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Next day morning I got up early, went to the kitchen made two cups of coffee, went to Madam’s room. She was sleeping. Half of her silky body was under the bedsheet and the other half was available for my eyes. Such a lovely silky, milky white boobs with pitch dark nipples, would make even a 80 year old man’s cock get up straight and salute her. I was wondering whether she will one day let me enjoy those melons. I saw down sipping my cup of coffee. After few minutes she woke up slowly, she saw me :

Me : Good Morning Madam

Viji : Oh, Good Morning Nikhil, got up early ?

Me : I could not sleep the entire night Madam

Viji : Why what happened ?

Me : Madam, I am toooo happy, This is the happiest moment in my life. The happiness did not bring me sleep.

I offered coffee to Madam

Viji : Oh, good boy. This is great.

While she started sipping coffee, I started giving soothing massage for her foot and legs. Her body seemed to have been made of Butter and Honey. It was sooo smooth and silky.

After finishing her Coffee. She went to washroom. I followed her. She saw me coming and gave me a smile. She sat down on the WC and started peeing. I sat down in front of her, placing my head right in between her thighs. I could smell her pee. I looked up at her, she was seeing me and smiling. She placed both her hands on my head and pulled my hair much closer towards her thighs. She asked me :
Viji : Good boy, you already know what is your job. You are doing fantastic.

Me : Madam, doing all these kind of kinky and weird things was always my dream. That’s why I consider this is the luckiest moment of my life.

Viji : Do you enjoy this ?

Me : Of course Madam, I have a great liking for such things.

We both were seeing each other with a smile. She was caressing my hair. I was enjoying her pee smell with deep inhales. She liked that and asked me.

Viji : How is the smell, do you like it.

Me : Its such a nice fragrance Madam.

She Farted loudly. I was looking at her and took a deep breath and took her fart into me. I said

Me : Madam, this is heaven. Thanks for letting me be in this heaven.

She finished peeing and reached her hands to the hand shower to wash her pussy. I stopped her reaching the hand shower, pulled her hands back and told her :

Me : Madam, this is my job, leave it to me.

Viji : Oh, you are so good my dear boy. I think, I am lucky to find you. This was what expected of you.

She thought that I will wash her pussy from water out of hand shower, instead I reached my tongue to her pussy. She realized what I was upto and she spread her legs and presented wide open her pussy fully wet with her pee. I started licking her pussy. I was feeling as if I was having one of my favourite dishes. I completely washed her pussy with my tongue. Down under my cock was rock solid and was ready to spew some hot white liquid. She got up and gave me a pat on my head. I walked behind her enjoying her swinging butts. Her smooth and soft butts were swinging as if they were touching the east and west ends of the earth. She took the news paper and went to the roof top balcony and sat nude on the easychair there, reading the newspaper. She told me that she wants to host a kitty party to her friends and I will be the serving in the party too. I told “its my pleasure Madam”

Viji : Get the bath tub ready for my bathing.

Me : Yes Madam

In a short while she returned back to the wash room.

Viji : Its pooping time. You want to stay here or come back after few minutes ?
Me : Madam, I want to stay here, I have to clean your ass after you finish pooping, its my job.

Viji : OK very good, I like that, you are the perfect SEX SLAVE, I have ever seen.

She sat down for pooping and I returned to my favourite position, down in front of her, with my head in between her thighs. Her farts and pooping was smelling like a fresh fragrance from a field of flowers. It was as if somebody had just sprayed a can of some good perfume.

After she finished, I reached for the hand shower and cleaned her asshole with my hands, I could feel the soft asshole inviting me for a fuck. But, alas, I could not do anything more. I enjoyed each and every second as if I was on a month long trip to my favourite tourist destination. I could see that she was enjoying each and every moment and my work.

