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Deedi the Goddess

Submitted by a fan

I am Bobby aged 33 now happily married and well off. I shall give an incident of my life.It was a holiday. The pooja was on around. I was alone at home.all others mamu and kakkas and their family was on a Therth yatra. I was also has a ticket for the yatra, but for thr sudden information of the arrival of the truck for carrying our fassals. If delayed we may loose a lot of money.And I was also was not so happy for the Theerth. finally It was decided that I shall go to the house of badi deedi\'es house for a week after the work done.

In fact I was so happy to see my deedi the sex goddess than any journey. She has gone after marriage since 10 years .and I have seen her only once while her visit. Even though I was much excited in seeing her ,she was not having any happiness than normal. She has given me some money and a shirt as she used to give to other servants. She was slightly fat and has turned to a real gori.

She was carrying her second child. .So now to get a chance to go to her house was a great thing to me. I have forgotten to introduce me . I am the son of one of the cousin sister who was a widow in youth. So kakkas have allowed to stay in their house as a glorified servant. But still they use to give all her requirements, and also sent me to school till tenth. Later I have studies computer and used to do many a work related to electronics and also worked as a supervisor in their farm .

After mothers death the kakki\'s always taken special care of me and also I used to consider all as my own. There were 3 sisters and 2 brothers in that house for me. All were younger to me in age except elder deedi. She was the most beautiful lady I have seen in my life. But she always treated me as servant only. It is not that she misbehaved with me ,but never liked me as other siblings.

For them I was a real brother. Slowly I also felt her as a goddess or a princes who is not equal to me I used to respect her as a goddess.\r\n All has changed in my 16 th year. It was her marriage time .All were busy in various work. I was in the farm. On that noon I have come for my food. It was found locked. So as usual I had entered through a secret way to the kitchen.

All my kakkies know that and they used to keep my food on the table ,if in case I am late.The food was there. I have moved to the table. Then I have heard a shrieking from the next servant quarter. I thought that was a thief and has quickly taken a lathe and moved to the door.. But the theft was surely going on which I was not able to stop. Badi deedi who was 25 by then was totally naked with another man, and he has sucking her breasts and was pressing her beautiful thighs I was initially mad in seeing my goddess was attacked. But later I have kept quite. I found that both were happy and was kissing.

It was my first visual of a sex act. Later she was laid on the bed and he has introduced a gigantic dick in to her. She was shouting in pain but he was cruel and pumped for about 20 minutes. Even when crying she was catching him with her legs and hands. Her nails have gone in to his bare back to male him bleed. later after a second time both have left. Bu then I have also left with out taking food.

I have again went to that room and has collected the virgin bloody sheet and her UG\'s as a momento. From then I used to do hand work daily in her name till now. So the visit of my sex goddess was a great day for me\r\n I have reached in the house of deedi after 2 days. She was very friendly then .I was 25 by then and she was about 37 or so. She was even better looking . I was so mad on her and was jealous to my bro in law and the other lover who could get her as fresh.

The elder son was almost looking as differed .It seems as her lovers son.Her Hus was a very big shot and always coming late and also with force and secretaries. He was a nice gay to me. he has told me to take a car and move all over the town. Also asked me to call him in case if any trouble or necessities. These were so nice to me .Even my sis has never told such to me. Poor fellow was cheated by her. I was angry with her. Both her kids were in boarding schools. so she used to have many ladies ,her friends in the day. So I used to go out for wandering in the day seeing the city. On the third day I have reached early and was sleeping in my room. .It was about 8 and I have heard some one is opening the door.

I have looked through the key hole. To my surprise It was that lover. He was bit older and fatter. He was in no was handsome than my bro in law. What she has seen in him. I have kept quite. She has never thought of me then. She has taken him in . He has embraced her and kissed her in the front room itself. She told him that her husband will be in London for two days. But here is a stupid servant cum relative ,so she was not able to keep him in day time. Slowly they have moved to their bed room .\r\n I have tried to go to that room .But was unable to see or hear since it was sound proof. I have moved to the outer sun shade and could see but not to here. The sex was so fresh than the day i have seen. I Felt a n erection and was ready to have her. She was not my sis but a great lady beautiful to enjoy. I have never felt such to other sisters..

Then I have decided to do than imagine. The naked bodied roll one over the other made me mad. I was sure that I am having an athletic body which could easily control that lover. I have knocked the door. Suddenly there was a silence then after 10 minutes she has opened the door. She has astonished to see me. Shouted at me and tried to push me out. But when I have forced in and locked the door.She became calm and asked pardon . the lover was under the coat. she had only a loose sari on her. I have told her that I have many proofs of their plays. starting from the pre marriage days. She was terrified. I told her that I was mad of her since then .Now since she is cheating why not giving to me.

By then he has tried to attack me. It took only minutes to tie him up. He has laid in a corner ad I have given some good kicks on his face. By then she has agreed to give me all. I have taken her in hand had has a kiss which has lasted for many minutes..I have licked her all over . All my dreams have fulfilled. I found she was not happy when I have entered in her but later my fuck has progressed and pumping has speed ed up followed with her cry and cooing . She has caught me with her legs and hands as she has done with her lover. I found she was mad of me Her kiss were so powerful that my tongue was simply sucked in. later she became calm ans inert. I was still not in full.

I have continued to my climax and pored the hot lava of mine in her. The lover of her was silent and was seeing all ,fearing my action on him.After an hour she has again taken initiative for the second. She has taken my organ in hand. I have got up and moved to the lover and pulled him up. I have introduced my dick in his mouth and to my surprise he has sucked it well till it has got full size. Again I have moved to deedi and she was happy in seeing that she told. I have introduced in and has started slowly. she told me that she like forceful fuck and to do so in front of slaves like this.

Sh e was told that if the lover was licking her feet while we fuck she would have been more happy. She was not so much in love with her lover. It was the only one easily available and ready to stay under her orders. From then I have got that place The lover has left after our fuck for ever I hope. I have again had har at least 4 or 5 times. Them I had my marriage and we were in a different t place. I hope still If want I can have her, Of course if no other stronger one was there.
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