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While discussing these things, suddenly she bent down to take some utensil, her saree pallu fell down, Woowwww, what a sight it was, exposing her two super big melons stuffed inside her blouse tightly, creating a heavenly cleavage. It was a awesome sight, she tried to keep the utensil somewhere, which was filled with water and heavy, but she was not finding a place to keep, she was feeling embarrassed that her pallu has fallen down exposing her blouse. But at the same time she could not free her hands also. Seeing her desperately trying to keep the utensil somewhere and pull back her pallu, I suddenly seized the opportunity and I reached her pallu, and seeing at her I asked

Me : Veena shall I put back the pallu ? you won’t get angry know?. I was holding her pallu in my hand.

Veena : Hello Mr., instead you can hold this utensil, I think (she smiled)

Me : Oh yes I could have done that, I didn’t realize, sorry Veena.

I immediately snatched the utensil from her both hands. She was looking at me and giving a naughty smile, I was also smiling slightly. Now, she was not in a hurry to put back her pallu at all. Few seconds back she was desperate to pull back her pallu, now she was not at all in a hurry, smiling and looking at me she asked –

Veena : Instead of taking the utensil from my hands and allowed me to put back the pallu, why did you take the pallu in your hands ?

She pulled back her pallu and put it back in its place. I was standing there with the utensil in my hands, slightly smiling, without any answer.

Me : Sorry, Veena, I didn’t realize immediately that I should take the utensil, as my mind was totally engrossed in ……. I mean….. I told you earlier know, I cant resist seeing….

Veena : engrossed in what, seeing….

Me : Yes Veena, I was seeing your beauty, so I couldn’t act appropriately.

Veena : You are too honest Nikhil. I now started worrying for you that nobody should cheat you or take disadvantage of your honesty.

After few seconds, she turned towards me and with a smile and taking my hands into hers –

Veena : Did you feel bad that I didn’t allow you to put back my pallu ? You really wanted to do it yourself know ?

Me : Veena, really I felt very disappointed that I could not do it, I would have loved to do it, But then I did not feel bad because, I realized, it’s your right, to allow me to do it or not.

Veena : I wish every man is like you Nikhil. I am now feeling lucky that I became your friend.

Now, it was a shocker of a moment for me. Unexpected even remotely. Veena pulled her pallu down herself and told –

Veena : Nikhil, I never even dreamt that I would allow any other person other than my husband to even touch my pallu. Even now, I think I will never ever allow any other person to do it in future. But, for you, I will allow once. I didn’t want to disappoint you. I am sooo impressed by your good nature. OK, you can do it.

Me : Veena, am I dreaming or what. Is this real ?.

Veena : You are not dreaming, you can do it. Also note that it is only once, you should not try it again.

I was moving in ultra slow motion, viewing her front view, huge boobs tucked inside her blouse. Slowing lifting her pallu and in no mood of covering her blouse.

Veena : Will you do it today itself or will you need time till tomorrow, to close the pallu. You have seen so much Are you still not satisfied ?

Me : Veena, if you allow, I want to view this not only till tomorrow, may be till next week. I can’t be satisfied with such a small time.

Veena : Enough Enough, now put the pallu back, I have lot of work to be done.

While putting back the pallu, I purposely kept one of the boobs open, covering only her left boob.

Veena : What is this, one side open ?

Me : Let it be like this for a while, its nice.

Veena : I am atleast happy that you are enjoying these things, which my husband never is happy about.

She turned towards the stove and started her work again. I could not resist my desire to enjoy her body now. My 7 inch cock was now standing like a missile ready to be launched any moment. I had reached a stage, come what may, I wanted to grab her and fuck her. I went behind her very closely and with my head reaching her ears I said in a slow voice

Me : Veena, I want you. please Veena, I beg you, please gift me yourself atleast once.

She stood there silently. I knew she had become horny by then. I then held her shoulders with my hands and slowly touched and made her feel my rock hard cock by positioning my cock in between her butts. She tried to say something, but I immediately closed her mouth with one of my hands and whispered in her ears

Me : Dear lovely lady. Any man would die to have you. I am too, after all I am also a human being. I can do anything for you, I can be your slave too, for my entire life, just give me yourself once. You are such a beautiful lady, its so unfortunate that your husband does not recognize your beauty.

