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My First Fuck With Alam

\r\nI am Ravina Mehte student was Abasahed Garware College at pune, India. It is my face book ID. I have madness behave when my FB friends chatting with me then I more interested about sex. At time of chatting I was discussing my sexual matter. Time to time I will maturate I frame, with my long tapering legs and delicate structure, was lithe and girlish, fitting my extreme youth. But my tits were very large and full, and my ass was nice and round, and the hair on my cunt was as rich and dark as the long raven tresses framing my face.

I am discussing myself my sexual with the writing. \r\nAlam could hardly keep his eyes off my fresh beauty, and the way he was looking at me sent warm chills racing through the teen’s loins. I never seen such a handsome man in my life, and there was an expression in his deep blue eyes that seemed downright naughty.\r\nAfter the introductions were completed, I excused myself and left for the party. Walking the short distance to Sue’s house, I kept thinking about that strange disturbing expression in handsome neighbor’s eyes.\r\nArriving at the party, I was pleased to see Alam car parked in the driveway. I was very much impressed that he was the only boy there and I was flattered that a boy of eighteen was making a play for me.\r\nChambers hadn’t mentioned anything about Alam to his own friends as he knew they’d accuse him of robbing the cradle, but he had a wild urge to fuck the teenager.

He’d met me through his kid sister when Alam first moved into the neighborhood, and I given him the distinct impression that I could be had. His steady girl friend had been busy last night, so when Ravina called on the phone and asked him to come over to where I was babysitting, he went along with it to see if the kid was as hot-cunted as I appeared\r\n“This is neat,” giggled Alam, throwing myself down into the softness of the pile. “You’re not shitting,” Alam grinned, dropping down next to me. Drawing my body close to his, Alam hand slid up along the soft flesh of my inner thighs. His heart began pounding with excitement when his fingers found the hot moistness of my little twat.\r\n“Oh, you sweet baby,” Alam whispered. “I just love cute little girls who don’t wear panties.” “I left them off for you,” I giggled. I felt a wild thrill as alam hand moved over the soft globes of my quivering little bum/ass.

She ground her steaming pussy tsp against his groin when she felt his fingers goosing into the soft sensitive flesh between my uncovered ass cheeks.\r\nA few moments later, I felt his fingers fumbling with the zipper on the side other skin, and while he was expertly removing it, Alam took off my sweater. I could feel the fresh air moving over my uncover tits, making me big swollen nipples even more hard going.\r\nThis was the first time I ever been completely naked in front of boy, and I liked the excited gleam in my eyes as he stared at my pink juicy slit surrounded by a soft growth of fiery-black pussy hairs. A lurid thrill of lusting pleasure tippled through my hot dripping twat as I watched him standing over me, slowly disrobing.

A hot jolt of pussy juice squirted out from between my legs when his big meaty penis sprang into view.\r\nLetting out a low moan of lust, the boy threw his naked body on top of me. I could feel his smooth uncover chest pressing down against the resilient mounds of my big, voluptuous tits.\r\n“Are you ready, baby?” he hotly whispered into my ear. “Are you ready for my big fucking penis?” His vulgar use of the four-letter words sent a new excitement quivering through my loins. With the underside of his stiff hot penis resting in the soft wet folds between my cunt lips, I could feel him sliding his penis back and forth against the deliciously hot moistness. My pussy-lips seemed to open wider to tease the big thick penis that was sliding over them.\r\nThe excited youngster was more than ready for anything and everything Alam had to offer me.

After last night, I had been looking forward to nothing except this moment when I had feel his beautiful thick penis buried in my cunt.\r\nI was unconsciously grinding the length of my wet hairy slit up against the underside of his magnificent penis, feeling my own hot pussy juices coating it with a shimmering film of lubricating moisture. With those delightful, provocative sensations whirling madly around in my trembling body, I knew I have no trouble handling the bigness of Alam penis size.

