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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-4

---“Oh my darling, I will not hurt you dear. My hard dick will play cautiously with your delicate pussy. Oh my sexy nightingale you need not worry anything. ”
I held her fleshy ass, and started to pump her pussy hole again. She placed her hands on my shoulder to support herself for the up and down bobbling motion. She started to heave in a perfect rhythm with my every push and pull of my dick. At times I pressed her heavy boobs, kneaded them in my grip, played with her brown nipples pointed towards my face. She looked lovingly into my eyes with half open eyelids beckoning me to dig deeper inside her slutty love cave. Her sexy luscious red lips slightly opened emanated pure moans of pleasure and sex.
With every strong thrust of mine into her deep juicy lovehole, she constantly moaned ---“Yes dear give that hard in me, tear me up.”
Lekha’s moans grew meaner and naughtier ---“yes yes give me (karo karo, jore jore)”
Thump thump thump… all these sounds came from her hard bum thumping as she bumped in frenzy on my hard cock.
I brought my hands on her fleshy round ass, and gave some slaps. Although I was unable to see her ass but I was sure that my slaps had made marks on her creamy milky skin of her ass cheeks turned red. I slapped hard on Lekha’s plum ass. My slaps on her ass made Lekha more sllutty. She started hissing like a snake now. With clenched teeth and slutty smile she looked down at the juncture where our bodies met. She with a slutty smile crushed her pubis on my dick and moved her abdomen in circular motion. Her naughtiness made me mad and my dick throbbed hard inside her sloppy pussy.
---“Kemon lagchye?(How is this)”
I could not mutter any words after experiencing such actions of the sweet bitch.
---“Lekha ami pagol hoyee jabo…. (Lekha I will go mad darling). I am on the verge of bursting shona, stop” … I yelled. I did not want to pour my lava out. I wanted more of her.
I felt a gush of liquidity building in my loins. I placed my hands on her boobs and started to maul her soft fleshy boobs in my grip badly. As I felt my molten lava building up, more I started to thrust my tool deep. I could feel with the tip of my dick touching the entrance of her cervix. As I hit the end of her tunnel, she flunked her head back, held my face hard on her boobs and screamed with a long
--- “OOOOOOOOOO……… my goodness, Abhi, this is heaven dear. Kill me dear I am unable to contain more”
---“I am cuming my love, I am cuming…. I am unable to control myself”
---“You have made already made me your slut, darling, do whatever you please.”
With a deep plunge I closed my eyes and tightly gripped her boobs and my lava spewed out of my dick. Our bodies convulsed, repeated throes of spasm moved our entangled bodies as we both hit our orgasm. I held her in my arms and she swooned away keeping her head on my neck.
We did not moved our muscles for quite some time, as we could not gather enough strength. Only we could mutter our strength for breathing to keep us alive.
All I could feel that our loins joined soaked with our pleasure juices which seeped from her love canal. All our nether parts got sticky with our mingled juices.
We were basking in the joy of carnal pleasure.
Time flew by.
My dick gone limp and popped out of her sloppy pussy. With a sweet smile on her lips, Lekha looked at me and our lips met in a divine kiss. I was moving my hand all over her back and ass, slowly caressing her smooth skin.
I ---“I love you darling. Love you from the abyss of my heart.”
Her eyes twinkled, glistened in tears of love.
---“I knew that moment when you left me at the bus stop, that I will meet you some day to tell you that I love you”.

