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I felt as if I was seeing a Videshi Blue Film on a lifesize screen. After smashing her soft ass for about 15 minutes he pulled out his dick, Viji turned around and straight away reached for his cock smeared with her pussy juices. She gave him such a good blowjob which would even put the porn stars to shame. Then she again became a doggy, he starting to pound her soft flesh with much greater beats. He also reached for her melons and crushing them inbetween. Viji was enjoying the fucking and moaning so loudly as if there was nobody else in this world. He then turned the meat chunk over and fucked her in traditional position. My dick leaked the hot liquid inside my pants. I was feeling wet all over. I think my dick leaked twice the amount of cum today. The scene was so erotic. Just as I wanted to leave the place to my washroom to clean my leakings. The guy also finished by cumming straight into Madam’s mouth. She gobbled the entire cum like a professional pornstar, and again gave him the satisfying after fuck blowjob.

I went to my wash room, cleaned the messy leaking, changed my pants and came to peep into the door. Both were lying naked on the bed and talking some thing. I went back to my room to have a small nap.

I woke up after a sound sleep, it was around 5 in the evening. I came out of my room and headed straight to Viji’s room and peeded into the door to see both were sitting fully naked on the bed watching TV.

Viji : Come in Nikhil

Me : Yes Madam

I went inside hesitantly, looking at the floor, as both of them were naked, but realized that both of them were’nt ashamed a bit then I thought why should I look somewhere else, then I saw Madam and wished the Guy, Good Evening Sir.

Guy : Good Evening friend.

Viji : Akshay, this is Nikhil, my new assistant.

Akshay : Hay Nikhil

Me : Hello Sir,

Viji : Nikhil, I will be going out for dinner along with Akshay tonight, you finish your dinner and go to sleep.

Me : OK Madam

I was watching TV in the hall. At around, 8 pm, Akshay came out of Madam’s room, very neatly dressed. After few seconds, Madam also came out, Oh, She was stunning, very cutely dressed in a western outfit, which was very much above her knee height. The dress revealed her milky huge thighs. My eyes travelled a further upwards and I was about to fall flat, a huge cleavage. Both of them walked downwards, I followed them till the door. From behind, her huge ass was well revealed in the tight dress. Akshay put his hands around her waist and both of them went out.

I spent the night till 11.30, watching TV, having some drinks, food and some more TV. I was about to go to sleep, just then I heard the sound of car entering the gate. I went near the door and peeped out, two cars entered the gate. In one car Kishore and Rekha (Madam’s friend) and in another car Akshay along with Madam got out of the car. Immediately I realized what’s gonna happen tonight. I was already imagining the pictures of the Foursome in my mind. I rushed towards my room and acted as if I was fast asleep.

I could hear all the four laughing and coming upstairs and they sat down on the sofa. I saw Viji Madam coming towards my room. Immediately I acted as if I was sleeping and I also put my hands into my underwear and just ensured that Viji sees that I am sleeping holding my cock. Viji Madam switched on the light and asked, Nikhil are you awake ?. Getting no answer from me, she switched off the light and went away. Again I opened my eyes and went near the door and stood behind the door and was seeing all the things happening in the hall. By the time Rekha and Kishore had a glass of drink in their hands and were sipping the drinks from each others glass. Rekha was giving the sips to Kishore from her glass and Kishore to Rekha from his glass, in between both locked their lips for a long smooch. Akshay was seated on the opposite sofa and he too had a glass of drink in his hand, he was watching Kishore and Rekha’s act in front of him. Viji came out of her room in two pieces. A Bra and a G String. Ohfffff a thong for those huge asses. The thread of the G string had disappeared inbetween her huge ass and in the front a small piece of cloth to cover her pussy. She came and sat beside Akshay. Immediately he offered a sip of drink from his glass to Viji, she sipped and immediately both locked their lips for a long kiss, tasting their saliva and enjoying it. Rekha saw Viji, in semi nude position and she also got up and removed her gown, to reveal her sexy, curvy body. Her figure was super sexy, just like Viji’s, but was a little bit slim. My hard cock was craving for my hands for a masturbation. Rekha sat down, as slowing Kishore entered his hands into Rekha’s bra and fondled her boobs while both were lip locked. On the other side, Akshay had also reached Viji’s boobs and was crushing them with his both hands. After emptying their glasses slowly, then came the expected twist, Rekha stood up and came to Viji, pulled her by her hair, Viji stood up and they both started kissing. My cock had started to threaten me even if you don’t shag me, I am going to cum on my own. Such was the scene going on in front of me. Very hardly I managed not to cum and waited to see more. Both the guys go up and made a round about to reach the girls buts, but the other ones. Kishore came behind Viji’s buts and started pressing his cock on her buts while Akshay was rubbing his cock on Rekha’s Ass. The ladies were still kissing each other hugging each other tightly. The boys was obtaining maximum pleasure by rubbing their cocks between the ass cheeks of the girls. By now, both the boys had shed their clothes. Akshay slowly showed his cock inside Rekha’s pussy from behind, in the standing position. Rekha started moaning Vooovvvv. Aaaahhhh.

