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Trip Led To A Triple Fire

I am a mother of 32 .tall fair and beautiful. husband is a soft ware man like me. we are in hydra bad now. Life was very nice and happy.kid is only one year old. I used to read the sex stories when I am in a bad mood to change that scene. My husband is of opinion that all of them are imaginary stories by those who have failed to get even one to fuck..I did not think so. I have my own experience which I am not able to tell him. Then I feel of penning that to all of you. a true but difficult to believe. .I was in my 14th year. ready ti appear 0th exam. I was very tall of that age Very fair and smart. I had been to my aunts house with mother.she was about 40 and like a copy of me now.

In her office ,it is said that people used to come only to have a view of her.She was very daring lady. Her sister was my aunt .3 to 5 year younger and bit shorter and a shade more fairer.m,was a house wife. Her husband was a leader of that locality.They were very rich and also had a infant kid then. The house was a big one like a palace. I still remember the running inside that house.

We used to stay there for about a week or two in all summers,when that place used to be cool.The mountain background used to be very nice. .That day father and uncle have left for a trip. Probably for eating and drinking. I saw they had a full case if bottles in their car..There were 2 ladies for 24x7 for our help., from 3 big shepherds That night I was very thirsty and was in need of water. since waster was not in jug,I have gone to the ground floor,where the fridge and filters are present. Aunt also was staying there.It was about 1 AM. I have taken a bottle of water and was to go back. Then I have heard a sound of aunt. I thought she has seen me. So I have gone to her room.I found it was closed. when pushed I saw it was not lacked. The light was there in the inner bed room. So i have gone to that to answer her call.. The door was half closed.

The scene was some thing which I have never seen. Then computer was not available and i have never even red about real sex.I saw the fair aunt was lying on her back and a black tall fellow was on her. Her hands were pressed down by him. and her mouth was in his mouth. Her eyes were closed. I did not know the man, or never has seen earlier.. I was almost stuck and was not able to move. The man was going up and down. I could not know why for. My initial thought was that it is a thief is killing her. I was ready to cry and ran to my mother. But then I heard aunts sound of giggling. Then found her kissing that fellow while he was licking her cheeks and ear..Then I felt that it was a friend not a thief. After some time he has got up and made her to climb on him. Then only I could see the real long stick protruding from his waste. .She has sat with that inside her and has started to go up and down.

Finally she was again lye with him above. Later aunt was motionless ans he was kissing all her body. .He was drinking milk from her. Finally I have gone to the kitchen when I saw him coming. He was a tall sturdy fellow with hairs all over. He has started climbing the stairs and gone to our room. I have started running to inform mom but by then he has reached there,. He has caught her and climbed on her. She was kicking and shouting .but after some time she was calmed down, He has slowly opened her dressed. She has asked for me. He told that will be searched later. I have entered in and sat in a corner where we has a dressing space. I have covered with some sheet. He told her that if she agree with out much fuss the girl will be left free. Probably she has agreed. Poor mother . she was made naked and did as that of aunt. .The difference was that she have cried on each push. After licking her body he told that she was very nice. she was not even moving. Then He was searching for something. later I found that It was for me. He could easily caught me and even by my screaming he took me to the next room. He has locked mothers room before leaving. He has told me to' chup' in a loud noise.

I was asked to remove all dresses. I was licked from my feet .fingers were sucked for many times. also hands legs thighs. .those ware not painful and giving tickling sensation. The second step was breasts. He has sucked forcibly and was painful. He made me to open my mouth and he had pushed hi penis in. He has asked to suck ,when objected he has pushed his dick to my throat and forced me to do what he like. Similarly he has done to my private parts giving pain finally he has bitten my thigh till getting bleeding. . By then my aunt has came and has pulled him and beaten. He did not care her. Simple pulled her down on the floor. The he has made me to lye on her body with my back. Then he has pushed hid stick in my private part and pushed. I was crying to my maximum. .Then the pumping has started. Pain was to its maximum. The rest was not remembering. I was senseless. The next day I have been taken to a lady doctor and We have left to our place. My mother has totally changed from that day she became a very fearful lady. I was told to forget all like a dream. so that day was a real dark day for me. Even if I tell people will not believe. And who want to tell for creating bad name.

Later after my college and job and marriage I came to know one of my aunts servant . In fact she has worked for me on my delivery . The story she told was likely to be true. She did not know my witnessed incident. .According to her that man was a distant cousin of her husband. He was a goonda of that area. There were only very a few ladies not used by him. She told me that the kid of aunt was really of him. since she was not having kid for 6 to 7 years. .She herself has told me that in her younger age she also was used by that goonda,.along with her mother who was in forties then. That was fate. No one can avoid him. True, I also feel so.The bite mark is still there even though the mark has faded a lot!
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