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Tactical Approach For Sex

I was 34 and was a supervisor in a trans state electric line pulling company.Being alone and young I was very bindas in food drink and sex. I was a strong man of 6 feet. My line was that all are for those who have guts and courage. I have never thought of the others feeling. If one feels so he has to eat only soil and fallen fruits and leaves. These are only for preaching.

It was in the eastern India. the forest and cold made us as helpless animals. We used to game the animals and eat well.The workers used to reach and stay for a week in tents. then another group has to come as next shift. The girls of that area and the workers are my easy games for the colds nights. .I have used the boys also when the others were not available. Even the other sex ones which were present in large numbers were a easy prey. We were three in a group. I was the chief and the others were the facilitators.

We have 3 sites of work. If we have one game then we used to separate the group or family to different places. so the game lady will be venerable and then we strikes. It is not that we treat them badly. They used to get money and felicities after the meet. But the sex was to be given or we will take. Each new group will have handpicked ones of my taste. We had a man there for selecting them. The structure and youth only was the criterion of selection. In fact many of then like to have the sex with out much fuss. Even many used to come again for those perks getting after the sex.

The present incident was a lady of 35 or so .yellowish and tall, with a very good figure. She had come with her husband and devar and sis in law. Four were staying in a tent. food etc used to be available from central kitchen. In the day of her arrival I was intimated of her by friends. They have also told that she had a girl in teens and a beautiful sis of her sis in low. She has denied all approaches. Then one day we have separated them. only she and sis in law was in the tent. .There were only very few there and all other were in sites.. I have sent a jeep calling them with another lady to a site through a middle familiar man..When they have reached to our tent the other lady who was our stooge have left.

They were caught unaware in front of me. .I told her my wish. I have also told her my bad nature. It was known there that my enemies used to end up in the creeks of forests . She has cried and requested o leave.. Finally when she has agreed for me but to avoid for the other friends. I have agreed with the condition that I should get full happiness,that also with out any resistance. I have taken her to my bed and has started. By then the cries from the other side was hr sis in law. She has feared much .so has opened her clothes all by herself.It was a great figure. Generally these yellow girls used to be dwarfs . But here lo the figure was marvelous. I have licked her and has enjoyed her salty body.

she was ready to suck me happily and made me to reach to the praise. .She has sa cherry color nipple ans the similar lips for pussy. I had a great time in drinking the pussy lips and cu nth.Before reaching the real fuck she was well in my control and was cooing with happiness. She told me that she had never had a happy enjoyment till then. Her man was not interested for fuck but only for sucking. Before fuck he use to loose erection and get cumming.. She has opened up and told her experiences in teens. Where she was used by one of her uncles for many time. she has also had relation with her dever. .By then the cry from her sis in law has tamed down to somewhat giggles.

She told me that she is a great lady in bed, even though not very good looking. When asked she has told me that she has seen a real fuck of her by her friend . Then I have understood that they were not that virgin. I have introduced my long dick in just one push. She had a great cry ,and that led to a breathlessness for some time. My thrust was also forcible and she has cried for each push. Final discharge was in her with her request only. I was ready to take out ,but she has requested for that. .As per her request I have kept her out of my friends. But I have gone to her sis in law to have her taste. It was not good since she was very weak due to the twin engine work.

My formula has worked and she and her sis was used for the whole year in turn. She has liked me so much that she has given me a chance for using the sis in laws sister also. I have used her as an agent to arrange many ladies during that period. She was only fearing me to have moved to her daughter. But every thief has a moral. I have avoided her.
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