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I left the house happily, I did not feel the hunger also (I didn’t have yesterday dinner, today morning breakfast) but still was full of strength. I went to a hotel had a quick lunch and went to room soon, as I had to get ready for the evening.

I shaved the hair on my cock, dressed in a neat formal dress. Wore a Tie, sprayed some good perfume and again went to the house at exactly 6 pm. Ding Dong.

The lady opened the door and was stunned for a while looking at me. Smiling, she called me inside and told me to come upstairs. A superb ambience, big hall, with good furniture, vases, flowers, wall hangings and fresh air with a superb aroma. Suddenly I saw one more lady sitting on the sofa, I realized it was the other lady in the hotel.

Lady : This is my friend Rekha. This boy is Nikhil. Do you know my name ?

Me : No Madam

Lady : How come you have not researched about it, you have made so much other research.

Me : Smiling, Sorry madam, actually it was my passion, which made me to follow you and find out the house, other wise I never, ever had an intention of stalking a women or finding out something about her. Please excuse me for that one mistake.

Lady : My name is Viji.

Me : Thank you Madam.

Rekha : Will you call her Viji or Viji Madam ?

Me : I will call her only Madam. I cant take her name, because she is my boss.

Rekha : So, you are thinking that you have already got the job ?

Me : No Madam, I know that I have not yet got the job. But, in my mind I have decided, whether I get a job here or not, she is my best and only boss.

Rekha : fold your hands and kneel down,
Stand up
Kneel down
Go to that corner and stand with your face to the wall
Come back and sit on the ground

She gave me so many such instructions and I went on doing it one by one, she gave me around 20 such instructions. While doing all these I saw that Viji was smiling, so I understood that Rekha is testing whether I will obey their orders with patience. After all the instructions, I was finally told to sit, I sat on the ground.

Rekha : Why don’t you sit on sofa.

Me : Thank you Madam, but I am comfortable here. My place is here only. I would like to be at Madam’s feet.

Rekha : Don’t you think you are acting too much ?

Viji laughed

Me : Madam, you will get the answer for this question just after few days I am employed in this house.

Viji : Come on ya, don’t bother him so much. I think he is good.

Viji : What do you think ?

Rekha : OK

Rekha : Nikhil, I think we can trust you. But, remember one thing, if you don’t like the kind of job which is offered to you, leave as soon as possible and never ever tell any body anything. And if you ever misbehave, we have enough power to teach you a lesson.

Me : Yes Madam, I promise. You can completely trust me.
Viji : Tell him what is his job.

Rekha to Me : (Staring at me for a while) Get Naked.

I was shocked at what I heard, I was recollecting what I heard. I was questioning myself, did I hear something wrong or what ? I was just smiling.

Rekha : I think you have failed the test. So you can’t stay here

Me : Madam, did I fail, why Madam, what happened.

Viji was giggling

Rekha : You have to obey each and every order of ours, if you want to stay here with a job at the same time, you can never do anything without our orders. Just now I told you to do something, you didn’t do it. So you fail.

Me : Please excuse me Madam, just one time, I was confused what you told, I couldn’t get it properly.

Rekha : OK I will tell again, Get Naked

Shocked again, with my heart beating fast, Hesitantly I removed my shirt, pant, banian but was shy and didn’t know whether to remove my brief. I was seeing them and smiling.

Rekha : Are you Naked ?

Me : Madam, partly yes.

Rekha : I didn’t say partly naked. I just told naked.

I saw Viji Madam, she was smiling and enjoying what was happening. I was shy but so very happy at what was going on. My mind was telling me, you lucky fellow, are you going to get much more than what you thought ?

I took a deep breath and just pulled out my brief and was standing fully naked in front of the ladies. Within a split of a second, my dick rose and was standing like Qutub Minar. Full hard and straight like a rocket.

Both the ladies were looking at my dick and they saw each other smiling.

Rekha : I think you failed for the second time.

Me : (Astonished) Why Madam, I have obeyed your orders.

Rekha : See your dick is fully erect, seeing us. This means you cannot control your sex hunger. You might try to force yourself upon a lady. It should be sleeping even if your are standing naked in front of us.

Hearing this, Viji madam burst into loud laughter.

I knew, these ladies were making fun.

Me : Madam, please have some mercy on me. Will there be a single man, whose dick will not erect if he gets naked in front of you. Let alone, getting naked, my dick gets erect just at the sight of you both even if he is inside the pant.

Rekha : What do you mean by that.

Me : I mean you both are such beautiful women. But, I do have a lot of respect for both of you. My dick might get erect, but I will never misbehave. That’s my promise.

Rekha : What is your dick size

Me : its 6.50 inches Mam and has good thinkness.

Viji : Ok Ok, now tell him the details ya. Its enough

Rekha : Now, do you have an idea of what job you will get here ? House help, Driver or Personal Assistant or something else ?

Me : Mam, now I think, the job is Personal Secretary. That’s why you were testing with all these things.

Rekha : No, not Personal Secretary.

Me : Then, I am clue less Mam, please tell me.

Rekha : You will be a SEX SLAVE of Viji.

Really I was totally shocked, what I heard, this put me into total silent mode, there were thousand questions in my mind within a second. What is this, I never heard or thought about.

I stood there silently.

Rekha : You have any doubt or questions ?

Me : No Mam, I mean, Yes Mam…. Errr No Yes… Oh One minute Mam.

Viji mam was laughing so loudly.

Rekha : Day by Day you will understand more. Initially, there is a list of things which you will do. Take this and read.
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