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The Fuck That Has Changed My Life Part 1

Now a days I am very rich man with many properties in India and gulf countries. a multi millionaire in Indian standard. The growth was not an easy task. We were a very poor family. only earning member was abbajan. apart from ammi there were 2 younger sisters. It was only due to the help of neighbors i could study.Old books and dresses were a boon then. I was a sincere and faithful boy like my poor father.

From 8th stranded I was attract d to sex. There were very expert friends who could not study but could work and earn. Slowly i have tasted toddy and drugs. Lucky the lack of money was putting a break. I still remember the first taste of a girl in red street. I was tall and tanned boy of 15 then . i went with friends .The girl was a lean black one I fucked her and she cried. No much enjoyment was there.

she had nothing other than her pussy to show her as a girl. The expenses was high and I had no money. I had to do a \'barter\'work for that. Even though i disliked it they made me to suck their dicks and one or twu fucked me . Painful yet was an experience. This continued till passing of metric exam. I was sent to college with the help of a doctor who was known to abbajan. While in college i have avoided old friends.I have started doing some works for money. It was during such a work i met a beegam saheba the wife of a seth. she was knowing my mother.

It was the most beautiful lady ,a hoori, I have seen till then .Just as in films. Her sahib was a rich man working in gulf, and she was alone with a group of servants and security at home. I was able to reach in her good book and i have been guided by her to do real sex. Then It was my duty to go in call. i was given money for services..I could help my family with my work. She as of opinion that i am a handsome gay. slowly I got bit flesh which was her liking. I have studied to kiss kick and suck at her kiling.

i was very sincere to please her than my enjoyment. I have continued study and got a bcom degree. As a present malkin has arranged a visa through her husband to gulf. thus ends mu indian days.\r\n At gulf I was given a job as a assistant to a shaike. A very rich man of 6+ feet and about150kg. golden col our and having some talking English. Initially I was to follow him as a dog was my work.to polish shoes ,change foot wares,.removal of socs, dress and all personal works. He was about 50 then. Having 2 beegams and a palace. He also had a factory 7 to 8 shops with other partners. Daily he get money. I as given charge of keeping account after 3 monthes. Later i heard that he was testing me.

I was to stand out of closed door only in his secret meetings and when ladies are inside. He was short tempered but banavalant. Later he has started using me for sucking and fucking. His dick was very long and thick. I used to cry when he fucks me.The pain he was liking. Later when I have got adjusted then also i used to show pain for his liking. After about 9 months I was all in all to him. I even used to sit under his table to suck him while he was writing ot reading. I could understand his mood with out telling in words.

With good food i got fatty and got a good buttocks, as per his liking. I was given good salary apart from bupkish I was allowed in side his room at secret meetings and as to stand when he fucks any ladies am the one to clean the mess after the act.In many fucks he used to enjoy me immediately. ,as if girls are secondary to boys. was not a guy. this was my work. I used to enjoy girls only. When some one comes to him they knew my relations to him. and easily cooperate with me for a fuck. Those disagree I uses to consider as as a shikkar and used to make them to surrender in due course. One good thing I have learned from him is the total secrecy and to see them go happily and live happily.

generally he never call for a 2nd time until they want to come. \\i also he never have a personal feelings in sex .He used aht relatives for that. I used to think that he will not spare other than his daughter or sister.. His enjoyment of girls is to make then cry with his dick and by making them suck and lick . He liked their back and breast. In some cases they have to be treated there. He was very boasting for his size of dick.. Those young girls he uses only the anal fucking. if one just control and stay silent he used to leave them quickly.in the meantime i have spent 6 years with him. He used to believe me more than his bee vi. rarely he used to cal me inside their bedroom.

I was also used by the older beegam for many times. She will not suck but i have to do that ahd fuck on both side. she is a lady of 45 or so. She also allowed me to fuck a kerala lady working as a aaya. ashe things that all indians talk in same language. When I touched her she has objected seeing my sunnathed Dick.She was a high class hindu . But that hurt my ego. i fucked her violently for many time.

Seeing this beegam was happy and wasgetting better girls to fuck so that she could enjoy her fuck better .Most probably he could knew that.During that period He has started a joint milk business with a engineer. I was asked to go to the factory as a supervisor. Any how I used to stay with him. The factory has only lived for 6 months.

They fail to manage that. Yamani man left the state. Finally I was asked to run it. by the grace of god it has improved ,and has become one of the best factory in 2 years. Also shaik has got a nepali boy for assistant post. and it seems he was happy with him He has never asked me to do that again, instead was paying a good salary as fit for an engineer. I became rich man .\\i have never cheated him or business. Except only for sex. \\but never hurt them and always helped them.
Now i have found out a poor but beautiful girl with good bust and back. I have told her all.

They was on the verge of suicide .but now she has understood my morality and has ready to meet shaik..Shaik was getting old and was not able to fuck. she was crushed and made to suck only. lucky I could get the pussy for first night. The large diamond in her neck was his prize for that !st night. Since he could not fuck now a days he used to call me to fuck and show a real life sex the pathetic part is the work to be done as per his direction I will not get any enjoyment ,i am only a laborer.. similarly he called me to have our first night there.

She was not happy still we did it. he saw all in his CCTV only with out directions,while Nepali sucked him.. Now we are happy and both of our families were rich. Her sisters will also is here working a company of mine .No doubt that i have used them with their willingness and other incidents.shall give in another part.
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