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Aunty ke maze

This is the story if how I fucked my aunty. It all happened when my parents had sent me to stay at my uncles for the long four weekend. My aunt was my uncle’s second wife and she was only 37 she had huge boobs which I would stare at all the time and a nice curvy body with a fabulous ass. I was 18 when I first started to imagine and fantasies about her after seeing an old video of her dancing.

I arrived at my uncles house on Thursday morning and she greeted me at the door in her silky see through night dress my uncle had left for work. I came in and sat down on the sofa and started to watch TV aunty went upstairs to get her daughter who was 9 months old. She came down and I continuously stared at her ass. She came and sat on the sofa next to me started playing with the baby. She gave her to me and I continued playing with her aunty got up and went to the kitchen. She asked me if I wanted anything to eat I said no. Soon later aunty had made some lunch for us. She called me into the dining room and we sat and eat we had a very friendly conversation about how things were. After we finished eating aunty made some food for the baby and fed her. After feeding her the baby vomited on aunty she got up and cleaned her and told me to watch her. She went in the corridor and took off her dress I managed to peak a look and aunty went upstairs. She came back down and took the baby and put her to sleep then aunty asked if I would watch the baby so she could go pick some stuff up for the baby I said ok and aunty left.

As she left I went upstairs to her room to check on the baby and found that aunty dress and her bra was lying on the bed. I went over and took, a look at them then I had this horny urge to go through her under wear. I went through the draws until I found them sniffing them all then took a pair of knickers and bra to her bathroom and pulled down my pants and my dick had erected. As soon I was about to begin I noticed their laundry basket I opened the lid I found pair of aunties recently worn knickers. I took a sniff of them and they smelt sweaty I then licked them imagining where her pussy would be. Then I wrapped them around my dick and began to wank. I cummed and wiped it using her underwear and then put everything back. I then went back downstairs and pulled out my laptop waited for aunty to return. Aunty returned in a hour. She came in and asked how was everything I said fine. Nothing happened for the next few hours. Uncle returned at 7 and we watched the football together then aunty made dinner. Then we all eat and aunty told me that I would sleep in the spare room I said i’ll be fine on the sofa. She insisted that sleep in the spare room then uncle said if he wants to sleep in the living room let him. He don’t get that many holidays he probably wants to watch some TV. Aunty said ok.

After eating we all headed to the living room where we watched TV then aunty got up and went upstairs and brought the bedding. She placed it on the sofa and said I’m off to bed uncle soon followed. I waited till 12:30 till they both had fallen asleep and switched on the laptop and watched some porn. Then suddenly the door opened slowly as I heard the door open I closed the laptop and covered myself and acted a sleep. It was aunty she had come to make some milk. She had come sat down on the sofa for a while then I thought to myself this is my chance. Aunty got up and went to the kitchen. I then removed my covers and waited for aunty to return. By now I had a fully grown erection I made sure it was in clear site of her. She walked back in and I acted asleep. Aunty came and sat down on the sofa opposite me then I heard her say oh my god she had noticed that I was sleeping naked and especially my boner. By now a lot of things were going through my head. So I decided to turn the other way aunty had got up and covered me and went to the kitchen. I then wanked and fell asleep.

The next morning I had woken up at 10 by now my uncle had left I got up up and went to the kitchen. Aunty was there she asked me how I slept I said fine. Then taking a brave move I said I had a dream last night about you. She said really; then there was a few seconds of silence and the aunty said my name I replied. She said do you sleep naked. I replied yes I acted shock and said did you see anything last night. She said yes and asked her what she said I saw your penis. I said ohh sorry. She said its fine i’ve seen them before no big deal. Then I said what do you think you’re the first girl to see it. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then she said it’s ok. She then tried changing the subject. I asked her a few more questions, do you think it will impress a girl. She replied saying it certainly shocked and impressed me with a flirty smile. She then told me don’t you have a girlfriend. I’m sure she’ll have similar feelings I said no. She then got personal and said to me I once used to be impressed by uncles one but not anymore yours the first one that had got me excited. In a while aunty left and went upstairs. She came back down after a while and asked if I wanted to go with them to the doctors as the baby had an appointment. I said fine and went with them throughout the journey aunty complained about uncle and I just listened.We returned from the doctor around 1pm and aunty bought us some takeaway for lunch. We eat it and then aunty went upstairs to put the baby to sleep and take a shower. After a while I had gotten bored so I started to watch a movie. And it was about 4pm aunty had come downstairs in her robe and asked what I was watching. I said I was about to start a movie she asked what it was. And I told her she told me to wait as she wanted to watch it too. So I paused the film aunty went and closed the kitchen windows and the door as it was becoming dark. She came back into the living room and closed the curtains and switched the lights off then started the movie. 20 mins into the movie aunty put her foot up on the sofa and was complaining that her feet were killing her. And a few minutes later asked if I would give her a massage. I said sure and put her feet on my lap near my crotch and started to massage them. After a while aunty asked me what had got me so hard last night while I was a sleep I said I can’t remember she said you sure then I went quite as the main plot of the movie began.Aunties feet were still on my lap she began move them about then suddenly with the heel of her foot she began rub it against where my cock was. It was nice at first she continued doing that and my dick began to erect. And now the was a big bulge in my pants. Aunty continued doing this for some time. She then looked at me and said you like this beta. I replied saying its great. Aunty continued doing this she then with her toes placed it in between my jeans button. She couldn’t take it off by now my mind was thinking about all sorts of things and what aunty was doing. She then asked me if I was uncomfortable I replied saying yes. She then told me to un do my buttons on my jeans. I said you sure she said its fine i’ve seen it before. So I did and the movie was still playing and aunty was still lying on the sofa she continued rubbing her feet on my boxers and my dick was so hard. She then told me to remove my boxers and I did she continued to rub her feet on my dick. Now I could feel her skin now aunty started to move about as well. She now got up and sat in her normal seating position she then with her left hand touched the tip of my dick. She then wrapped her whole hand round it I remained quite she then started to admire it with her hands and started saying how long and hard it was like a danda.Now I couldn’t take it anymore and I undone her robe and rolled up her night dress and went straight for her pussy. It was a little hairy I inserted my middle finger in there and started fingering her. We continued doing this until I felt a wet liquid coming out of her pussy. My dick was at the lips of her pussy she said to me destroy my choot I didn’t understand what she meant but I knew it was fuck her good. I then penetrated her pussy the tip off my dick was inside It was wet I grabbed both her boobs and went all in aunty let out a moan. I grabbed a pillow and covered her face so uncle didn’t wake up. My penis was fully inside her I went I closer and started kissing her neck and chest aunty then tighten her vagina and I started to move in and out. Aunty was still pretty tight for a women who had given birth 9 months ago. She then slowly started loosening up and I increased my pace I could feel my dick getting harder and it felt like as if my dick was going to explode. I was about to cum I told aunty I’m about to cum aunty suddenly started tensing her body and her pussy and seconds later I cummed all inside her and I then slowly pulled out of her pussy and my dick lay on her pubic region I started kissing her neck and sucking her boobs and suddenly the baby started crying. And aunty got up and got a tissue and wiped her pussy and went upstairs.
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