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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-3

Bare-chested and bare torso, I pulled Lekha more on to mine body. Her robe flung open. Her full frontal portion pressed on me. We felt each other warm skin. Her beautiful boobs pressed on my chest, her small round fleshy belly pressed on mine. The warmth of our heated bodies mingled each-other. Her hands were pulling and tugging my hairs of head as she pulled my head more.

She left my lips, took my face in her palms, looked longingly into my eyes and cooed into my ears --- “You have kept me waiting for many nights to be in your arms (onek din apekha koriiee choo amake, tomar kachyee ashar).” --- “(Book chiree dekha tee parlee ami oo dekhataam, Lekha, ami tomar kachyee ashtyee chaii) If I could rip my heart apart, I would have shown you that I was also egar to be with you Lekha!!”

Now as her satin robe flung open and laid on the floor, she was on my lap only in her sweet soft two piece. In that heavenly unison position, I stood up from the sofa, carrying her along on my lap, with her legs wrapped on my waist and her arms around my shoulder. I held her by heavy ass cheeks to support her weight and with left arm around her slender torso. I carried her to the dining table and put her on the edge of the table. She rested on the edge of the table with parted legs, I was standing between her parted legs.

Ours arms entwined around each other’s bodies, looking into those deep abyss of her beautiful eyes (kajol nayana harini). I stooped down, touched her neck with my lips and started kissing her neck and nape, leaving a wet trail of my saliva with my tip of my tongue with every kiss on her creamy smooth skin. Her head flunged back as she held my head. Her eyes closed tightly and sweet moans of pleasure emanating from her lips.

---“Ummmmm , what a sweet feelings you are giving to me dear, (ki misti lagchyee shona),you are making me mad and tingle in pleasure with the kisses only (tumi too amake sudhu chumu kheye pagol kore debe abhi).” Lekha purred. My hands roamed freely on her back. Her hands dropped down to my waist, fumbling with my waistband of my shorts. My fingers fumbled a bit with the hook of her bra and I managed to unhook the cloth piece covering those beautiful suckable breasts.

Still her bra did not gave away as we were very much close to each other. But as she felt the hook gave away, she shivered. I started showering kisses down to her shoulders, till I reached the top of her succulent boobs. As I reached her right boob with my left palm, all of a sudden she giggled and pushed me away.

And her bra fell on the floor. Quickly she covered her boobs with her palms and looked at me naughtily. I stood there with an astonished look --- “What is this?”
---“Do you want me?(Amake chaoo), then be patient love, (tahole apekha karoo shona).”
Her palms were not enough to cover her succulent large soft fleshy boobs. In the full light of the drawing room. She looked like a beautiful apsara (Angel) clad in her skimpy black panty and nothing on, not a single thread on her fabulous figurine. I was really unable to hold myself more. I had a raging hard on inside my pant that showed clearly how eager it was to meet his partner.
---“Lekha, my beautiful angel, please do not make me mad (amar sundori, r amake pagol korona please).
---“ha ha ha“ She giggled.”What do you want to do with me, say (Ki kortee chaoo amake niye, agyee bolo)”.
---“Let me have you in my arms, then I will show you how much I love you (ek bar amar alingon ee ashoo, taar poree dekhaboo koto bhalo bashi ami tomaii).”
I approached her, but she ran towards the bed room. I ran after her and held her from behind and pulled her up. Carried her to the sofa and made her sit down on sofa. During all these activities, she was constantly giggling, but not for a moment her hands unclasped her boobs.
As I made her to sit on sofa, I kneeled down in-front of her. Gently I kept my hand on her slender long thighs. Rubbing her smooth skin all over to her waist with my palms. The touch of her silky butter smooth made my hard on throbbing inside my shorts. She kept her legs closed, so that I could not get access to her inner thighs and her scanty panty clad pubis mound. She kept looking at me longingly. I stooped down, and touched her knees with my lips. I started kissing her smooth skin of her slender thighs one by one. Grazing each square inch of her silky skin with my tongue. She was having goose bumps all over by the touch of my tongue tip on her skin. As my face approached her upper thighs, I smelt the musky sex aroma oozing out from the deep cave of her pubis mound. She let her clasp on her boobs down and held my head, combing my hairs in her fingers. My face approached more and more nearer to her panty clad zone. Her legs became loose and I gently parted her legs wide enough to get access to her nether mounds. I started pressing and stroking her soft flesh of her inner thighs.
Soft moans of pleasure started to emanate from those sweet succulent red lips of Lekha. Her fingers gripped my hairs hard and she tugged and pulled my hairs in frenzy.
---“Your touch is making me mad, Abhi. I am willing to die in your arms. (Tomaar chumu amake pagol kore dichye Abhi, ami tomar alingon ee more jete chaii Shona).”
I started kissing her soft fleshy inner thighs, my nose and lips were mere millimeters away from her loin cloth. Deep musky odour emanating from her cave. I licked the outline of her panty down close to her pubis mound. She shivered in pleasure.
---“Oh my God, what a ecstatic sensation you are giving to me. (Hai bhagoban, ki darun lagchye tomar chumu gulo. Ami pagol hoye gelam).”
To tease her more, so that she carves out in madness, I moved my face to her round belly. My lips started giving soft small tender butterfly kisses around her deep navel. She started sweating. Small beads of sweat poured down from her belly. Soft flesh of her belly seemed to me as a pack of cheese as I licked and kissed her navel. Her boobs were heaving in deep breath. I suddenly felt her feet on my hard penis. She was pressing and fondling my hard penis with her feet over my shorts. I went mad and I threw my arms around her to hold her tightly as if she is the last straw I have before I drown myself in the abyss of pleasure. The touch of her feet made me more mad. I started biting her soft fleshy belly. She became more and more naughty, she held my hard cock between her toe and her other finger and stated to masturbate me with her feet only.
---“Lekha, I am dying shona”
---“You are also making me a mad Abhi”
I placed my hands on her soft boobs and started kneading them hard and rough. My roughness made her to shiver hard. In pure ecstasy her whole figure twined back like a bow. Her pink large nipples pointed towards the ceiling, her head flung back. I started to tweak and smash those puffy nipples between my fingers and kissing and biting all over her succulent fleshy round boobs. Her hand pulled my head more and more towards her bossom.

