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Sneek Peek

Her name is Abirami as u all know. I’m her cousin 4 yrs elder to her. It all happened when I came back picking her up from her school. Elders will come by only 6.00pm. Until then no bad thoughts for me regarding her as she is my sis. I went to pee & came back after wearing my night pant. It was 2 pm in the afternoon. She went into the toilet & washed her face & came back wiping it.
She stood in front of the mirror & was wiping it as I was on the sofa just behind her relaxing. For quite sometime she was continuously staring at the mirror even if she had finished wiping. I didn’t know what she was doing. So curiously I noticed her. She was trying to look at me then she saw me & turned aside. She didn’t come out of the mirror. Finding nothing wrong I began to watch her. First time my eyes went to the lowcut nighty she was wearing through the mirror. I took off my eyes but it cam! e back to the cleft of hers. I started getting a hard on. Guilt was there but no use.

My prick was throbbing. Now suddenly I caught her seeing me through the mirror constantly as I was doing. I saw what she was seeing. Oh no I forgot to close my zip. I now came to know why she was not coming out of the mirror. I suddenly got up while she turned. I tried putting it back but I couldnt avoid her to see my naked throbbing prick. She saw & just smiled.

I was embarrassed & didn’t know what to speak. I wanted to change the topic. I asked her how long she would see the mirror, I was digging myself in by asking it. She replied naughtily ” I had a important thing to see that’s why I didn’t come out of the mirror”. “What imp thing?” I asked. “Something I don’t have” I felt shy. “what is it?” She ran away. We started to lie down after lunch. Suddenly she asked ” anna can I ask u something?” “what” ” at first it was normal, then why it became big?” ” hey dont ask such adult questions”. “Please tell me” Finally I had to explain to her that I saw her cleft. ” oh so u were watching my cleft” ” sorry about that” ” why should u I saw urs u saw mine. So cancelled” ” but one thing I didn’t see fully”. I got excited. Slowly she felt shy seeing me watching her boobs again. I asked her how she was feeling now? She said” some nice feeling is on” I got courage & touched her boobs over her nighty. She didn’t tell anything. I moved my hand through the bra. She caught my hand but didn’t push it away. With my other hand I opened her nighty pushed it down, I saw her beautiful boobs held by the black bra. I squeezed it. I took her hand on my tool. I removed her nighty completely. Her beautiful thighs were white & wonderful. I touched her & planted a kiss on her mouth. Now it was her turn she took off my pant & immediately my underwear.

I was naked my prick throbbing before her. She unhooked her bra & I was to do the rest. I removed her every cloth & made her nude. We went on each other. Now I put my tool in her wonderful pussy. Pumped her till I came in to her, also she climaxed at the same time. We repeated it again after sometime & now it continues everyday after she comes back from school.
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