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Time To Fuck

I would like to recall in my mind and would like to share my memories with you. In 1985 I got admission in U.E.T and joined the university union. Many new friends were made but unfortunately no girls were in our department. That was sad news for me as I was? Am fond of girls and like their company.

One day the roommates were playing a game. According to that a person would dial an anonymous telephone call to and other will talk. More the time duration, more the points. So it was my turn to speak, I got a female at the other end, and I was an expert in it. So with a little type of game, manay ek aunti phassa lee. She desired to meet me at Lyric cinema Lahore. I went there with a type of army with me (for protection) but she was all-alone. We went to a restaurant and ate our snacks. Time was ticking on and soon it was 1988. Two years we two just did nothing instead of eating food and stuff like that.

Let me introduce her appearance now… her name was Noreen, she was a mother of two cute little daughters and was divorced by her husband. She had a good girlish figure and face. Then we got an idea; I joined her house as a tutor for her daughters and a nephew. That was very helpful as I got very good chances to see her in her casual dresses. One day no one was at their house, even my students were absent. I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting in front of me. She asked me about the relation between two of us. I could not answer her back.

She asked for a relation, “Okay what it should be” I put the question in front of her. She said “husband and wife” … WOW that was a real shock for me, as I did not want to build this relation with her. She soon read my face and said that it is not a real one, We will tell the parents only that we got married and from now on, you will be living with me. I agreed, and after that she took me to her sister’s beauty parlour. We sat there and talked for a while and her sister went away without saying anything. She got up and turned the “open/close” sign to let the customers know that we are busy inside.

She came back and sat on my lap. And we started kissing each other. Man she was a beauty under her dress. That was a Malaee (milk cream). She was slim and smart and I at once got erection. She felt that and got up and released my penis from tension by pulling it out from the zippers…

I undressed her and she did this to me… soon in few minutes we both were totally naked and the fire of desire was burning in both of us, She said that she is not such a lady, but she could not help it and this is the first and last time we will be doing it, I nodded my head as yes, ok. I mounted myself on her with and inserted my cock in her; she kept her hand on the mouth as she was protecting the shout to be heard by someone. I fucked her for 10 minutes, I would like to say that the minimum fucking time I take is not less than 10-15 minutes, that is always loved by women. So without shifting to another position, I fucked her really good and hard. And dropped my sperms on her belly and some on her face too. We were now taking rest and she said that I t was not a good idea that this is the first and the last fuck, I think we should be doing it again, those words turned me horny again and with a jerk I got up and so she watched my erected penis and turned into a doggy by herself. I gently inserted the lengthy hard flesh into soft pink hole once again and enjoyed my bitch.

We fucked for three years and one day she and her family left the house and city prior to any notice for me. SAD but I still remember her and get an erection.
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