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Me : Please don’t get angry Veena, I was telling - had you not yet been married.

Veena : Few minutes back you told that you don’t like to get married to a girl and settle down.

Me : I told, I don’t like to get married to tasteless girls. But, if it like you, I would love to.

Veena : What is that. What is the difference between other girls and me ?

Me : You are very beautiful Veena. Beauty is different in the eyes of different people. For some people, they like girls with beautiful eyes, some like girls with long hair, some people see the face beauty like that, but I sincerely tell you, I like a girl like you.

By now, Veena knew that I am referring to her beautiful and big assets. She stayed silent and went away to the kitchen carrying her and my plate. I went behind her seeing and enjoying her swinging ass movement. She kept the plates in the sink and started preparing food for lunch. After 10-15 minutes she started on her own -

Veena : My husband tells, I am too fat.

Me : Oh, that’s what I told Veena, beauty is a taste which is different for each individual. Few minutes back I told, had you not been married, I would have married you, please don’t get angry again, I just joked. But, you see, I like to marry a girl like you, I want my wife exactly like your size, but your husband doesn’t like fat women. That’s why I joked that we would have been made for each other. We would have been a happy couple.

She said with a smile on her face
Veena : Marriage is decided by somebody else

We started discussing little bit freely and about her family and such things. Then again the matter of “my type of girl” came up for discussion.

Veena : You are educated, handsome and young. You can get the type of girl you want I mean a fat girl. You can marry a fat girl itself.

I thought this is the appropriate moment to take forward my flirting with her and I said

Me : I don’t know how to tell you Veena, I am afraid whether you might get angry, if I tell you frankly. I will tell you what is in my mind, but please don’t get angry, because I don’t want to lose a good friend like you. And you know, I will be staying in this house and I won’t have any other friend except you. So please don’t get angry.

Veena : Ok

Me : Actually its not about a girl being fat only, my liking is for a girl whose waist should be narrow and below that it should be very big, I like such girls. You are blessed with such a beautiful curve Veena.

Veena : Ok Ok, I understood what you want to say.

Veena : Now, you are desiring such a girl, but once you get married, you will not like her. I know. Now see my husband always keeps taunting me that I am fat and sometimes we fight on this issue and he does not take me along with him much. Not even to marriages and such functions.

Me : No No, Veena, I am 100% sure, what is my liking. I will not marry anybody who doesn’t have a body like you. I like that now and forever.

Me : Why your husband doesn’t take you outside along with him for marriages ? He should be happy to be having such a nice wife. He should be proud of you.

Veena : That’s your liking, he doesn’t like. What to do. Its my fate.

At this moment, I made my second move, I went near her and took her hand into mine and said

Me : I am so sorry Veena, did I hurt you with our discussions. I never wanted to hurt you. I am sorry please forgive me.

Veena : No, its not you, I was upset at my fate that’s all. You are a nice person.

Me : I get upset when a girl gets upset. My wish is that not even a single girl in this world should be upset, they all should be happy, only then the entire world will be happy.

Veena : You are such a nice person. The girl marrying you will be a good fated girl and I am sure she will be happy with you.

Me : Thank you Veena.

Veena : What are the other features you like in your wife.

Me : hmmmm….. The upper portion also should be big.

Veena : I didn’t ask that, you idiot. I know every man likes that. (she giggles) I asked what other features you would like in your girl, other than the body.

Me : Oh, she should be a good and caring person. She should care for the poor and should have helping nature. Let it be even a small amount, she should have the habit of helping the poor and the needy people and things like that.

Me : Veena, you told that your husband doesn’t like to take you for functions like marriages. Why ? What is the connection between being Fat and attending a marriage.

Again, she didn’t talk for few minutes and then slowly started on her own -

Veena : He doesn’t like others seeing me. He tells that its ugly when I walk because I am fat. He will be constantly telling me don’t do this, don’t do that.

Me : Oh, what is this Veena ?. He should be proud of you. When more people look at you, that means, they like it know ?. It only proves that the lady is more beautiful and sexy.

