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The First Female

Hi…… Sexy readers, this is Arshi again with another experience but a
different one this time. But first to pay my thanks to all those males
and females who admired my stories through their emails. I am getting
good net friends and I am enjoying their friendship. One of the boys,
who contacted me after my 2nd story has got two fucks from me which I
enjoyed very much (thanks to his white ass). I shall narrate about it in

Unlike previous experiences, its with a female (first pussy in which my
dick entered). It is also of the same period when I was free after my
matric exams, during which I also got some female friends, first one
among them, I m telling you, was Noori.

She was an attractive sanwali-saloni married woman between 25-30 in the
same locality which I have narrated about in my earlier stories. She
often sat on a chair in her veranda leaving the main gate of her house
open. She was a bihari woman of wheatish colour, round, firm boobs and a
beautifully bulging gaand which always made me mad with lust. Though
not white or pink, but her face was very attractive often called as
‘namkeen chehra’. Her hair were very thick and reached her butt.
Whenever I passed through the street I found her staring at me
constantly, (I was about 16 by then).

After a few days I felt that she smiles at me and then one day, while I
was passing through the street, she called me, zara idhar ana, mujhe
kuch kaam hai. When I entered she told me that a bulb is fused in her
room and she could not reach to replace it. Saying this she led me in
her bedroom. She requested me to replace it for her. I said that I will
do it, please give me the bulb. She went out of the room and then I
heard the sound of gate which she bolted and then returned with a bulb.
She handed it to me and I asked her for something on which I stand and
reach for the holder. She brought a stool and I stepped on it and first
removed the old bulb and to hand over it to her I saw down and a
beautiful sight was waiting my gaze. I was having an excellent view of
her boobs through her blouse, however, I handed her the old bulb and
took new from her which I inserted. I hope she must have known about my
glance on her tits because when I tried to come down from the stool, she
at once reached near me telling ‘girna nahin, mujhe pakar ke utro’. I
understood her secret intentions and held her by her shoulders and
stepped down (oh, what a hot and soft body). She then got the stool and
took it out of the room and came back saying, tum betho, main thanda
lati hoon. I sat on a chair and she went out and after a while brought a
glass of rooh afza sharbat, handed it to me, then switched on the tape
recorder playing some old indian songs (my favourite). I drank it and by
then we started chatting on general topics. She asked about my family
and studies etc.

When I finished my glass, she said ‘idhar to aao’. I went near her and she asked me upar se kya dekh rahe the.

Kuch nahin, I replied.

Darte kyon ho, achi tara dekho, saying this she loosened her sari, opened her blouse and removed it in an instant. I was fearing but she told me kyun darte ho, main khud dekha rahi hoon, dekho aur maze karo. She then held my hand and put it on her tits and my other hand reached the other tit by itself. I then started masaging and pressing them lightly which made both of us hot. My erection was bursting my trouser which she started rubbing above the cloth. Then she kissed me on the lips and got up and in an instant became naked. I was passive because it was the first time I was alone with a naked woman. But she herself made me nude and started masturbating me. Then she lay on her bed and made me lay with her both of us massaging each other. Then she told me to come between her legs. I did and she lifting her legs, guided my tool to her wet pussy telling me, andar dal do. I pushed it in and she moaned I thought it is painful for her and tried to pull but her feet clasped me by the waist and pressed me back in her phuddy. Having experience of fucking gaands of boys, I knew what to do. So I started in and out movements and after about five minutes, I came and feeling my hot come in her choot, she also came making ooooh and aaaah sounds. Then we got up and she led me to washroom and washed herself and me. We returned to her bed room and dressed. Then she kissed me several times on my face and told me ‘aate raha karo’. I promised to come again and left.
My friendship with her lasted for one year and during that we enjoyed a lot of fucking in every possible style. Once I asked her ‘aaj gaand ka maza de do’ to which she shocked and said pagal ho kya, ulti bat karte ho, itna mota lund hai, meri gaand phat jai gi. But I said it gives me a lot of pleasure, tumhari gaand nahin phate gi, but she didn’t agree. I kept trying to convince her and even showed her movies about anal sex and finally after five or six visits, which took a month’s time, she hesitantly agreed. I was jumping and hugging and kissing her with joy and she was laughing at me and asking why I am getting mad. I said that you don’t know how beautiful your gaand is and how much have you made me happy. She asked ‘kyun, itne pagal ho meri gaand ke peechay, I replied, yes my darling, you don’t know how much I desire for it. Then I started to work and made her kneel down on the floor by the bed and bent her so her beautiful mammay were lying on the bed making her like a ghori (an easier position for this purpose) and starting massaging her chootars which tickled her and she was wiggling her body.

Then I applied vaseline on my lund and on her asshole very deep with my finger, and then inserted the topa. She complained of pain and made aaaahh and oooohhhh sounds but I knew that if I left it incomplete today, she will never let me do it again. So I held her strongly by her narrow waist and kept pressing in her. It was a virgin gaand and its lubricated flexible hole was giving me lot of pleasure. During my in and out movements, I felt that she is weeping but I continued as the pleasure of that virgin female gaand didn’t let me think of anything else. After some time, when I shot my load in her beautiful gaand, her body jerked and then seemed to be relaxed. When I was finished and pulled out, I found that she was weeping bitterly which I could not hear because she has pressed the corner of a pillow in her mouth. I consoled her and apologized but she just took me in her arms, kissed on my forehead and said never mind, its OK, tumhain maza aya. I said yes, bahut zyada, but never did she let me do it again during our entire friendship.
My friendship lasted with her for about an year and after that they shifted to some other area of the city and never met me again.

The End
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