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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 3

Sunday was a day for catching up around the house and she stayed so busy that she never once thought of what had happened on Wednesday night or on Saturday, at least not until three that afternoon. She was in the driveway helping Rajesh wash the car when she noticed a car coming down the street. It slowed when it reached her house and then speeded up after it had gone by. Ten minutes later she saw the same car coming down the street from the other direction and it did the same thing again. It slowed down as it reached her house and then speeded up after it went by. She couldn't see into the car because of the tinted windows, but she knew who it was and her pussy got damp as she realized that The Watcher had just let her know that he knew where she lived. Why knowing that caused her to become sexually aroused she had no idea, but aroused she was and once the kids were put to bed Rajesh never knew what hit him. As she had her third orgasm in her mind she imagined The Watcher watching them as he masturbated.

Monday on the way to work she sat on the commuter and looked around at the male passengers, who were again not paying her any mind, and she wondered about it. She was a good looking woman and the clothes she was wearing shouldn't have detracted from that. Were these men less manly than the men who had lusted for her the previous Wednesday and the ones who had followed her around Wal-Mart? What was wrong with them?

That afternoon when she left her classroom and went into the teacher's lounge she found a package in her mailbox. It was addressed to her at the school and had no return address on it. No stamps, no FedEx or UPS labels, just a package wrapped in brown paper with her name on it. She opened it to find her clutch purse with her driver's license still inside. She felt the surge of heat in her belly - The Watcher knew where she worked! She set down at the table, her mind in a whirl as she remembered his promise:

"There will be a right time and a right place you little slut and when that time comes I'll fuck you till you bleed."

And now he knew not only where she lived, but also where she worked. She asked the girl behind the counter in the school office if she knew who delivered the package.

"Just a guy who said he was with a messenger service."

She put it out of her mind and hurried back to her classroom for her next class.

Before she boarded the train to go home she went into the station restroom and opened up her suit jacket, rolled the waist band of her skirt up two turns to show a little more leg, and then closed the jacket. She would see if a little more leg got her a little more attention. As she left the restroom she saw male eyes on her and she wondered if one of the men was The Watcher.

On the train she sat in a very unladylike manner. She had both feet firmly planted on the floor and her legs slightly spread. Over the top of the book she was pretending to read she saw two men opposite her straining to look up her skirt without trying to be obvious about it and it excited her. She wished she had shortened the skirt a little more.

She was fired up when she got home, but she had to hold it in. She couldn't rush off to the bathroom and use her hairbrush handle because she needed to get dinner started. But Rajesh was going to be in for another long, hard night. As she peeled the potatoes she thought of how she could dress the next day. She needed to find that fine line between what would excite the men on the train and what would be acceptable wear at work. Or did she? Why not both? Yes, that is what she would do; she would do both.

Rajesh left for work a half-hour before she did so he didn't see her as she left the house. She was wearing a short skirt, thong panties, a low cut blouse and she wasn't wearing a brassiere. The outfit was topped off (or bottomed off she giggled) with a pair of "come fuck me" high heels. If she didn't get their attention in that outfit then they were dead and just had not yet been buried. She carried the clothes she would wear to work in a garment bag and would change into them when she got off the train.

It was everything that she hoped it would be. Men jockeyed for position to sit near her or across from her so they could look down her blouse or up her skirt. She smiled to herself as she saw all the tented trousers and knew that she had caused them. That morning set the pattern for the next week. The train was her stage and when on the train she let the world watch her as she tempted and teased. Every time she bent forward or leaned down her breasts were on display for all to see. When she sat down she let her skirt ride up and the men across from her strained to look up her skirt and catch a glimpse of her just barely covered clean shaven pussy. Her eyes met there's and she grinned knowing that every one of them wanted her and would fuck her in a heartbeat if they just got the chance.

Every day on the train and at the station she looked from face to face to see if there was any indication that one of them might be The Watcher. He said that someday he would catch her alone and every time she thought of that whispered promise her pussy got wet. She knew she would never be unfaithful to Rajesh, but the fantasy was just so damned hot!!!

It was a Tuesday morning and she was in the women's rest room changing clothes when her cell phone beeped. Renuka took it out of her purse and looked at the display. It said, "Private number" and she wondered who it could be. She pushed the button and said:


"Good morning slut" said the voice she never would forget. "Changing out of your slut clothes? Getting ready to go and pretend you are something you are not? You are a slut Renuka and we both know it and one of these days you will be my slut. Like it or not Renuka, you WILL be my slut" and he disconnected.

At first she was alarmed that he had her cell number. Was there nothing about her that he didn't know? And then her body tingled at knowing that he was out there and that he wanted her. He wanted her as bad as the men on the train wanted her. She hurried into a stall and it took her less than a minute to get herself off with her fingers. As she left the bathroom she stopped and scanned the crowd looking for something, anything that might point out The Watcher. She saw nothing out of the ordinary and she hurried off to work.

Renuka wondered if her students got anything from her that day. Her mind was on The Watcher and how he seemed to know everything about her. She knew how he found out where she lived, but how had he found out her cell phone number, how had he found out where she worked? She remembered his form in the window as he jacked off his cock. The same cock he had promised that he was going to fuck her with. She knew he never would - she would never allow it - so why was her pussy always wet when she thought of him? Somehow she managed to get through the day and when she got on the train to go home there was something different. On a whim she had taken off her thong. Some lucky guy was going to get a full beaver shot on the train that evening.

She hadn't been sitting there for a full minute before she noticed the man across from her staring up her skirt. Renuka moved her legs just a little farther apart and he grinned at her. She grinned back and he responded by rubbing his bulge and that drew her eyes to it. My God, she thought, what did he have in there, a large summer sausage? She watched as he slowly unzipped and suddenly she knew what he was going to do. The tunnel was coming up and as soon as they entered it he was going to take out his cock. She sat there staring mesmerized at his hands as he got ready.

The train drove into the darkness and something snapped in her and she got up and hurried over and sat down next to the man. He took one of her hands and put it on his cock and then he removed her hand. Renuka knew she should let go of his cock and go back to her seat, but something kept her there and when the man's hand left hers she left her hand where it was and seconds later she was surprised to see that she was stroking his cock. She felt his hand on the back of her head and she didn't resist as he slowly pushed it down. She moaned and opened her mouth and he pushed upwards into it.

Her body was on fire with the slutishness of it. She had never done anything even remote like that before and she couldn't believe that she was doing it then. Her head was bobbing up and down and he was arching up and pushing his cock at the back of her throat as he moaned, "Yes, yes, yes." Out of the corner of her eye she saw the sliver of light that told her they were almost out of the dark tunnel. She went to lift her head, but the man moaned:

"Please, oh God please, I'm so close."

Renuka clamped her lips tight around him and bobbed her head faster and he moaned, "Oh yes," as his cock erupted in her mouth. Two quick gulps and she lifted her head from his cock just as they roared out into the daylight. Fifteen male passengers watched as she wiped the trace of cum leaking from her lips with the back of her hand. She looked each one in the eye and grinned as she stood up to get off at her stop.

As she stepped off the train she was thinking, "Oh God, was Rajesh going to be in for it that night. She was going to fuck him to death."

That night for the first time in her married life Renuka fell asleep sexually unsatisfied. Rajesh had, for the first time ever, said:

"Enough Renu, enough. For God's sake woman, I'm only human."

to be continued..
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