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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-7

I stayed motion less as she shook violently beneath my immense pressure. My dick still rock hard, placed well inside her pussy. Juices were flowing like a volcano has erupted from her vagina. My balls were soaked wet in her juices. I could feel sticky liquid all over my dick and balls. Juices dripped down her ass crack, soaking her puckered ass-hole (probably as I could only feel and not see her action.)
After few minutes, her convulsions stopped and she stayed motion less holding me tightly in her arms and legs. She has not loosened herself for a single inch. She was breathing hard.
I was constantly kissing all over her face and licking her rosy cheeks and earlobes.
My penis started throbbing inside her sloppy pussy. I sensed that time is again ripe to start our sexual actions. I was willing to fuck her madly, whole night, till both of us gone dead with every bit of strength drained out of our body.
Lekha slowly opened her eyes. It seemed to me like a lotus unfurling her petals in the dew filled morning.
I wrapped my arms around her torso. My chest pressed hard on her boobs. I could feel her hard nipples poking on my chest.
I pulled myself up, and as we were still in a tight embrace, she also came up with me. For not a single moment I let my dick to dislodge from her cunt, and not for a single moment she had loosened her embrace from my torso. I stood up, carrying her on my lap out of the car, in the dark night.
The stormy winds were howling badly around us. The trees were embracing themselves madly.
There was a queer look in her eyes as she found herself out of the car. I placed my both hands on her plump buttocks to support her weight and carried her to the rear side of the car.
I gently placed her on the cold steel trunk of the car.
---“Oh my god, will you do like this, outside of the car, chi chi, I feel ashamed, Dear.(eiiii ma, eii rokom bavyee korbyee naki, garir bairee, chi chii… amar je lojja koree…)”
---“Ohhh dear, nothing will happen, no one is around us.(Ohhh… shona, kichu hobyee na, dekho keu neii kono dikee)”
By now she had already loosened her legs over my waist and let them to fall apart on both sides of my waist. I stood firmly between her parted legs and our crotch still joined, not even a thread could have passed between us. With her left arms around my shoulder, she was caressing my cheeks.
I placed my hands on both of her thighs and positioned myself to start pushing my tool again.
Gently I pulled my dick out and pushed again deep into her cunt.
I looked into her eyes and brought my face near her ears and murmured ---“You are my sweet little bitch, you slut, whore. Now I am going to make you my bitch and fuck you hard.(Tuii too amar kutiya, raandi, too kee ebaree sotii sotii kutiya koree chidboo).”
On hearing my nasty words, she smile naughtily ---“Fuck me hard then, why wasting time in talking.(Too chood na amake, oo too kotha bolaar doorkar ki).”
After few long hard strokes in her sloppy pussy, I took out my dick. Suddenly I felt cold winds on my warm wet skin of my penis. For long, long time, my dick was perched inside the very warmth of Lekha’s sloppy pussy. I held Lekha by her upper arms and pulled her down from the trunk of the car. She stood in front of me again in a queer look on her face.
I pushed her to turn around with her back towards me. I held her by her hairs as I pushed her over the cold car trunk with her face down. My actions were rough. This made her buttocks jutted out towards my loins. She placed both her hands over the car trunk to support herself. I was holding bunch of her hair in my left fist and placed my right hand over her broad round buttock and slapped her.

