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The telephone rang again. She looked at it, only a little annoyed. Sorry baby, she thought, I don't know anyone named Unknown Caller. Still, she knew who it was and what he wanted. Why didn't a grown man have the guts to just let it all hang out? She smiled at the double meaning. To hell with him. He'd do it in the end, she knew. No matter how much he protested.

Her eyes went to the screen, in front of her, as she tried to focus on the words on the screen. It was hard to believe she was already a senior at Tisch School or the Arts in New York. She came in as the schools darling. There were high expectations and she didn't disappoint. She was already offered graduate scholarships to three schools but she really wanted to keep her promise to Ron. She knew next month when he and Stephanie flew here she'd ask him what to do. He'd know. That was part of the promise they made to each other. She would create and he would guide her through all the politics of movie making. Her and her accountant loved the arrangement.

The phone stopped ringing.

She refocused herself on the screen in front of her. The words were good. The phrasing was tight and clean. She smiled at herself as she dragged the mouse across two paragraphs. One thing he'd never break himself from doing was a back story when it really wasn't needed. You always were a nice guy, even when we were a bitch to you. I was the bitch, She corrected herself. That's why I love you. She smiled at the thought of how, with everything going on that year, he'd save her.

She clicked the mouse on an icon and the offending paragraphs were highlighted in pink. She wanted to finish it before the movie was over. The clock on her screen was counting down. There were still forty three minutes to go. She knew what was playing now and she felt a shiver go through her. So wonderful, so wonderfully painful. Just the mere thought made her tighten up. Her juices were already flowing at just seeing it in her mind.

She looked at his story, and without realizing it, and started blocking it in her head. She knew that by the time she had gone over the dialog once more she would be able to see the actors on the set. A big time writer/producer told her at the last awards dinner that she was a natural and she'd make a name for herself some day. That was before the awards had been given out for best new director, best short film and writer. Each award brought applause as the four of them rose to accept the figurines. She'd never seen Ant in a tux but he was handsome standing between her and her best friend.

The phone rang again. Anonymous was calling again, so she ignored it. The script was good but she was running out of time. She clicked on the IM icon on her desk top. Her hands flew across the keyboard hoping there wasn't another emergency over at the house. The last one was about a total blowout of the worst kind. It still brought a smile to her face. It couldn't have been any worse. The new baby was lying on daddy's office desk when it happened. He still complains he can smell it even though he bought new carpet and all new furniture.

The phone stopped ringing again.

Ant was there but doing something else. She clicked the busy icon and went back to the script.

A few minutes later, she looked at the timer again. Thirty-six minutes. She could see the movie playing in her head. She could see the girl jerking back and forth as she was being beaten to death internally by the two largest men she'd ever fucked.

She was trying to get back to work but there was more to do then there was time. She needed to go into the other room when the timer hit the magic number. Twelve.

The phone rang a third time.

She finally couldn't stand it. At least he had a name now. Anonymous Caller was gone. Of course it wasn't his real name. The first name was Doug, or so he told everyone, but where in the hell did he come up with Devone? He joked, one time, that it was a play on words of 'Da Bone'. She could appreciate that. He had a nice bone between his legs. The last time she got a taste of it? She frowned a little. It had been almost two months since he came to visit. She missed class that Monday because he damn near shredded her ass while professing his love for her. He screwed her senseless for almost forty minutes giving her all the punishment she demanded and more. She knew his words of love were part of a script in his head. But it was a sweet script and he sounded like he actually meant it.

She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"I'm not going to do it," was all the voice said.

She knew what he meant but it was a long way from that basement movie studio. Back then it was a sixteen year old semi virgin and a porn star, fucking like the world was going to end. It's like that old cigarette commercial said, 'You've come a long way baby.'

"Do what Dougy?" She tried to sound like she did that morning in the studio.

"You know damn well, She." From the tone she could tell he wasn't going to play to her vestal virgin this time. "The script you sent me last week. I'm not going to do it!"

She loved him. Not like Char loved Ant. Not even like Mick and Jannie. Certainly not like Ron and Stephanie. She loved his cock and that was bad enough. From the first time she saw it on a video, at the age of fourteen till he left her the last time.

