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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 4

Renuka woke up and reached over for Rajesh. She may have gone to sleep unsatisfied, but she could start the day out right. But Rajesh wasn't there. She got out of bed and pulled on a robe and headed downstairs. Rajesh was in the kitchen making the coffee and he was already dressed. She wasn't going to get anywhere with him that morning.

She got the kids up and then fixed breakfast. Rajesh kissed her goodbye and left for work and she fed the kids and got them out the door on time to meet the school bus. As she was getting herself ready for work she thought again of what had happened on the train. That wasn't her! None of what had been happening lately was the real her. She didn't know what had happened to cause her to be the way she was behaving. It had to stop! She needed to get control of herself. She selected the most sever looking business suit and the most unflattering pair of shoes she owned. Minimum make up and her hair up in an unbecoming bun and she was ready to go.

She was ignored on the ride into town and she didn't see anyone look at her as she went from the station to the school, but she was barely inside the door when her cell phone beeped. She answered it and heard:

"It's too late," said the voice that sent shivers down her spine. "You can dress down, but we both know that you are a slut. I'm out here slut, and I'll have my chance."

She heard him disconnect and as she stood there looking at the phone in her hand she became aware of something. Her left hand was caressing a breast. Good God what was wrong with her.

That evening on the train ride home she kept her eyes on the floor. She didn't want to look up and see if any of the faces present were some of the same faces that had watched her wipe the cum off of her mouth with the back of her hand. She especially didn't want to see the face of the man who had pushed her mouth down on his cock. She closed her eyes and forced her mind to concentrate on practical things. The new house should be completed within the month and she needed to make lists of what to do, what to keep, what to give away to Goodwill and what needed to be done to the house to help it sell. There had been a ton of walk throughs, but no offers and Neeta, the real estate agent, had given her a list of things that people hadn't liked about the house. She had worked off most of what was on the list, but she still had a dozen or so items left to do.

She felt someone settle on the seat next to her, but didn't think anything of it until arms went around her to hold her and hands grabbed her head. She opened her eyes to see that they had just entered the tunnel and then there was a man standing in front of her. She opened her mouth to demand to know what the man was doing, but as soon as she opened her mouth she had the answer - a cock was pushed into the open hole and as the hands held her head the man fucked her face. The man who had his arms around her was rubbing her tits and even through the jacket, the blouse, the slip and the bra she could feel her nipples harden. A hand slid up her skirt and fingers poked, probed and pushed at her pussy. She felt the crotch of her panties forced to the side and then fingers were pushing into her pussy. She moaned and spread her legs and surrendered her pussy to the hand. The cock in her mouth was pistonning fast trying to get off before the end of the tunnel and she moaned again and clamped her lips tight around the cock. A voice moaned, "Oh Jesus" and she felt his cum spill into her mouth. She gulped it down and then licked the cock as it was pulled out of her mouth.

Suddenly the arms holding her released her and the hand was withdrawn from her pussy. She sat there with her eyes closed until her stop was called and then, with eyes still on the floor, she got up and moved to the door. As soon as she got home she stripped off her clothing and using the handle of her hairbrush she got herself off. She couldn't believe what had just happened to her. An unknown faceless man had fucked her mouth and as she moved the hairbrush faster she knew it would happen again and she also knew she wouldn't fight it.

It was a Saturday morning. Rajesh was out playing twenty, the kids were at the pool for their swimming lessons and she had an hour before she needed to go pick them up. She had just gotten home from shopping at Wal-Mart and she was horny and hotter than hell. She had worn what she considered her "slut suit," short skirt, low cut blouse with no brassiere on under it and high heels. She got a hell of a kick out of slowly walking the aisles and generating hard dicks and knowing that every man who saw her wanted to fuck her. She wondered if the day would come when one of them would. She knew one who wanted to and who was determined to. At least she thought he did. She hadn't heard from The Watcher in three weeks.

