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Puppy Love

Hai this is Neeta, 25 yr old. I would like to narrate an incident which took place when i was 19 and almost my first experience. It all happened when i gave bath to my nephew praveen (16yrs) in my house & we both were only at home. I gave him bath.then i decided to take a bath & told him not to open the door for anybody as he was alone i had to keep him in my house while i took bath in my attached bathroom. When i was preparing taking my underwears & towel he already was inside the bathroom. I just hung my clothes by the side & asked him to leave the place as i wanted to take bath. But he was not leaving the place & said he will be there only.i told him that he should not see my taking bath but he said that i saw him take bath so he will see me. I was shocked & didnt know what to do. I tried my best to convince him, but he was not obliging.

Finally i decided to go ahead as he was very young boy. I removed my chudidar tops exposing my bra held fruits. He was staring at it. Now for the first time i felt a gush in me something was happening in me. I removed my pants & slowly took off my bra,watching his reaction. He ws fully speechless. I removed my panty & saw him. He was very curiously watching my pubic hair. He broke his silence & asked me why i was not having a stick as he has. I started getting aroused & told him the reason. He was not understanding that.he held my naked breasts & asked me why he was not having that. He tried to take off his hands but i held his hands there. Now he touched me down & asked me to show how i will urinate. I sat down, touched myself there & separated my lips & showed him from where i do it. He now removed his pants & said he will do it from this pipe. Now his hands were squeezing my breasts & my hands held his stick & moved the skin, he told me that it was painfull but nice. Now he put his fingers for the first time in my tunnel, i was wet by now.

I slowly moved my hips such that his fingers were moving in & out. By now i could see his erection. I closed my eyes & he pumped out few drops of fluid in my hands, while i reached my climax. Then i washe his tool & i took bath in front of him while i had an org inbetween also. twodays passed by,my elder brother karthik(24yrs,my aunts son) was at home. Karthik me & praveen only 3 of us athome that evening. I said that i will take bath & come. Suddenly to my embarrassment praveen shouted that he will also come.i didnt know what to do. Karthik was looking at both of us.praveen also shouted that like that day we will play in the bath room.karthik was shocked to hear this. He asked praveen what was it. I jumped & caught praveens mouth & told him to keep quiet. Now karthik became serious. He threatened us to tell what happened or he will make it serious. I was in an awkward position.now praveen told everything that happened. My face turned red. Karthik saw me he came close to me & asked me why i did so. I tried to tell him that praveen pestered me.

But he started threatening me that he will tell everybody.i pleaded him not to do so. He asked me what will i do in return for that. I said anything. I was shocked to hear that. I couldnt believe it. He said i had t take bath in front of him. I refused but he threatened me. After a long time i had to agree. He came in to my bathroom along with praveen.praveen was very happy.karthik was tensed. He saw my underwears hanging & he coulndt control his bulge. I took off my dress with only my bra & panty. Suddenly he coulnt control himself, he pulled down his shorts. His white underwear was thronged from inside. I could see his wetting in his underwear.he came & hugged me & removed my bra & panty. He took off his undies.now both of us were naked. I was in a shocked state not knowing what was happening around me. So i didnt react.praveen was enjoying both of us & he too removed his undies.

Now karthik threw me down while putting his stik inside my hole & pressing hard my breasts. I was excited. The very sight of praveen seeing both of us like that increased my feelings. We continued rocking when he neared orgasm, he took it out of me & ejected out. Seeing that i came insideme. Praveens stick had a few drops of fluid at his tip. We enjoyed the whole evening again. We kept repeating such episodes when we were all alone.
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