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I used to work as a waiter for a caterer, who does catering for private Business and Leisure parties in Five Star hotels. I have done waiter job in many such Business as well as Leisure parties. I love those Leisure parties because there all the rich couples meet and will engage in flirting with other women, there will be exchange of couples and they will drive away with each others wifes. All the women who attend these meetings will be of young to middle age and will be super sexy beauties. Most of the ladies have big boobs and massive asses. Most of the women will wear see through sarees below navel with visible cleavage or very sexy western outfits. Some ladies wear body hugging skirts and tops with massive cleavage view. These Leisure parties are held among a known network of people, in 5Star hotels and in closed Hall or poolside which is not allowed for others except one caterer (who normally does catering for all such parties in the city) Except waiters serving drinks and food no other 3rd person will be allowed to the party. The waiters are selected by the Caterer with utmost care, only boys who are regular and dependable are employed. We are checked twice before we enter the hall and we cannot carry anything with us like mobile phone, keys, anything for that matter, except the cloths on us. The waiters should not stand too long near any guest, should be very polite, even if some guest scold or even slap, we should not utter a word. We should not hear their conversations and so on, there are lot of rules for us. If we violate any rule once, we are not called the next time. In these parties the ladies don’t hesitate to show their skin. So whenever I get a call for work for the Leisure parties, I attend to the work without fail.

One day, which I consider as the luckiest day of my life, I went to work for a Leisure Women’s Party, hosted by wife of a big Industrialist. That day, I felt something different because as soon as the guests entered, I could sense that the day is going to be special. The ladies started coming in, all were dressed in very very sexy manner, the skin show was more than the normal parties. Boys like me were serving the welcome drinks. Needless to say, seeing the aunties, my dick was full blown hard inside my pant. All the waiter boys were telling in between that today its so nice as all the aunties are showing so much of skin. The guests settled down in groups of 4-5 ladies. Some ladies were sitting near the pool, some in the hall etc. After about an hour, I wanted to smoke a cigarette so I went to a corner next to the pool, where there were some plants. When I went there and started smoking, I realized that next to the plants, 2 ladies were discussing something, I thought of leaving that place in search of another place, but don’t know why, I stayed there, I think it was destined to happen.
I could hear what the ladies were discussing. The conversation between 2 ladies was this :

1st lady : did you find somebody for you

2nd lady : no ya, not yet. Nita told that she will send a boy, but later on she told that the boy might not fit the job”

1st lady : Ya Nita told me too that boy is not OK. Actually the guy is well built with good looks and his lund also is good size but Nita thinks he will not obey to us and he might not fit the job. He refused to stay in the house also.

2nd lady : Lets see, I am also searching, but so far not able to find somebody.

1st lady : We have to find out somebody soon. Its boring these days.

I was wondering what these ladies were talking about. I thought they are searching for a boy who is well built and they want him to be working as a personal assistant for one of the ladies and he should stay in the lady’s house. A lot of thoughts were going in my mind. What could it be, because one lady mentioned about the boy’s lund (cock), whether they are looking for a boy to get fucked or what. My mind was thinking in all possible ways. By this time, one of the waiter came looking for me. Then, I just peeked on the other side and saw who the ladies were. After a while, these two ladies also walked into the hall. I scanned the ladies from top to bottom. Oh my my, what a sexy, lovely, superb, fuckable (I am short of words to describe the ladies) both the ladies were. Super curvy body, smooth and silky, whitish colour, big boobs, amazing big butts. At this point of time, I decided to follow the ladies and find out their address. So the ladies left the party, I ran to my bike and left the party without informing the boss. I followed the car of the 2nd lady and noted her house.

After noting the house of the lady, I went home and thinking of what it could be, I didn’t even have my dinner, I did not answer the phone calls. I could not sleep the entire night. It was full of thoughts, anxiety, hope, joy, sexy mood, all kinds of emotions. What my mind was telling me was whether those two ladies wanted a personal secretary cum house care taker who is young and handsome. Also, my mind was questioning me, whether the ladies will also allow me to have sex with them OR are they just looking for a male maid. But then, why did the lady mention about the “Lund” when they were discussing. Surely it would be for a personal secretary cum house caretaker cum fuckbuddy OR did I misheard them ? My mind was throwing so many questions and options.