I continuously kissed her neck, ear, licked her ears and neck. She was standing there like a statue made of flesh, without murmuring a single word. Her hands reached the stove and switched off the burning stove. This was like a Railway Guard showing a Green signal for the train to pass. I pressed my cock harder on her ass. This is when she made a noise “sssssss’ “Aaaahhhh”

Veena : Nikhil, you are killing me.

Me : Your beauty is also killing me Veena, come on lets together enter heaven.

Me : Veena, previously you asked what is that special I like in you. At that moment I could not answer properly, now shall I explain ?

Veena : Yes, tell me.

I moved one of my hands into her blouse, squeezing her boobs –

Me : Veena, your boobs are heavenly, I can sacrifice my entire life to have a wife having boobs like yours. These meat balls are so lovely I want to hold them my entire life. Your chubby tummy centered by your navel is like an artist’s illusion. Your waist, so tender and curvy would make even a 100 year old man cum. Your awesome butts would be envied by every girl, every girl would want a have an ass like you. Every man would want his wife to have a ass like yours. As I am pressing my cock against your ass, I feel like your butts are made up of huge butter balls. They are so soft and bouncy.

Veena : Nikhil, now I am feeling that I am so unfortunate, because I am not your wife. Had you been my husband it would have been so nice. I have so far never experienced such a nice moment.

I rubbed my cock hard on her ass, now both my hands had occupied each of her boobs. I saw that one of her hands were making way backwards and was trying to enter between her buttocks and my body. I knew that she wanted to reach my cock. I made way for her hands to enter in between. She touched and rubbed by rock hard cock and told “Nikhil, its so big, its so nice.”

I turned her around, without wasting a second, I removed her pallu and her entire saree within no time. I then, reached her blouse and unhooked her tight blouse and removed her blouse with great difficult. She had worn such a tight blouse. Next, it was her petticoat. Down went the petticoat. Now, she was standing in bra and panty. How huge was she, I could not embrace her fully, when I tried to reach my hands together around her body, embracing her, it was difficult to reach my hands together. She was so huge. We both looked at each other and smiled. I kissed her mouth for about 15 minutes, reaching each and every corner of her mouth and sucking the entire saliva in her mouth. She was enjoying so much, because I am sure she would not have had such a smooch from her husband. While I was kissing her, my hands were totally busy on her heavenly breasts, crushing an squeezing them and down under, my cock was not to keep quiet, he was rubbing up and down on her pussy. I reached her bra hook and as I unhooked her bra, there was sudden release and bounce of her boobs, it was as if a person had been released out of jail after several years. Her areola was a huge circle and pitch dark in colour, nipples were as if they were made to order to match her huge size of breasts. I bent down to suck upon the juicy, bouncy booty. Her hands slowly removed my shirts and pants. I pulled down my underwear immediately and surrendered my dick to her hands. She was massaging my balls and caressing my cock, as I sucked both her boobs entirely without even missing a millimeter. I next kneeled down to pull down her panty. She allowed me to pull down her panty hesitantly, as if she did not want to expose her pussy to me. As I pulled down the panty, she removed her legs one by one but was closing her pussy with both her hands. I separated her hands by holding each of her hand with my hand, with difficulty I could separate her hands as she didn’t want to expose her pussy to me. However, I was successful in pulling her hands away from her pussy. Her pussy was full of curly hairs. She had never shaven her hair I think. She would have never imagined what I would do next. She thought that I was kneeling down and having a look at her pussy. But then, I suddenly put my mouth into her hairy pussy and started licking her heavenly piss hole. She moaned loudly “AAAAaahhhh” “Nikhil what are doing” “Stop it Nikhil” as if I am going to stop it on her telling ? She was trying to get her hands released from my hands to push my head away from her pussy, but she couldn’t, as I was holding her hands tightly. After few minutes I knew that she was enjoying as she was releasing juices from her pussy. She somehow managed to get her hands released, then, not to push away my head from her pussy, but, she held my head and hair in her hands and tightly pressed my head towards her pussy. After about half an hour of pussy licking, I looked up at her, she was looking at me and smiling, her hands were still holding my head as if she was holding something precious.
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