Veena : Rarely, whenever we go out, he will be watching me only, to give me instructions. Even if I bend slightly, he will shout at me, don’t bend, see that man was staring at you

Here too I pretended like I didn’t get the point what she was trying to tell, and I asked –

Me : What ? people stare at you because you are beautiful. That’s OK. But then why should you not bend. Why does your husband scold for that. People will see you even if you don’t bend also, what’s the difference.

Veena : Oh Oh, you are really stupid. I mean, when I bend, he tells that people will look at my blouse… Don’t you understand ?

Me : Oh Ok Ok, now I understood. Ya, now I understood.

Veena : (giggling) you are a tubelight (she didn’t know that I am not a tubelight, but a halogen)

Me : I would have felt so proud, by talking you out, in fact I would never go out without you, if you were my wife. I would have felt proud of your beauty.

Veena : Even if other people glare at me, you would feel proud ?

Me : Definitely, Veena that’s what I like, I like people to admire my wife’s beauty. Why do other people glare at you, instead of some other skinny or slim girl ? Tell me why ?

Veena : I know, but somehow all men doesn’t want their wifes to be fat like me but when they see other chubby women like me they admire.

Veena : You are different on that count. That’s why I told, the girl marrying you will be a good fated girl.

Me : (again I held her hand) Thank you Veena. After seeing you, I was only wishing that I get to marry a girl like you. She should have a body exactly like you.

This time I was purposely referring to her body and now I was rubbing her hands slightly. I noticed that she also was not attempting to draw back her hand from my hands.

Veena : Don’t worry, you will find a girl, whom you will like. ( after a few seconds, giggling) a girl like me.

Me : (laughing, with her) I wish I find her soon. A girl like you.

She started kneeding atta for making chapattis. I went a step further closer and now I was standing very close to her. She didn’t seem to have any objection. I could have a heavenly look at her voluptuous cleavage, while she was kneeding atta. While she was pressing the atta, her left boob was pushing the right boob and then the next moment the right boob was pushing the left boob in tandem. I was enjoying her cleavage view. While kneeding the atta, due to lot of movement of the hands, her right side bra strap came out of the blouse. I was seeing it and then she too noticed it and she suddenly saw my face and she also saw that I was seeing her bra strap. She then inserted the bra strap into her blouse with the hands which was full of atta. At that place the atta got smeared on her shoulder and her blouse. She tried to wipe it with her hands but again the atta got smeared more on her blouse because her hands were fully dipped in atta. Now, I took my chance.

Me : Wait, shall I help.

I took a cloth and started wiping her shoulders and blouse. She was also watching me wiping it. Even after the atta got cleared I was still wiping it smoothly.

Veena : Hello, all the atta is cleaned, still what are you wiping ?

Me : (giggling) I was not concentrating on the atta, but I was mesmerized as my hands were slightly touching you.

Veena : Oh stop, there is nothing so special for you to get mesmerized.

The bra strap was pink in colour and had slight design on it.

Me : It is very nice, I love pink colour, most of my shirts are pink (luckily the shirt I was wearing at the time was also pink)

Veena : What is nice ? what are you referring to

Me : The Bra strap, its pink colour know,

She stopped kneeding the atta and turned straight towards me and staring at me, right into my eyes.

Veena : All the men are like this, finally they end up here. This is what I don’t like. I should not have allowed you to clean.

Me : No No, please Veena, don’t mistake me. I don’t have any bad intensions, I was just appreciating that the colour is nice and it happened to be my favourite colour, see my shirt is also pink. The design on the strap was also nice, so I just appreciated that all. I am very sorry, I will touch your feet if you want, don’t get angry.

As I started to bend as if I wanted to touch her feet, she screamed

Veena : No No, get up you silly boy. I didn’t mean like that. I am not angry with you.

Veena : OK, tell me what is special in a bra strap to be appreciated.

Things were working out for me as I intended. The discussions were reaching where I wanted.

Me : See, first of all, it’s pink colour, my favourite, and then in between the strap there is a white line, there is some design.

She looked at my face, smiled a bit and then reached her hand into her blouse pulled out the strap a little bit and watched it curiously, I too went still nearby and told “See this design, how nice it is, I mean its not just plain, its nice” Indeed there was a design on the strap.
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