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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 1

Renuka Natarajan looked out the window of the eighteenth floor hotel room at the hustle and bustle going on in the alley below and wondered again why she and Rajesh were there in the hotel. It seemed like a silly expense. Granted, it was a special occasion - her thirty-first birthday AND their tenth anniversary - and they planned to spend the night drinking and dancing, but home was only twenty-five minutes away by commuter train so it wasn't as if they had to worry about driving under the influence. Oh well, it was what Rajesh wanted to do so why should she care.

She turned and went to the bed and opened the garment bag she had carried to work with her in the morning. She took out the two cocktail dresses she had packed. She hadn't been able to make up her mind between the black and the red so she had packed them both. Taking them out of the bag and hanging them up she still couldn't make up her mind. She looked sexy as hell in both of them. Maybe she would let Rajesh decide.

She unbuttoned the dress she was wearing and began to slip it off when something from the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned her head and saw a man standing at a window in the building across they alley and then she quickly looked away. He was no more than twenty-five or thirty feet away and instinctively she knew he was watching her. It had never occurred to her to close the drapes, not all the way up there on the twentyth floor. She was just on the verge of going over and pulling them closed when something happened to her. A wild and crazy thought entered her head. She didn't know him and he didn't know her. "Dare I?" she wondered and even as she had the thought she knew she was going to do it.

She stayed in full view of the man and slowly took off her dress and let it fall to the floor. She made a production out of getting out of her slip and letting it join the dress and she felt the heat building in her pussy as she got into stripping for the unknown man.

Next the brassiere. She reached behind her and her fingers unhooked it and she let the straps slide down one arm at a time. She resisted the impulse to turn toward the man as the bra fell away from her breasts and instead stood still so he could see them in profile. They were still firm, even after two children, and they thrust out from her chest. The nipples were stiff from the excitement of what she was doing and she took them between the thumbs and forefingers of her hands and rolled them as she moaned and felt the heat flow to her pussy.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and then wiggled her ass as she shimmied out of them and they fell to puddle around her ankles. She stepped out of them and then did a slow turn to put her back to "The Watcher" - that is what he was to her now, 'The Watcher' - and then she spread her legs slightly and bent at the waist to pick up the clothes that she had dropped. She looked back between her legs and saw that he was still there and he had taken out his cock and he was stroking it. She shivered with the feeling of wickedness that coursed through her as she realized what she was doing to the man.

As she put the clothes she had picked up on the dresser she noticed that the bed was in The Watcher's line of sight and she smiled an evil little smile as she decided to keep the show going. She lay down on the bed, spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She thought of The Watcher looking at her and she opened her legs wider as she slid one finger into herself. Did he see it slip in? Oh God, she felt so slutty lying there hoping that he could see her finger split her pussy lips. She added a second and then a third and began fingering herself. She could see him stroking his cock and she tried to match her hand speed to his. She rubbed her clit and moaned as she worked herself toward an orgasm.

She strained to see if she could get a look at The Watcher's face, but shadows and window glare from the windowpanes prevented it. She had three fingers working and was so lost in the lust of the moment that she didn't hear the shower stop running. She felt someone get on the bed with her and she panicked. Oh Jesus, he had somehow rushed over and managed to get across the street and into her room. Her eyes snapped open and she saw Rajesh looking down at her and stroking his erection. She reached for it, took it in her hand and drew him toward her. She cried out so loud when her husband entered her that she was sure The Watcher heard her.

She looked over Rajesh's shoulder and saw that The Watcher was still there and his hand was a blur on his cock and she had the quickest orgasm of her life. She had two more orgasms as Rajesh drove hard and deep into her, but she knew that Rajesh hadn't given them to her; they came because she was being watched by a man she didn't know who was masturbating because of her. Just after her third climax she glanced over Rajesh's shoulder and saw that The Watcher was gone. She felt the edge go out of her excitement and when Rajesh finished she wiggled out from under him and went into the bathroom to take her shower.

