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Sexy Customer Meet

Let me introduce myself. I am Anil, 33, married with two sons from Pune, India. I am 5’8” with good physique and shape. I own an Electronics Showroom retailing new products and servicing any old electronic gadgets. This happened in August 2001 when I sold a new dishwasher to a customer. As this was the first time they were buying this product I was supposed to get it delivered and then go and install it and demonstrate the use of this machine. It was around 4.00 pm when I telephoned to inform the customer that I was coming to install the machine. I heard a sweet woman on the other end of the line and she allowed me to visit at 4.30 pm.

When I reached their home, a beautiful woman welcomed me at the main door. I introduced myself. She introduced herself as Suman the wife of Ajit the customer who had ordered the machine. Boy, a beauty was she! 26, with long black hair, around 5’5”, slim & well-shaped body, beautiful live face with thick lips nicely done up with lip liner and lipstick, fair color another Mrs. India with a 36-25-36 figure a flat tummy with a beautiful navel peeping through her transparent sari. She asked me to follow her to the kitchen. She wore a beautiful yellow chiffon sari tight and moved ahead of me with the grace of a model on a catwalk. Her body, I noticed was designed to perfection and her round ass lobes moved to ensure I had the biggest erection within seconds. The curved hip, which was well exposed, was very engaging. The house was well planned and decorated. Her husband, she informed was not at home due to some business engagements. We entered her kitchen and I got to work on the dishwasher. She was standing close to me when I started making the plumbing connections. My mind was focused on this beauty and I got talking with her. Our hands touched once when I requested her to hand me a spanner from my toolkit. She was warm. I looked up at her and saw a woman in full sexual heat perspiring above her lips. I started the ball by commenting that she had a beautiful house with everything inside so beautiful and lovely.

She blushed and smiled looking like an angel. Her eyes were pleading for some way to start a physical relationship but how? She started talking about her husband who was a factory owner and complaining that she had to take care of the house and everything on her own. They had been married for seven years but were without any children. I noticed from her talk that she is not happy with her husband although he was a rich man who got her the best things for her comfort. However money cannot buy everything. I went on with the electrical connections and her talk was totally focused on her life. I somehow started liking this babe and wanted to feel her completely. By now I had completed the installation of the dishwasher and asked her to stock some dishes in the machine. She carried some dishes from the sink with both hands and we went on stocking them inside the machine. On the third trip from her sink while bending to hand over the dishes to me her sari pallu slipped and exposed the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen. Put yourself into this situation were a low-cut sleeveless blouse, exposes the most cherished sight just inches away from your eyes. I was left speechless and spellbound. I saw a small red birth mole (beauty spot) on the left breast, which hypnotized me into touching her breast without any warning. The dishes she was about to hand over to me fell to the ground and she moved into me with pure passion and lust. Our lips brushed and without a word she moved into my lap on the floor. I kissed her breasts and felt as if in heaven. She smelled so well. I held her by her waist to bring her close to me, she did not protest. I kissed her neck and she produced a low moan, this encouraged me and I started to kiss her face, ears and her lips.

She did not respond initially but after a few pushes I succeed in inserting my tongue into her mouth and she too started responding to my kisses. Her left breast was against my chest and felt nice and firm. My pelvis was also touching her inner thigh and she could have also feeling my hard cock. I moved forward and with one hand started caressing her right breast. Suman started moaning in my mouth. I grabbed her from her waist and went on kissing her. I kissed her hard and felt her hot probing tongue enter my mouth. We stood up to hug each other. She pressed her body against mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest and pulled her tighter against me. My member was at attention and straining to come out and meet a new friend. Our sex tools met each other face to face but only through the curtains of cloth. I reached around and squeezed her ass.

Suman’s breathings were heavy and I was getting extremely excited. We let go of each other and I stood back to look at her. ‘SHE WAS IN HEAT’ was the only word. Her blouse revealed her beautiful breasts and her low strung sari revealed a beautiful deep deep navel. I lifted her in my arms and on her pointing to a door, carried her to her Air-conditioned bedroom where a large soft bed was in waiting.