She was in her kitchen looking out her window at Akshay who was busy cutting the grass in her backyard. Akshay was the twenty year old son of their next door neighbors and Rajesh had hired him to take care of the yard so Rajesh would be free to play golf on the weekends. She watched him as he moved back and forth across the yard dressed in only shorts. She wondered if he had boxers or briefs on under those shorts. It didn't seem fair that he could get away with walking around in only shorts.

It didn't seem at all fair to her that men could walk around almost naked while women had to cover it all up. She grinned to herself as she thought, "Well, not all women. Some of us let a little of it hang out" as she remembered her train rides and her visits to Wal-Mart." She wondered again where her exhibitionist streak had suddenly come from as she wondered if Akshay had ever seen naked beasts, ass or pussy. She wondered what Akshay would do if she let him see her like The Watcher saw her. She got a warm and fuzzy feeling as she thought of letting the small lad see her goodies. What would he do? How would he act? She giggled as she realized that she knew exactly what he would do. He would find a private place where he could get rid of the hard on she had given him. Could she make it happen so she would be where she could watch him stroke himself?

He was a good-looking boy and she wondered if he was still a virgin. Had he played with any of the little girls he knew? If she let him see her would she be his first naked woman? Oh my God, wouldn't that be a rush. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to make it happen. She wanted to expose herself to him. Oh my God she thought as she realized that the idea had her pussy dripping.

She looked at her watch; she had enough time before she had to pick up the kids. She wouldn't let him see her nude that day, but she could tease him a little. That's what she would do, tease and escalate. A little that day, a little more the next time and even more the time after that. Make him want to see more. Make him sneak around, looking in windows, peeping to see if he could see more of her. All she would have to do was find things for him to do around the house and then 'carelessly' and 'accidentally' let him see more and more until she let him see her in all of her naked glory. No better time to start then right then.

She hurried upstairs to her bedroom and dug through her drawers until she found just what she wanted. She undressed and put on the short skirt that she wore on the train and then put on the worn halter-top she had taken from the dresser. She leaned forward and got the effect she was looking for - her breasts were fully exposed. Next she took off her panties and sat down on the bed across from the dresser and looked in the dresser mirror as she moved around to find what position she needed to be sitting in for Akshay to be able to see up the skirt and get a glimpse of her clean shaven pussy. She combed her hair, put on some fresh makeup and headed back down to the kitchen.

She made a pitcher of lemonade and then went out to get Akshay. He had finished the backyard and was doing the south side of the house when she walked up to him. He was a tall boy, at least four inches taller than she was and he had to look down when she was talking to him. He couldn't help but notice her breasts and she did notice his eyes widen a bit when she leaned a little forward and the loose halter top let her breasts float free.

"It's hot out here Akshay and I noticed that you are all sweaty. I've made some lemonade so come on in the house and take a break and cool off."

She turned and headed for the back door and she could feel his eyes on her tight little ass so she put a little more wiggle into her walk. She had him sit at the kitchen table and then she poured him a glass of lemonade and bent forward at the waist to hand it to him. That gave him another chance to see her breasts. Did he notice how hard her nipples were, how they stuck out like stiff miniature erections?

She took the chair on the side of the table rather than the seat across from him and sat down with legs wide to give him a chance to look up her skirt. She leaned forward, giving him another look at her breasts and then asked:

"As a teacher I'm curious; what are your favorite classes in school."

"Math and chemistry I guess. I like the lab work we do in chemistry."

"How about science or biology? Don't you do lab work in those classes?"

"Yeah, but it is yucky. Who wants to cut up frogs."

"What about sports? You going to go out for any?"

"I'm going out for football."

His glass was empty and she leaned forward to take it from him. She grinned as she saw his eyes lock onto her exposed melons and saw the tent in his trousers. She yearned to reach out and touch it, but she didn't dare. As she refilled his glass she thought about the men on the train and giggled as she remembered what one of the men had whispered to her one night.

"We are going to rename the tunnel for you love. It will be called Blow Job Alley.
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