Next day morning I got up early and got ready, fully fresh, I saw the time, it was only 6.30. What to do next ? again the tense moments started. Thinking in my mind, To Do or Not To Do ? To Do or Not To Do . It was like a passing a month, till it was 10.30. I took a deep breath and left my room on my bike. Within no time I reached her house. It was a independent bungalow with a big garden in the front. I decided to enter the house. Just then I saw the watchman near the gate. Now, If I go to the gate, the watchman will ask the lady whether to let me in or not, then the lady will ask me who I am then my idea will flop. Then what to do ? I was thinking. I got an idea, I waited near the house / at the end of the road, for around 2-3 hours, watching. The car in which the lady travelled yesterday, came out of the house, I saw that the lady was driving herself and went somewhere. I decided that this is the right moment. I didn’t even know how many persons were there in the house, whether the lady had a husband, nothing I knew. But, with a blind hope, I went to the watchman and asked
(The conversation was in Hindi, I will translate in English)
Me : Whether Madam is there. She has told me to meet her
Watchman : Madam is not in the house
Me : Sir is there ?
Watchman : There is no body else in the house, only Madam stays here
I got a relief. Now, I knew that only the lady lives in the house

Me : Reenu Madam, told me to meet Madam, I will call Madam, wait. (I just took some name, I didn’t anybody by name Reenu)

(I just pretended to call somebody on my mobile and said Ok Madam Ok Madam)

Me : Madam told she has gone out and asked me to wait in the verandah until she comes.

Watchman : With hesitation, slowly opened the gate and took me to the verandah and told me to take a seat.

With my heart beating twice the rate, I was anxiously waiting in the verandah. While sitting there I had planned how I should act when the lady came. How I should convince here. I even thought of acting like crying, if the lady got angry. I had finalized some different plans for different kind of situations.

After about 2 hours the lady came, parked her car and came in. I could hear the watchman telling her that a saab has come to meet you and sitting in verandah. The lady came in. My heart started beating much more faster.

Me : Hello Madam

Lady : Hello….., Sorry I couldn’t recollect, your name ?

Me : Madam, I am Nikhil, I am determined to work in your house, so I came. Please give me the job.

Lady : (little bit confused) Which job, who sent you ?

Me : Madam, I am well educated, independent person. I was……

Lady : First tell me who sent you here.

Me : I came on my own. Nobody sent me Madam.

Lady : Will you please get out of the house or shall I call the watchman.

Me : ( I Kneeled down, folded my hands and begged her) Madam, please wait for a minute, I will go if you don’t like, but please give me a minute time to explain, I am waiting for 3 house Madam, Please Madam.

The lady was silently looking at me.

Me : Madam, eventhough I got a good job, I liked to work as a waiter in the parties like the one you attended yesterday. I like to be in the company of such people even if it was a job like a waiter. It is not for money only for my satisfaction. Yesterday I just overheard your conversation with one more Madam.

Lady : So, you guys spy on the guests ?

Me : No Madam, I am very sorry, actually I would not have been in the catering team had I ever done any mischief, the boys are selected very carefully, because I was obedient I was in the catering group everytime. Yesterday I came to the corner besides the plants to just have a smoke. Initially I never knew somebody was there otherwise I would have left the place immediately. Only of lighting the cigarette and started smoking, I heard the conversation.

Me : Madam, I am dying to work for a person like you. I will sincerely obey you. It’s the kind of job I was dreaming about. My salary is not a concern, I just want the job. Please help me Madam.

Lady : What kind of job are you looking at ?

Me : What ever you offer Madam. Personal Secretary or a home caretaker, or a driver to you or even if it is a male servant, I would grab the offer with both hands. Please madam.

All the while I was kneeled down with folded hands, I was begging.

Lady : Actually there is no such job on offer here. I will let you know when I need a house help or driver.

Me : OK Madam, when can I come back madam, evening ? OR shall I wait here Madam.
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