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The Story Of A Girl Part 1

This is a true story of jayamani, a 20yr od tamil lady who had come into my house along with her husband for sharing an accommodation with us. Ours was a big chawl with attched toilet. They stayed in their rooms and we in ours. My mom would go to work everyday as dad was no more and she got the govt service.i was in college that time. Jayamani was a slim lady with wheatish complexion, big eyes small but shapely tits which would emerge out in her blouse when she her pallu would come down. I had once touched them through my elbow when I was helping catch water.

I got such ahardon that I masturbated on her name . for the first time.becsue they felt so soft and heavyat the same time.her slim figure was such a turn on , her ass would have these lusty movements when she would walk. But specifically I did not indulge in sexual thoughts about her because she was like a sister to me. Since she was tamil speaking and could not speak hindi well initially.. at night she would come to watch hindi flicks.. we would recline on the bed and watch the movies as my mom would doze off. At times I would see her subconsciously scratching her crotch area through the saree. by the end of the movie her husband (who works as a pimp in a nearby restaurant which is actually a pick up place for whores) would come and she would bade me bye and go to her room to take his fuck meat between her legs.

I could hear the rustle giggle and soft hmmmms and then in five minutes everything would be silent.. Days passedin this manner and we as afamily became closely knit and she ould treat me as her brother on the face and though I would harbor lusty thoughts I would play carom, discuss movies etc with her. Soon her hindi too became polished . I wondered if she knew dirty words.one night I was watching judwaa with her. She suddenly remarked ,softly “rambha ka gaand bahut bada hai naa”. My jaws fell open when she said this word , . she continued, “chaddi bhi nahin pehnti peeche ka diktha hain” . I asked her , “aaap pahenti ho” .she smiled and nodded shyly.. iasked which colour. She said white. I told her, “dikhao naa”.. suddenly there was aknock on the door. Uncle had returned . I cursed silently. After that I seldom saw her coming to watch the movie.

Agfter some days shetold me and mom that she was pregnant and was going to her village for delivery. Mom was happy but I felt sad and jealous. No more fun andjoking. Even she looked sad. 7 months elapsed. I got the mother that she had borne a small girl .uncle came back without jaya didi and told me she would return shortly.. uncle would come to our house only for shower and loo purposes. At other times I was free to enter their room. Since no body would be there one day I checked her new packet of whisper and her used bras and panties. I sniffed her unique erotic pee aroma and pussy fragrance on her undies and masturbated in them. I even shagged on her new whisper pads.

I knew she would feel my dried cum on her undies and pads when she would wear them. I even bore a hole to witness them fucking .i thought that since I never would get to fuck her; atleast I could watch and enjoy. Jayamani finally came back after two months. Her breasts look full and laden with milk and her ass look so sexy bigger rounder and beautiful that I thought she might be shitting honey and cream from there; not waste products. Since she had to nurse the cute doll of her child she would not come to watch the movies except if they were new. At that time kuch kuch hota hai was released and I pleaded for her to come and she agreed.. in the middle of the movie the baby cried and brought the baby to her left ball ,opened her blouse covered her self and fed the baby. I tired tolook from the corner of the eye and I saw her big brown fat nipple coming out soaked with milk as she separated the infant. One night I was studing for the exams and I heard faint sounds.

I peeped in throught the hole and I saw my uncle putting his legs over hers on the ground.then he got on top of her.. the baby was sleeping nearby.i saw her saree going up and it was on her waist. Her thigh, fair fleshy and big encircled his butt and icould see her hands going down between his legs . there was no movements but ifelt him pressing and sucking her balls throuth he blouse. I could make out htat he was resting his cock in her pussy. Then I saw the fucking thrusts uncle was giving like push ups on her . she was caressing his back and her thighs went up locked rode up his back. I wished her thighs were around my back and my cock was pleasuring her. Suddenly uncle moaned and it was all over. iwondered if he ever gave her fullsex and orgasm. Then I saw his dick as he gotup. It was half hard big but not thick as mine but fairly long. His dick was fully wet with her cunt syrup . then they slept without facing each other. I saw jaya did squirming and rubbing her legs; I knew she did not enjoy full satisfaction.. as I masturbated I vowed that iwill fuck her and give her full satifaction but how ? The answer came soon in three steps on the same days two days after that incident.

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