---“You have made me mad, you have magic in your hands.( Amay too tumi pagol kore dilee, tomar hathyee ki jadu achyee go)”
As I was kneading her boobs hard, she was squirming like a snake and hissed like a cobra. I felt the heat of her sexuality to the brim. I left her boobs and undid my shorts. Now I was in my full glory of my nakedness, my raged hard on vertically pointed, the tip of my hard on glistening red like volcano wanting to enter into the love sheath of Lekha’s love hole. I pulled Lekha by her thin waist so that she could feel my raged hard on on her panty covered pubic mound. I started rubbing my hard penis on the length of her sweet pussy. The rubbing sensation made her frenzy.
---“Oh dear what a lovely feeling, do something to make me a mad”
She started to jerk her pelvis to meet my humping. She pulled my head and ours lips met. She started to chew and lick my lips like a strawberry. With my left arm around her slender torso, I placed my right hand on her plump soft buttocks. I pulled her panty by the waistband so hard that her panty gave away. I left her lips, broke the kiss and kneeled straight. Now both of us were the glory of our nakedness. I looked down to her pubic area for the first time. A small thatched dark curly pubic hair adorned her mound of Venus. I touched her mound with my fingers and looked longingly into her eyes.
Lekha hissed --- “Ummmmm….. yours that one (penis) is hard as a iron rod baby, I am afraid to see that weapon of love.”
I gently parted the lips of her pussy and observed that her pussy walls and cave was already flooded with her juices. My middle finger easily slide inside her juicy cave, I pushed my finger to the hilt.
Lekha started purring like a kitten. I started to twitch and move my finger inside her cunt, felt the soft juicy walls of her love cave. She squeezed her pussy walls rhythmatically with my finger movement. Her body squirmed in pleasure heat. She brought her left hand voluntarily on my raged hard on hold my shaft in her grip. The touch of her soft palm on my hard penis made me almost blast off in her hand. I clenched my teeth hard to control my self and bumped by face on her right boob. She started feeling my hardness gently yet firmly from the base to the tip. My pelvis started to move to and fro involuntarily in swaying motion to meet the soft grip sensation of Lekha’s hand. I started to pour hot breadth on her round boobs. I took her boobs and nipples in my mouth and started to suck it vigorously. My middle finger of my right hand was not idle as it was dugging deep inside Lekha’s sweet juicy pussy. I paced up my finger movement inside her pussy in frenzy and all her clench on my penis got hard more. She started to masturbate me hard. The whole drawing room filled up with the aroma of our sex and sound of our romantic purrs and uhhh and ahhhs.
Lekha parted her thighs wide, I inched forward and rested my red head of my hard-on at the opening of her love hole.
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