Another kissing session began. She started moaning …ummm……naaaaaaaah…….ooohooooomaaas sssshhh……. Maaaaaaaa…..Annniiillllljiiiiii……… Still standing she started grinding her luscious thighs on my crotch. I moved my hands up to caress her magnificent breasts. They were large and firm, then, still French kissing with her, my hands reached her back and started removing her blouse. She made a weak womanly protest but finally allowed her blouse off of her arms. Suman was wearing a back lacy bra. I massaged her back until I came upon the strap of her bra. Suman let out an audible sigh as her bra strap came free. Suman shrugged her bra off and proudly displayed her fare tits. They were big and perky. Her areolas were light brown with erected nipples. They looked excellent! Meantime I removed my shirt and threw it aside. I put my mouth on her left nipple, feeling it grow and harden as I sucked and licked it. I licked and kissed the red mole on the left breast Suman was crooning and as I moved to suck her other nipple she unbuckled my belt and released the catch on my pants, which fell about my ankles. I buried my face in her cleavage and squeezed her breasts against my face. I have always had a fascination for this position; I have used this with my wife whenever I am too tired. Do try it. She moved them up and down and back and forth across my face before moving down to my chest.

She continued down my body, rubbing in a circular motion while kissing and nipping my chest. As she reached my stomach, she slid her hands down my back and under my shorts. She didn’t stop, and ran her hands down over my ass and down my legs, carrying my underwear off. As I stepped out of my underwear Suman was rubbing her lips and cheeks up and down the entire length of my hard cock. I watched as she kneeled in front of me, kissing and licking the undersides of my cock from the base to the top. I was amazed as I had not expected receiving such a treat from an Indian woman. I had always thought that oral sex was only for the Europeans and Foreigners seen in blue movies. My wife has always considered oral sex dirty hence I was deprived of this pleasure. Suman rolled her eyed up to look at me for approval as she began to suck my raging penis into her hot mouth. Her lips and hand moved over to my cock’s head and down until the whole shaft disappeared into her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as she sucked my entire cock, flicking her tongue across the bottom then releasing pressure, sliding her mouth back, letting my cock come almost completely out of her mouth, then going slowly back down to swallow even more. She even jagged once or twice. I ran my fingers through Suman’s hair, grabbing handfuls and pumping my hips slowly as she continued to suck me deeply into her mouth. She started to move faster and I felt a surge building deep in my balls. She was grunting and slurping as my cock drove in and out of her mouth. She liked what she was doing and was good at it. She was bobbing her head, feverishly sucking my dick while gripping and stroking the base of my cock with her hand. My pre-cum started to spill from my penis and I could feel an orgasm coming. My toes were curled tight, my legs were tense and my butt was clenched as I felt the excitement built. I lost all sense of time and place as the sensation came to a climax. Suman continued sucking. My member felt as hard as steel rod and as big as a tree log. I could feel an eruption in the bottom of my balls as I started to come. My cock throbbed, sending waves of pleasure and pumping a huge load into Suman’s mouth. She was lapping it all up, swallowing my cock, as I was cumming and licking the head of my cock and rubbing it across her lips. She milked every last drop from me. My orgasm was so forceful that my legs were shaking and weak. I had never experienced anything so wonderful and looked down in amazement as Suman slid her mouth off my cock, looked into my eyes and said “Happy, Anil? it’s your turn now”.

I was fagged out but helped her shakily to her feet and kissed her neck, moving down to her shoulders and underarms as I caressed her body with my hands. I licked her armpits and the erotic smell of her perspiration mixed with de-o, brought me to earth once again. I continued kissing down her shoulders and arms and moved over to suck her breasts. I then started to kiss my way down to her flat stomach, arriving the waistband of her petticoat. I peeled of her sari and got on my knees and I nuzzled my nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her pussy through the sheer fabric of her petticoat. I opened her waistband and pulled her petticoat to the floor. She was wearing a black panty, which was absolutely soaked with her pussy juices. Her thighs and legs were some thing to die for. I licked her through her panties and Suman began to sigh and grind her crotch into my face.
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