floor. Later in night I have heard some sounds and has opened the door to see deedi and a man in the varanda of first floor. .The man was the younger sisters Hus. He was very fair and tall, and was told as a business man.Since all room were locked they have used the coat in the varanda. When I have come out the fucking was in full form. The old coat was making that sound. along with her cries and cooing. She also was a marvelous lady.In the morning she was in the ground floor . The other man also was not there. I could not stop in telling the fact to her during the day. She was terrified. she told me not to tell her father. and has given a lot of money. But I have not taken that. When asked again I have told her that she was so sexy that I am not able to forget that scene. Finally she has called me to the first floor in the noon when old man was taking rest. She has simply opened her up and I have given a good fuck ,my first fuck or my deflowering. From that day it was a practice. She used to be over me in most of the fuck for the initial part. .

Later she has found me as the safest male prostitute for her. So also I have started getting ate sister in laws one after the other. The police mans wife was the best in bed. She has told that she has been fucked by the top film people. I was lucky to introduce my poor dick in that pussy, she has told me. All except one of the old mans daughter used to get my services at least once in a month. Now I am not interested to marry. Who will loose these wife's for a black lady from village. Also all used to pay nice bapkish as per my performance.Slowly I am getting over smart an d used to take the day servant when all are dry. The lady was fearing me and used to obey my commands. Even though useless she was good as a filling..I used to feel so lucky. In summer holidays there used to be a rush and people used to be in q. Since all know each other and they believe me the treatment also was good for me.
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