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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-6

I let my snaky tongue to enter those soft juicy pussy lips into the dungeon of pleasure. Slurp sounds began to rise as I lapped her juices from her pussy. Her hands were now busy moving all over her big fleshy boobs. She began to tweak her nipples and smash her boobs. She was shaking her head sideways. Her eyes probably were closed and all the sounds that I could hear were only purring and moaning.
---“MMmmmmmmmm…… Ohhhhhhhhh…… Ahhhhhh”
---“Your cunt is dripping like sweet flavor, Lekha.(Tomaar guud ta roshmalai hoye gechyee, Lekha)”
---“You have magic on your tongue, Abhi; I am unable to take these more. (Tomaar thontee jadu achyee, Abhi, Ami are nityee parchi na gooooo)”
With my lips I pulled her soft pussy lips out and gently sucked her rosy petals. I paid no heed to her constant moaning and carving for my dick. I continued to suck her rosy petals of her pussy. I was also feeling very good while sucking her pussy lips. I brought my right hand over the top of her pussy and pressed her clitoris button with my thumb. I gently rubbed her clitoris button with my thumb and slurped her juices out of her pussy.
Her hands came over my head and tried to push my face away from her crotch. Her pushing made me more eager to continue licking and sucking heI nibbled her pussy lips with my teeth, took time to take one by one of those rosy petal lips between my teeth and very gently biting those. I could see her rosy pussy lips turned red with my biting. My dick was by now stone hard, pointed like a staff-pole, erect horizontal to the ground level. My tool was also very eager to garage him into the dark garage of pleasure.
I left her crotch and held her legs and pulled towards me. I was literally now kneel-down on the cold metallic road between Lekha’s spread thighs. Her legs were out of the car by then, her plump buttocks rested at the edge of the back seat and she let her legs dangled out of the car. I hold her by her waist and pressed my red-tip of my rock-hard dick at the entrance of her pussy.
She screamed out ---“Enter, enter, give me, please do not tease me anymore. Drill your hard dick inside my sloppy juicy pussy.(Dao, dao, dao ….. please are amake tease koro na. Amaar roshalo guud ee tomaar shokto bara ta dhukiye daoo).”
My dick went harder on hearing those nasty words from Lekha’s lips.
We were extremely lucky that no one was around us, in this open forest. Thanks to the stormy night and lonely road in the forest.
I took my penis in my right hand and placed the head over her pussy lips. I began stroking my red-tip all over her pussy again, slowly in circular motion.
Lekha howled like a hungry bitch as she was now unable to take more of my teasing---“You son of a bitch, stop teasing me and fuck me hard with your hard dick. (Kutta, ki korchish, dhoka please, mere phel amake toor bara ta diyee)”
I slapped her on her face ---“Shut up you sllutty bitch.(Chup koor, kutiya, raand.)”
I started to beat my hard dick on her pussy opening, still teasing her more.
Lekha screamed out like a slutty bitch caught in a pack of hungry wolves ---“You, bloody swine, fuck me please.(Suuorer bachaa, chood amake, tuii ki korechis, please please chood amake)”.
I placed my rock hard pole at the entrance of her love cave, and with a strong push my dick went easily inside her sloppy pussy. A long howl of pleasure came out from our lips.
---“OOooooooooooo………………. Give give give, all the way inside my slutty pussy, dig your hard dick inside”
---“Yes yes …. Darling take me inside you.”
As I went deep, I fell on her and she embraced me tightly with her arms and legs.
I could feel her ribbed pussy walls stroking my penis.

I murmured with a deep voice --- “Swatilekha, …… “
---“Do not say anything! I am feeling something in deep down”
She raised her chin, her lips quivering in some forbidden thirst.
I stooped down and met my lips with hers, deeply pressing on those soft rose buds as she wrapped my torso in her arms. Time flew or may be it stood still with the unison of two lovelorn person seeking solace in each other arms.
As the kiss broke, I pulled her head on my chest to which she obeyed and cooed like a nightingale --- “Love you forever”
Saying so she freed herself from my hold and ran towards the busstop.
I stood in the dark corner, dumbfounded as I saw her boarding the bus and I was even unable to say goodbye to her.

I could also feel the cold winds on my ass cheeks.
I placed my hands under her head, to support her head and kissed and chewed her lips like hungry dog.
---“My lovely darling, Lekha(Amar shona, Lekha, ki sundorii tumi, tomaar kachyee koto aram are bhalobasha achyee)”
Her fingers were all over my ass cheeks, digging deep her nails on my coarse skin, pulling me further inside her love-hole.
---“What a pure pleasure, you are giving me Abhi.(Ki je aram lagchyee, Abhi).”
Very slowly, I pulled out my dick out of her sloppy pussy and then again pushed inside hers.
With a very slow rhythmic motion I started to pull and push my dick. With every stroke down inside her sloppy pussy, her moaning went hard.
---“Mmmmmmm……. MMmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm.”
I was filling her love-hole with long slow strokes.
I pulled my upper body from hers and rested my arms on both sides of her body. She was looking into my eyes hungrily with her half open eyes and a naughty smile on her luscious lips. Our crotch joined together in unison of carnal pleasure.
For some time, I pushed my dick all way inside her pussy and made circular motion so that I could feel all her wet pussy walls over my hot skin.
---“Ooooooo……. Aaaaaaaaaa……..” were the only sounds that came out her pouting lips. r dripping love hole.
---“I am going mad with pleasure. (Ami pagol hoye jachii, Shona, tomar preme)”
Her fingers were all over my chest, pulling my nipples and tweaking those hard pegs. Her finger tips felt very good on my broad chest. I was also going mad with pleasure. With each push I felt as if I wa entering heaven of pleasure.
I paced up my strokes hard by now. I could feel my balls touching her bum.
Now apart from Lekha’s moaning, the thumping sounds were also audible.
Thap, thump, thump …. I was now digging her love hole with long hard stroke. My shaft was entering her barrel like a piston of steam engine. I was sweating profusely. I could feel my sweat beads on my nose tip, dropping down over her boobs. In the dim light of the car, I also saw her face gleaming with a eternal pleasure."
She muttered out ---“Hard, Hard, Hard. Fuck me very hard. Tear me apart. Tear my slutty pussy, Abhi (Jore, joree, joree. Amake choodoo aroo joree. Chiree pheloo amake. Amaar guud ta phatiyee daoo Abhi).”
Her slutty words rang like a heavenly bell in my ears.
With all my strength I started to pound her pussy hard.
I could feel that whole car was shaking violently.
With every hard stroke inside her pussy, I heard squishy sounds emanating down.
‘squish..squish…squish… thap… thap.. thapp. Thaaappp…..’
She moaning badly and lovely, her mouth opened in a big ‘O’ with her eyes closed tightly.
I found my voice calling out with every hard stroke---“Fuck.. fuck… fuck… fuckkkkk”.
I could sense an orgasm building inside Lekha. Her body got tensed and she bent like a bow. Her boobs and chest rose up. Her hands clasped my buttocks very hard, dug her nails deep inside my hard buttocks.
---“Ohhh… Dear, I am cumming, hold me tight in your arms. What is happening inside me Dear, oooooo …..(Ohhh…. Shona, ami aschii, Shona, joriyee dhoro amake please. Ki hochyee amaar… oooooooo).”
I could sense my tension building inside my loins. I clenched my jaws and slumped over her as Lekha’s orgasm hit the pinnacle of ecstasy. Her whole body convulsed violently. Waves of spasm flowed through her body. She held me tightly in her arms and wrapped her legs over my waist.
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