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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 2

The elevator door had no sooner closed than she went to her knees in front of Rajesh and pulled his zipper down.

"What the hell are you doing Renu? Cut that out" Rajesh cried as she reached in and took hold of his cock.

Renuka almost had it out when the car suddenly stopped at nine and an older couple started to get on. The woman took one look at Renuka on her knees and snorted, "Well, I never!" as she grabbed the man with her and pulled him back off the elevator. Renuka laughed and said:

"That's probably true. I'll bet that she never."

"What the hell has gotten into you Renuka?"

"It's what I'm trying to get into me lover. You!"

She got Rajesh's cock out and managed to give it a few licks and a few quick sucks until she felt the car start to slow and then she quickly stood up. She almost giggled watching Rajesh frantically trying to stuff his erection back inside his trousers. The elevator stopped at twenty and Renuka dragged her husband to their room and waited impatiently as Rajesh fumbled with the key.

Once inside the little red dress hit the floor and she was pulling at Rajesh's belt. As Rajesh moved between her legs she looked over his shoulder and she thought she saw a shadow behind the window opposite. Was he there? Was he watching? God, she hoped so as she dug her nails into Rajesh's ass, pulled him to her and begged him to fuck her hard and make her cum.

Renuka sat at her desk staring out the window and thinking about the last two weeks. First, there had been what had happened on the night she and her husband Rajesh had celebrated her birthday and their anniversary. Renuka couldn't believe how she had acted and the thoughts she'd had that night. She had been stared at and lusted after by a whole room full of men and she had loved it. She left the restaurant a changed woman - a woman who wanted the attention of men and a woman who would do the things necessary to grab that attention.

The next day on the train to work she noticed that the men in the car weren't paying her any attention even though she was a good looking woman and she finally figured out that the way she was dressed had a lot to do with it. Severely tailored business suit, hair up in an unbecoming bun and wearing 'sensible' shoes. The perfect look for a sixth grade school teacher, but not something that would make men want her. And Renuka wanted them to want her - she needed them to want her - not that she would ever let one of them have her. She loved Rajesh and she would never betray him, but that didn't mean that she couldn't tease a bit.

As was their usual Saturday morning routine Rajesh had gone to his standing Saturday morning golf date and she used that morning to do her shopping. But that Saturday she had modified the routine. Instead of the sweats or jeans she usually wore that morning she left the house in a short skirt, low cut blouse and with no bra. She wore a sweatshirt over the blouse and wore tennis shoes, but carried a pair of "fuck me" pumps in a bag. Renuka drove the kids to their dance lessons and dropped them off. Anjali's mother would pick them up when she picked up Anjali and drop them off for their swimming lessons. She would finish her shopping and then pick up her two and Anjali and drop Anjali off on the way home. She watched the kids go into the dance studio and then she headed for the Wal-Mart Super Center.

In the Wal-Mart parking lot she removed the sweatshirt and tennis shoes and put on her heels. She checked her makeup in the visor mirror and then headed into the store. For the next hour she wandered up and down the aisles filling her shopping cart with items and filling trousers with hard ons. Any time a man was near she would bend at the waist to get something off the bottom shelf and let him see her free hanging breasts with their stone hard nipples. She would smile to herself when out of the corner of her eye she saw the man's pants 'tent' up.

She had men following her through the store pretending to be shopping, but she knew they were looking at her and wanting her. She had purchased a half dozen pair of thong panties and while doing it she teased two of her admirers. She stood there holding a pair of the panties in front of her and contemplated them as the two men watched. She knew they were imagining seeing her wear them and the thought made her hot. She knew they not only wanted to see her wearing them, but they wanted to be the one to help her take them off and that thought made her even hotter. By the time she had picked the kids up and had gotten home she was as horny as a goat.

When Rajesh came home from the golf course she had sent the kids out to play and then she had pulled Rajesh into the bedroom, pushed him back on the bed and went for his zipper. It had been a quick, no frills fuck. She hadn't even taken his pants off. She worked his cock out, sucked it until it was hard enough for her and then she had moved over him, pushed down on him as his hardness slid into her and then she had fucked him until he came. Along the way she'd had two orgasms of her own. When she dismounted and let him get up he had said:

"I don't know what's come over you lately, but I think I like it. I like it a lot."

She looked at him as his cum oozed out of her pussy and thought:

"Oh no honey, I don't think you would like it at all."

to be continued....
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