As she used the hot soapy rag to wash her pussy she thought again of The Watcher and his fist beating his big, meaty cock and she pushed the rag into her pussy with two fingers and had another orgasm.


She stood looking at the two cocktail dresses on their hangers and made her decision. She would go with the red. She was definitely feeling like The Lady in Red so the red dress would be appropriate. The red dress and no bra!!! She wondered what had gotten into her that afternoon. It was so unlike her to do what she did. Maybe so, but why did it turn her on so much? Exposing herself to another man and now here she was planning to go without a bra while knowing if she didn't watch her posture someone was going to get a good look at her breasts. She didn't understand the change that had come over her, but she did like the feeling - she liked the feeling a lot.

The restaurant she and Rajesh were going to was just across the alley on the ground floor of the same building that The Watcher had been in. Would he be in the restaurant? Would he recognize her? If he did would he find some way to let her know? My God, what would she do if that happened. At the very last minute, while Rajesh was still in the bathroom she took off her panties. No bra and no panties, my God, what had she become.

As she and Rajesh were shown to their table she felt as though every male eye in the place was on her. Was one of the men in the room The Watcher? She looked around the room, but did not notice that anyone was giving her undue attention and she felt a shred of disappointment. She wanted The Watcher to be there looking at her and remembering how he had masturbated while looking at her. God, what a rush it was to think that there might be a man in the room who had seen her naked; who had watched her play with her breasts and pussy and who had seen her take the hard cock of her husband.

She had the menu open and was looking it over when the waiter brought the bottle of wine that Rajesh had ordered. She ignored the two men as they went through the silly ritual of sniffing the cork, rolling the wine in the glass and all the rest of that nonsense. Using the open menu as a shield to keep Rajesh from seeing what she was doing she leaned forward as if to read the small print on the bottom of the menu. Her dress gaped open across the bodice and her breasts were in full view for the waiter to appreciate, her nipples erect and screaming, "Touch me, touch me." From the corner of her eye she saw him looking down her dress as Rajesh played 'the wine game.' Renuka wondered if she had given him an erection, but she dared not look.

The waiter left, but he must have spread the word about what he saw because there was a constant stream of bus boys coming by to refill their water glasses. And every time they did if Rajesh's attention was elsewhere she would lean forward and give them a good look. Renuka didn't know what she was doing to them, but she knew what she was doing to herself. Rajesh wouldn't know what hit him when they got back to the hotel room. Renuka was hot enough to fuck him to death.

Dinner over, they went to the lounge on the other side of the lobby and found a table close to the dance floor. The live band was pretty good and seemed to specialize in the music of the Sixties and Seventies, which is the sound that she and Rajesh preferred. As she sat down she allowed the dress to ride up and then she spread her legs and wondered if anyone could see her uncovered treasure.

The next two hours went by as she and Rajesh drank and danced. The entire time she was aware of the male eyes on her and she constantly wondered if one of them was The Watcher. Renuka was careful to hide it from Rajesh as she flashed her breasts every chance she got and when they were sitting she made sure that her dress was up and her legs were apart. Renuka was hot! She was hot and ready to go back to the hotel room before she lost it right there in the lounge and tried to get Rajesh to take her on their table. But first she needed to hit the ladies room.

After taking care of business she touched up her makeup and then took a good look at herself in the mirror. What she saw looking back at her was a woman who really needed to be made love to. Oh shit, she grinned at herself as she thought:

"Tell it like it is. A woman who needs to be fucked and fucked hard."

Renuka set her clutch down on the counter and pulled her dress down to expose her breasts. She looked at her stiff nipples and then pulled on them with her fingers. "Oh God" she moaned and pulled her dress back up. She needed to get Rajesh back to their room NOW!!!

As she left the restroom someone grabbed her and spun her so that her face was pressed against the wall. Strong arms held her in place and a voice said in her ear:

"Enjoying yourself bitch? Get yourself off teasing people? You think I didn't know you saw me in the window? I know what you are.
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