"Yes you are Doug and do you know why?" She was living large and enjoying every minute of it.

"Didn't you hear me, Sheila? I said I'm not going to do it." She could hear the tremor in his voice. He might have been ten years older than her, but to her he was all boy. Why did she love him like that?

She smiled. "Doug please don't be that way?" She tried to push a pair of pouting lips through the phone line. "It's important to me."

"I thought the Movie was, Sheila?"

"Dougy?" She tried to put on that little girl act for him again. It was the same one she used in Ron Lawsens' basement. "That was Char's movie, not mine. I want the world to know what I know about you."

Sheila could practically hear the facade breaking as Doug Devone started to crumble. He was such a boy in his head.

"What's that, baby?" He moaned.

"You read the script. It's all there."

Doug Devone reacted like it was all written out for him. "That's why I'm not going to do it." He pleaded. "Do you know what kind of trouble I could get into if ANY of this came out?" It wasn't acting. He really was scared.

I've got some friends here who will play the other parts. They're not quite sixteen but you'll like them." She threw the line out and waited while the fly tantalized the fish.

Last time she went to Canada to see Anthony and Charlotte he had taken her fly fishing. She hated the fishing but loved making love to them, again. It seemed to work out for the three of them, that whole week. Now here she was in frozen New York, fishing again.

"How young, She?" The fish was nibbling.

"The blond is fifteen and the brunette is fourteen." She didn't mention the boy. Doug wasn't into young boys. He was into young girls.

"Ahhh damn it, She!" She could feel the fish swallow the hook. "Virgins?"

"About as virgin as I was the first time, Dougy." Mentally she yanked back on the fishing pole as she set the hook into Douglas Devone. "Remember? You told me I didn't disappoint."

"When?" He was in the pan. Right then, Sheila decided she could learn to like fishing.

"Next month, if you can arrange it, I have time at Lancer Studios saved up. It should take only a couple of days"

"Shoot me an e-mail and I'll let you know if it's good for me."

After Doug hung up Sheila looked at the clock and shut down her computer. It was about seven steps to the bedroom and the countdown was at twelve minutes.

Sheila Unger heard her as she walked into the bedroom. "How do we look, She?" Sheila smiled. She always liked this part.

"Pretty damn hot, actually, now that it's not me with baseball bats up two of my holes." She heard herself say.

"Uh, fuck! I'm gonna come!" a man's voice said. "I'm losing it here." She looked in time to see Doug Devone bury ten inches of rock hard cock inside of the little blond, squirming over him. You could almost see the cum shooting up from his balls into her. She was literally sucking every drop out of him.

Suddenly there was moaning as Shelia's two favorite men came in her best friends' inflamed pussy and ass.

"Ah god!" The little blond hollered on the screen. "I can feel it! Both of you ... coming! Ah god!"

That's when the sixteen year old lost it herself. The young woman climaxed and everything got tighter all of the sudden, squeezing, crushing, and relaxing, in between her gasps for breath. There was nothing fake about it. You could see her body churning on the hard shafts of the older man in her cunt and the boy in her ass. She shuttered one last time. It was the most beautiful thing both Sheila Ungers' had ever seen.

"AH! FUCK!" the girl screamed, and then collapsed onto the mans panting chest. She had been squeezing him tightly with both her arms and her pussy, and he seemed like he could hardly breathe when she finally released him. The boy collapsed onto her back, and they both crushed Doug on the bottom, gasping in out-of-sync panting, three hearts beating in their chests.

The boy on the bed looked at Sheila and then back at the screen. On the screen Sheila was dazed, drunk-looking and stunned. The pixilated Sheila Unger looked like she had just seen an alien space craft, or a train wreck, or something. It looked intense. The Sheila, in her own bedroom, knew what she was doing.

She crawled on the bed and removed his hand from his cock. She replaced it with hers.

"Please. Get off me. Get out of me. I'm dying." Sheila whispered in the boy's ear as Charlotte Lawsen, the queen of the sluts, moaned it on the screen.

The boy on the bed was looking at Sheila like she was a goddess. "Shit, that's so hot.
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