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A Dream Came True Part 5

The next morning Manish and I awoke early and with raging hard-ons. As we tugged them under our blankets, we fretted about not getting anymore sex.
"Hey, let's go find our moms," he said.
"Great," I replied.
our mothers had really opened a can of something or other. Two teenage boys with raging hormones, and raging cocks, looking for some maternal comfort. But problem came up when 2 new families arrived next to our rooms in upstairs and downstairs both. They were always roaming around in the lodge’s balcony and stairs. It was hard for us to be together and doing something fishy without making any noise in a closed room.

On our last full day there, mom tried to work something out. Mom took Sudipa aunty to one side and they began whispering.
A few minutes later I heard Sudipa aunty say "Come on Manish!", and mom then informed me "We're all going to go out for awhile."
"Where?" we asked.
"For a walk," she replied.
Once out the door and heading into the woods, I asked mom where we were going.
"To a secluded spot I remember seeing on the pervious tour few years back," she answered.
"Why?" Manish asked.
"Well, we thought you might like to have your cocks sucked on again," she replied.

Manish and I got all bug-eyed excited, while mom smiled and shook her head, and my Sudipa aunty giggled. A few minutes later mom pointed out an area that had a big fallen tree. There was no way we could fuck out there with all the sticks and dirt but in the warm air, both Manish and I undressed, stripping out of our shorts and underwear to the approving eyes and smiles of our mummies.
We were young but athletic and in good shape, and as we stripped for mom and Sudipa aunty, our cocks rapidly grew hard.

We placed our shorts on the tree and sat down on them to try and get a little comfortable. Both our mom's were in jeans, and simply knelt down on their knees in front of us; mom in front of me, and Sudipa aunty in front of Manish. Mom took my hard cock in hand, caressing it and playing with my balls.
"My son has become such a MAN," mom moaned while feeling my cock. "A man. Our new boy friend! They're BOTH our boy friends, huh Sudipa?."
"Mmm hmm," Sudipa aunty replied despite a mouthful of her son's cock. Mom then took my cock in her mouth, sucking the head, licking the shaft, licking my balls, and even taking them into her mouth. Mom left a trail of saliva dripping from the cock head down to my sparsely-pubed root. Both Manish and I loved every minute of receiving our maternal head, but then mom took her mouth off of my cock and nudged Sudipa aunty who was busy licking and kissing her son's cockhead.
"Let's switch," mom said.

Mom crawled in front of Manish to get at his cock while Sudipa aunty flashed me a smile and dropped to her knees, took my cock in hand and began licking mom's saliva off of it. She nibbled on my cock, licking the shaft, kissing the cockhead, taking it in her warm mouth, sucking me like a lollipop as her hand pumped the glistening shaft.

Meanwhile, mom was really going to town on Manish's prick. Her mouth was stretched wide thanks to his girth, as she deep throated him, frantically working her mouth up and down the dark shaft like the pro she was. Neither Manish nor I could hold out much longer and began moaning our approval over these wonderful blowjobs. Finally Mom took her mouth off of Manish's cock, and with it aimed at her face, began to fist him rapidly.
"Ooooh, yeah!" mom moaned. "Come on, Manish! Cum for your Arti aunty! Cum!
Cuuuumm! Give me all your sperm from your BIG COCK!"

He was groaning loudly nearing orgasm, as was I since Sudipa aunty was fisting me while moaning around my cockhead in her mouth. As I moaned louder, holding Sudipa aunty's head, she moaned with me, as I was about to cum down her throat.
Finally, Manish and I screamed as the intensity of our orgasms hit us. Manish shot a gallon of cum up into mom's face. She let out a laugh as his hot sticky cum splashed on her cheeks, her nose, her lips and dripped off her chin. Just then I shot my load into Sudipa aunty’s hungry mouth and down her throat as she gulped down my hot cum like it was water. Sudipa aunty took each and every last drop I had to offer, squeezing it out of me and into her mouth. Meanwhile, mom was scooping up Manish's cum to feed to herself.
"Mmm," mom moaned. ""You taste SO GOOD!" Here Sudipa," she said giving her sister-in-law a finger to lick her own son's cum off of.
"Mmm," Sudipa aunty moaned. "My boy DOES taste good!"
"How did my son taste?" mom asked her.
"Oh, he tasted GREAT! They both do!"

"So, what do you say to your moms and aunts for this nice surprise this afternoon?" mom asked us.
"Thank you." "Yeah, thanks." We happily replied.
"Can we do it again?" Manish asked.
"Not now," mom replied.
"Yes, we have to get back," Sudipa aunty said. "You know your grandpa and grandma. They'll start getting worried."
With that, both Manish and I dressed and fifteen minutes later were back at the lodge.

We all left for home the next day. Midway through our journey in the train, mom turned to Sudipa aunty and said, "Maybe we can all get together before their school starts up again."
Sudipa aunty's eyes lit up: "Ooooo! Okay," she said in that spicy-little girl way of hers. Manish and I smiled. "When?" he asked.
"Well, we'll see," mom replied. "Hopefully soon."
When they dropped us off at our house, we all said our goodbyes with a round of hugs and kisses. Hugging Sudipa aunty, as she kissed my cheek, I licked hers! Pulling away she seemed shocked but she looked at me with a little smile and big, dancing brown eyes that seemed to say "I liked that, you evil young man, you!" It was all I could do to keep from giggling and attracting attention, but it was also my way of thanking her. I got to fuck my dark, sexy friend’s mom not only in her cunt, but also her ass, AND she sucked my cock! I got to cum in ALL her holes!
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