Viji asked Rekha, shall we go inside the room. Rekha told OK. Viji led Kishore inside her room. Akshay was in no mood to let his cock come out of Rekha’s pussy. Rekha told Akshay lets go inside the room dear. With Akshay in no mood of moving, Rekha slowly moved towards the room step by step, while Akshay fucked her once in every step.

While going inside, Rekha just switched off the Hall lights and closed just one door, the other was open. Once all of them went inside the room, I silently followed stood behind the closed door and watched the entire episode. It was nothing but the best of the English porn movie. First the guys laid their ladies of the bed beside each other and fucked their pussy. Both the women were kissing each other. After a while, the boys exchanged the ladies and again fucked their pussy while the ladies were moaning and telling and kinds of bitchy words. Next came the UNTHINKABLE (atleast for most of Indians) Akshay pulled out his cock out of Viji’s pussy and headed towards Rekha’s waiting mouth, She gulped his cock and licked Viji’s pussy juice to the last drop. Kishore repeated the act by giving his cock to Viji. She was not less than Rekha, she too dried his cock from her tongue. It seemed like these Hi-Fi ladies were born to get fucked and give pleasure for some lucky guys. In one way I was also a very lucky guy to see all these things live.

Both the ladies got up to doggy position. Just then, Akshay suggested “Darlings, both of you do the 69”, immediately Viji told “Sure dear” I assume all these acts were their regular acts, hence, the ladies understood immediately and while rekha was lying down, Viji climbed on top of Rekha. Both the ladies were doing the 69 position. Viji was licking Rekha’s pussy from the top and Rekha was licking Viji;s pussy from the bottom. The boys took their position. Akshay showed his tool into Rekha’s pussy and started fucking her, while Viji was lending her tongue inbetween to lubricate Rekha’s pussy. On the other side, Kishore was fucking Viji’s pussy while Rekha’s face was beneth I was not sure, whether Kishore was fucking Viji’s pussy OR asshole because while he entered her Viji made a loud noise. Oooohhhhhhh AAaaahhhhhhhh. Ohh. I had a feeling Kishore fucked Viji’s ass. The girls were in a perfect 69 position to receive the cocks of the boys in their mouth. Kishore fucked Viji few strokes and pulled his cock and gave it into Rekha’s head beneath for the licking job. Both the ladies were enjoying fucking licking sessions as much as the boys were enjoying the smooth and silky bodies of the ladies.

I was so impatient that I wanted to go inside and see whether Kishore was fucking pussy or asshole. But, I could not dare to enter and just stood outside. I did’nt even touch my rock hard cock, because I feared, even if I just touched him, he would vomit the cum. He was so hard. I enjoyed each second, as the boys were fucking the ladies, much older than their age. The boys frequently exchanged the ladies as if they were exchanging some sweets. While the ladies were happy lending their bodies in all positions to entertain the boys, the boys fucked the ladies in all the positions. I was standing there and was curious whether the next thing was a DP. But, nothing like came by. Both the boys showed their cocks into the ladies mouth and shouted loudly Aaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh, they cummed into the ladies mouth and face, Both the ladies swallowed whatever was inside their mouth and then licked each other’s face the finish of the remains on their faces. I slowly came back to my room and stood in the dark room. After a while, the lights in the room were switched off. I headed to my washroom and started my act, Shagging. It was just 4-5 seconds before a huge load was spewed by my little boy. I had never felt so satisfied with such a huge offload. I just went and collapsed on my bed.
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