I pushed my crotch between her heavy ass globes. Those huge masses of soft flesh trembled as I rubbed my rock hard penis up and down her ass crack to her pussy.
---“Ooooo….. enter into my pussy, you son-of-a-bitch, do not enter my anus.(Oooooo….. guud ee dhokash, poond marish na kutta…)”
I started to massage and knead her fleshy ass cheeks roughly. At times slapping on her cream skin hard. I could see my slapping making read marks over her ass cheeks.
---“Shut up, you whore, I will fuck your pussy only, and crush your boobs badly.(Chup koor randii, toor guud ta ii marboo. Toor maii dutoo ke pishboo,).”
I was pulling her by her hairs as my right hand finger went down to search for her slutty cunt. I then placed my dick at the opening and pushed my loins hard forward.
---“Oooooooo……… fuck fuck….. How big is your dick, my cunt is filled up wholly.(koto boro re toor bara ta….. Mmmmmmm amar guud ta ekdoom bhoree geloi re).”
I bent down over her back, brought my right hand on her boobs from behind and hissed in her ears ---
---“Ohh my bitchy whore, my dick was waiting to drink the juices of your cunt.(Aree amar kutiya randii, Amar bara ta toor guuder roosh khetyee opeekhaa korchiloo).”
I was kneading her boobs in my fist pressing her whole body over the cold-steel trunk of the car. I could feel every pour of her soft warm body tingling in pleasure. Slowly I started to pull out my dick and plunge it hard inside again. With every hard thrust, waves were flowing all over her fleshy ass cheeks.
I held her by her narrow waist and started to pump her hard and fast.
---“Uuuuuuuu…… Oooooooo…….. uuuuuuuu…….. do it do it do it …… fuck fuck fuck me ….. Mmmmmmm”
All these words and loud moans I could hear from Lekha. She had by now pulled up her chest from the cold trunk and rested her elbow over the trunk to support her body weight. Her legs were already parted wide and ass cheeks were shaking violently with my stroking.
I clenched my teeth as I ploughed my dick inside her wet cunt, rough and fast.
Short sounds of my hard thumping could be heard… thump thump thump…
I yelled out ---“Fuck fuck, baby, fuck your pussy like a bitch.”
Lekha whimpered put loudly ---“Yes yes yes …. Fuck me like a bitch… Woooooo…… Mmmmmmm……… your dick is feeling very good inside my pussy and your balls thumping over my ass cheeks. Slap my ass hard baby, fuck me hard and tear apart my cunt with your hard dick. Show me your love baby.”
I could sense my tension brewing deep inside my abdomen. I could sense that my volcano is going to erupt very soon and very badly. I paced my strokes more hard and long and violent. She was also pushing her buttocks to meet my thrust every time I was jamming her pussy with my piston.
I leaned forward, brought my right-hand palm over her boobs and started kneading those soft boobs madly. With my left hand, I took a fist full of her long tresses and pulled her head back, pushed my face over her cheeks, gnawing her earlobes and rosy cheeks with my teeth.
After few more hard strokes jammed into her sloppy cunt, I felt some drops of water over our bodies. It was going to rain. Thunders were rolling heavily all over the sky. In the bright thunder light I could see her eyes closed, lips open.

She moaned out loudly---“Oooooooo…… Oooooooo….. Oooooooo…..”.
Sensing that I will go berserk soon, I had to stop pounding her slutty pussy. I took out my tool from her dripping cunt. Her cunt juices flowed out of her sloppy slippery pussy hole, soaking the trunk as well as her inner thighs. In the dim tail-light of the car I found that her creamy skin of her fleshy buttocks were red as if blood has oozed out of every pours of her smooth skin.
I held Lekha by her arms and turned her towards me facing my. Both were standing now in the middle of the lonely road. With my left hand I held her hairs by the back of her head, pulled her face close to mine and crushed my lips over hers. She took my face between her palms and began to took kiss my lips madly. I took her left hand and placed her palms on my hard dick. She held my penis in her fist, wrapped her tender finger around my hard pole. Slowly she felt my hard dick over her soft palm. The sensation of her soft skin touching my penis, made me throb badly in her fist.
She cooed ---“Uiiiiiii…… My gosh, how huge and hard is your dick, baby.(Koto boro bara re toor, koto shoktoo re tuii).I felt awesome, when you were drilling my cunt with your pole.(Amar khub bhalo laagchiloo jakhon tuii amar guud ee toor bara diyee chudchilii).”
All those nasty words and her silky touch on my penis make me madder. I was feeling tingly in my head.
Just then it started raining, at first droplets of rains splashed over us, cutting short of our freaky sexual endeavors.
---“Let us go inside the car, and see what more you have got to do in me with your dick.”
We walked in the car, holding our hands. At the door, she pushed me on the car seat and asked me to move inside.
---“I want to suck your dick, let me have the sweet taste of my cunt juice. (Toor bara ta chusboo, chete dekhi amar guud er roosh gulo koto misti).”
Although I do not enjoy fellatio on me, but I could not contain my temptation to have my dick inside her mouth, feel her slut velvety tongue over my skin.
I sat slightly bend forward on the seat with my legs outstretched to the front. Half of my upper body was over the seat and my buttocks resting at the edge of the leather seat. She crawled on the seat like a bitch on her all fours, came near to me. Her buttocks jutted out. She bend down over my crotch and took my penis in her fist, wrapped her soft fingers all around my dick of her left hand. Slowly she began to stroke my penis and lick the tip of my penis. I held her head, took a fist full of her hair in my fist. With her right hand fingers, she held my balls, softly pressing and caressing my sperm sack. Ribbed balls felt awesome in her fingers. Lekha began to stroke my dick to full of the length. Her thumb and index finger created a big “O” at the base of my dick. She took out her tongue and started to lick the red tip of my penis, lapping the precum and juices that oozed out of the tip like an ice-cream cone.
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