She got into the Bath Tub. Now, this was my first chance to touch her entire body. As she slipped into the water, I applied soap oil on her entire body. I felt being the Luckiest as well as the Unluckiest person at the same time. While I could apply soap on her boobs, I could not sip on her nipples or play with those melons / crush her boobs to satisfy my thirsty cock. I could touch and caress her pussy I could not insert my fingers into the holy hole. I could touch her soft ass hole, I could not lick my most favorite part. Anyway, thinking that I should enjoy whatever I have been blessed. I enjoyed each and every moment. After bathing her, she stepped out of the bath tub like the heroine of the James Bond movie. As she stood there, I took the towel and dried her body. Both of us went to her room. She opened the wardrobe, stared at the dresses for a while and pulled out a designer bra and panty set. I knew what is my next job. I reached for the panty and bent down, she supported her hands on my shoulders and slipped her legs one by one into the panty and then I pulled the panty up. Then I took the bra and held it in front of her, she entered her hands into the straps and then I went behind and hooked it. I could see in the mirror that she up her hands into the bra cups, lifted her melons up and adjusted her boobs properly to fit into the cup and give a whopping cleavage. Then she asked me to pull out a salwar set and I helped her wear the dress. Her makeup was over. By the time, I started wondering, what to do for the breakfast ? whether breakfast and food should be cooked by me ? Just then I heard the bell ringing. Madam told
Viji : I think the cook maid has come. Go and open the door.

I was much relieved, by hearing that a maid is coming for cooking the food. I went down and opened the door, to find a chubby, asli desi type of women in sari standing. She entered the house and started walking up. I just turned around and saw her whopping ass. Only then I realized that I had company, when Madam is going out of the house and also a chance to hook up with the Maid. I walked up. I went to Madam’s room. She called the Maid

Viji : Veena, come here.

The Maid came in and told “Namaste Madam”.

Viji : This boy is Nikhil, he will henceforth stay here. That is his room. Henceforth, you clean his room also daily and prepare food for him also. He is my new Assistant.

Veena : OK Madam, Namaste Sir,

Me : Namaste.

I was scanning her body, it seemed like there were huge set of boobs beneath her saree and blouse, which she had covered fully. She turned around and started walking. My eyes could not see anything else other than her swinging ass inside her saree. After she left, I turned and saw that Madam was standing in front of me and watching me enjoying the maid’s ass swinging walk. She was staring at me as if I had done some mistake. I thought that she will take me to task, just then, she smiled lighting and asked me,

Viji : How is the lady ? sexy ?

Me : Sorry Madam, I mean…. She is super….. but sorry madam, I could not resist the view.

Viji : Don’t worry, you can enjoy seeing her assets, that’s your privilege, but you can’t fuck her.

She giggled after saying those words. I missed a heartbeat hearing the word “Fuck” from her.

The maid soon prepared the breakfast and invited us to the table. Viji asked me to sit on the Dining table with her and have the breakfast. We both finished the breakfast. After few minutes, the door bell ringed again. Madam told me to open the door. I opened the door to a smartly dressed young guy, may be of my age. The guy just entered the verandah, Madam came down loudly inviting the guest

Viji : Hello Kishore, how are you doing ?

Kishore : I am too good beauty.

One more shock for me.

In front of me the guy hugged Viji so hard, he ran down his hands down to her ass, patted her ass and they started kissing. Seeing them, my cock was about to burst. Such an intimate scene it was. After a long kiss, Madam, introduced me to the guy as her Personal Secretary cum Driver. He extended a hand shake to me. After a while, Madam told me take out the car Nikhil.

Ok, now my role is of a Driver. I took out the car from the shed, both of them boarded the car and then Madam told me to drive to a particular place. We reached there by 12.30 noon. It was a huge house, as I parked the car into the bungalow, both of them vanished into the house without telling me anything. I stayed there for almost one and half hour, then I saw some 12 to 14 couples coming out of the house one after the other. To my shock, I was Kishore coming out with a very young girl, both of them boarded another car and drove away. All the men were having their hands around the waist of their women, intimately. My Madam also came but there was another shock for me, she came out alongwith some other guy, much taller and well built. Both got into the car and Madam told me to drive home. We reached our home within 45 minutes. I could sense that both of them were kissing and caressing each other in the back seat of the car. When we reached the gate, the watchman told “Madam, the maid left just now”. Madam told “OK”

Both, Madam and the other Guy entered the house without even turning back, as if I was not at all there in the car. I parked the car in the garage and went upstairs. I heard loud moaning sounds. My heartbeat increased twice the rate. With a fast heartbeat, I peeped into the room vide the small opening of the door. The door was not locked but was closed 80 %. It was feast for my eyes.
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