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The Protector Of Lovers Part 2

She has started abusing me and asked to leave in bad language. I also shouted her telling that she is a randi,fucking a stupid fellow in the absence of her husband. I also told her that I am not a fool. I have the videos of the statements of that man and ID proofs and many papers in his bag. You told him as cousin but I know the real fact .Let me call your husband and father at Chennai.

Also I will notify police. With is seconds she has changed. she has caught hold of my hand .Requested me to sit and hear her before taking any action. I was told of a bribe or any thing i am asking. I sat on her sofa. she came and sat nesr. she told me that she was forced by that man. She knew him before marriage. Now he is blackmailing. So please forget that and she will see he will not come again. \r\n i told her that i do not mind if he comes again .bur I am better than that dwarf fellow. You are in need of variety of fuck,i think.

I shall be one of that. I have never got a beautiful and rich lady like you in life. So I may forget all and may not notify police if willingly you will surrender for me. I shall protect your lover in this condition. If agreed remove all cloths immediately. I have opened mu mob camera with out her knowledge.She has no other way . and in 5 mts she was standing in birth suit.

I have also removed dresses and caught her in a tight embrace. I have kissed our tongues have played together. She was not having a knowledge of Hindi. So she was crying in Tamil. probably abusing me. I have started enjoying her breasts. she slowly has started cooperating with me. Since my inexperience i have bitten her Brest and back with out any control. She has requested me nit to do so ,since her husband will see it. I have made her to suck. But she told me that is bad and she has never done that .I called her Randi forced her to open her mouth. Finally I sat on her chest and closed her nostrils. this made her to open mouth and I have pushed my dick in.

Further I have used force and started moving my dick in and out reaching up to her throat. .I told her to lick with tongue and tight her beautiful lips or be ready to die for air. i. finally she has started doing nice sucking. i have cummed in to her mouth and I have forced her to drink that. then my licking and fucking has continued. her vagina was very loose.probably she has been used or had a delivery earlier. I have cumed in side against her cry and request. she was totally ex hosted and had a nap . By 6 she has got up and asked me to go. Her servant will come by 7 and her husband by 8am. I took her to her bed and did another quick fucking . This time she was very operative and licked my body a have given nice french kisses. .I also liked her whole body. This was my fist Tamil fuck and really a good one.

I told her that i shall give a miss call before my arrival. If any problem i shall be informed earlier..\r\n I have continued this till her pregnancy up to 6th month. I was doing anal fuck then and she was really happy for that. Whose child no one knows. I have never allowed the use of nirodh. It was after 4 years she is getting a kid. .It may be of any of the three. Her lover has come again and had met. I did not ask her about that even though i could know that. Why should i feel jealous when she is giving all happily. Then i have left that job and joined in police as a sub inspector. Being an adivasi I had availed quota.

I have left that industrial town for many month\'s. In due course I have got married. Still the quality of her was very high and I used to meet her occasionally. .. In the meanwhile I had met the lover after a matter of 3 years. By seeing my uniform he was totally feared. I went to his room and had a talk. It is said that they were friends since birth. they has sex many a time in teens. Only for money she was married to another man.She was not willing for that.That in how we have continued the relations. She has avoided a child from her husband and it was my boy he claimed. Eternal love I guess. While leaving he was thankful to me for dropping the case.

I told him\" that it was not free,Hope you know\'\". He told me that the money given was nothing in front of bad reputation. I have left him. Poor fellow do not know my role in her life. Now a days she has got a bit weight and looks plumb. But the taste and happiness of fuck is the same or better than with my real wife, and the other relations I have got.in life.
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