She was now caressing my cheeks gently and pouring our butterfly kisses over my cheeks.
I laid myself down on the sofa and she rested h body over mine. I was combing her hairs with my fingers as she rested her head on my chest. Our whole body, all our front organs and skin were touching each other skin. My soft numb dick pressed softly on her pubic bush. The curly jaded black thatch was giving a strange tingling sensation on my limp dick. Her boobs pressed over my broad chest. Nipples poked on my skin. My hands were all roaming over the smooth skin of her back and ass.
---“You are lovely Lekha. Can I say you something?”
---“Are there any more secrets to be kept between us, you naughty boy”
---“You are damn sexy, darling. I loved pressing your supple boobs. And what a broad round ass you have.” I patted softly over her ass flesh.
---“You like my boobs? What a pleasure. But I badly need a shower after this.”
Saying this she got up from my body.
As she stood I held her by her thin waist and pressed my cheeks on her soft round belly. Kissed her navel. Sweat beads were still glistening around her deep belly button. She pushed my face from her.
Lekha said ---“Not any more, I need to go to restroom now.”
---“Hey darling, can I accompany you there?” I winked.
She slapped on my face --- “You naughty son of a bitch, still not satisfied after making love to me so long?”
---“I am always thirsty dear for all your nectar oozing out of your pouted lips whether it oozes from upper ones or lower ones.”
---“Ohhh come on, you dog, let me go, I want to go-to restroom badly.”
She walked towards the restroom, her well round plump ass globes swayed sideways. The sight of her wobbling plump ass made my limp tool come to life again.
On beholding this heavenly display I jumped from the sofa and ran towards her, embraced her from behind which took her aback.
---“Uffffff ki je koro na, ki holo abar? (What is this, what happened?)”
---“Kichu na, prem ta abaar jege uthlo,(Nothing as such, love again aroused that is why)”
---“Arr parina. (Not again)”
My arms embraced her tightly from behind, my semi hard dick perched between her heavy ass globes. I softly dry humped her, brought my right hand towards her lower abdomen just above her pubic bush. I moved my palm in circular motion over her lower abdomen caressing her smooth skin just above her pubic mound. She placed her hands on my right hand and stopped my action. I softly kissed her nape and murmured into her ear ,
---“I have a request”
---“Yes tell me”
---“I would love to see that bush down on your pussy to go away. Please trim that for me darling.”
---“Ufffffff……. What a naughty boy, you are” She smiled and with a slap on my arms she freed herself and entered the restroom.
I stood blankly at the door as she slammed it over my face.
I came back to sofa.
The torrential rain stopped by that time. Now only cool breeze was blowing. It was dark outside. To catch hold of time I looked at the clock. It was already nine o’clock of night. Oh my god, we played for a good two hours with ourselves.
I dressed up in shorts and went into kitchen for preparing the dinner.
---“Hey what’s up? What are you cooking for me”
I looked at the kitchen door, Lekha stood there with a towel wrapped around her torso and another towel wrapped on her head in a bun. The towel ran down till the end of her plump buttocks globes, barely covering her soft fleshy buttocks.
---“You look beautiful after bathing. The cold water has rejuvenated you I think.”
She smiled at me --- “I am always beautiful especially to those person who admire my beauty.”
Telling so, she went inside the room.

After few minutes she came out dressed up in a shirt and tight jeans shorts.
I was taken aback on seeing her. I was also astonished to find Moni, my cousin sister, wears those sexy little dresses. The jeans shorts were real small hugging her round fleshy buttocks. I imagined clearly that she was not wearing any bra inside. Her supple boobs and nipples shown clearly on the sheer material of the shirt. The shirt was tied to a knot just below her boobs, which made her round fleshy boobs jut out more outwards, her hard nipples clearly visible. One moment I thought of jumping towards her and mash her boobs and suck her nipples hard in mouth.
---“You are looking damn sexy you can turn any man head and bang him.”
With a naughty smile on her pouting lips she whispered ---“Not any one I want to turn, I have got what I needed.”
Her long jade black tresses, rolled up in a loose bun over her head. Few tresses flying around her round face. Her black eyebrows looked like bows. She looked like a real damsel, an angel descended from heaven to please me.
---“So what’s up for dinner?”
---“I have only made omlette and noodles, will these satisfy you, want to have something more?”
She nodded positively.
I could hear the clouds thunder. I was sure that there would be more downpours at night.
We descended on sofa for the dinner. She sat on my lap, holding the plate. I put my arms around her hugged her close. My soft dick got naughty and showed the signs of maturity under the pressure of Lekha’s soft buttocks. I smelled her nape and upper arms. She was feeding me with noodles with her mouth. She took some inside her mouth and placed hers over my lips and asked me to suck those from her. In this action we kissed and licked a lot. My left hand was freely roaming over her exposed belly and abdomen.
We finished our dinner. Lekha suggested that we have a long drive.
---“Hey, what about a long drive in this rainy night?”
---“No dear, I don’t want to waste the night driving around. I want to spend the night with my darling like this only. You sit in my lap and we make love for the whole night.”
---“Hahahahaha ….. You naughty son of a bitch.”
---“Ohh… I love to hear you, using abusive words. You are a real slut.”
---“Please, please, let us go-to Shantiniketan and spend some time with together.”
---“Idea is good, but there are lot of questions to be answered.”
---“Nothing, you call to your uncle and let me handle Moni.
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