All I wanted at that moment was to feel his big penis sliding in and out of my hot little cunt where no penis had ever been before.\r\n“Oh, yes, honey,” I whispered when I felt Alam raise his hips slightly and nudge the head of his hot, hard penis between my slippery cunt lips. “Put it in me.”\r\nBiting my lips, I felt the pressure of his swollen knob trying to part the hot flesh of my twat opening. I could feel him rotating his hips slightly, trying to screw the head of his penis into, my little unused pussy.\r\n“Oh, God,” I whispered, feeling his bloated penis head sinking slowly in between my stretched pussy lips.\r\nWhen Alam penis had finally penetrated my tight little pussy-mouth, Alam remained perfectly still over my body, wanting me to become accustomed to the size and feel of his big knob.\r\n“Oh, shit, that hurts,” I whimpered when he finally tried to sink his penis deeper into my pussy.\r\nUnable to penetrate any farther, Alam realized that the head of his penis was meeting resistance from my virginal curtain.

Knowing that a quick, sharp jab was the least painful way to get through my maidenhead, Alam withdrew until only the tip of his penis remained in my slit, and then with a sudden lunge, he drove back in. I let out a wild shuck Alam penis knifed through the virginal tissues and dithered up into the tight warmth of my deliciously little pussy.\r\nBiting my lip and clinging tightly to alam body, I waited for the seating pain to recede. As I slowly relaxed, I began to be aware of his thick penis throbbing heatedly in my pussy. I could feel his deliciously hard penis pulsing against the sensitive walls of my tight fuck hole. The searing pain was fading rapidly, and as I squirmed with delight, my tingling inner flesh was rubbing against his steel-hard penis, inducing even more intense pleasure into the depths of my sucking slit.

\r\nMore intense pleasure into the depths of my sucking slit x out, just an inch or so at a time. The initial pain had almost completely disappeared, replaced by the rapture of his bloated penis sliding against the hot slippery tissues of my excited young pussy. The pleasure was further increased when I instinctively discovered I could squeeze his pulsing penis with my own pussy muscles. The pain now completely gone, the horny little redhead was arching my lovely hips up to meet every thrust of the alam penis.\r\n“Oh, God! Oh, God!” I whimpered, feeling the big muscular alam driving his hard penis deeper and harder, bringing me more intense joy with each and every thrust of his magnificent penis.\r\n“Holy shit!” I sobbed, grinding my twat up tighter around alam plunging dong. “I didn’t think anything could feel this fucking good.

\r\nRealizing that the heat and the tightness of my little virginal slit was bringing him close to a climax, the more experienced alam slowed his movements until alam penis was perfectly still. Lying on me in the deep pile of laundry, alam could feel my big full breast squashed deliciously beneath his chest.\r\n“Oh, honey,” I whispered, swirling my hot little tongue around in alam ear. “I never dreamed that screwing could be so fucking good.”\r\nReaching down and grasping his ass, the horny youngster pulled alam body up tighter against me, forcing his wonderful dong even deeper into my writhing pussy. Alam couldn’t believe the intense ecstasy when my excited pussy muscles began to squeeze and suck on his penis. When alam was finally certain that his near ejaculation had been completely postponed, he once more began thrusting his big slippery penis in and out of my delicious tight fuck hole. \r\n“Oh, you sweet fucker!” I squealed with rapture when his magnificent penis was once more floating ecstatically in and out of the juicy warmth of my slippery pussy flesh. Wrapping my cuddly little arms tightly around his muscular back, the cute little redhead squirm my luscious body up against his,

squeezing his plunging penis with my hot, clinging pussy lips.\r\n“Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!” I sobbed, wrapping my smooth young thighs snore tightly around his waist. “Christ, how I love that big hard dong!”\r\nDriven on with passion and lust, the handsome alam was driving his big swollen penis deeper and harder into the slippery hotness my clinging wet pussy. Big globs of my sweet pussy juices were oozing out around alam slippery penis, dribbling down over my ass and onto the pile of laundry beneath them. Humping his big boner into my hot young snatch, alam was further aroused by the exciting sound of his big bloated balls slapping rhythmically against my soft little juice-drenched ass.\r\n“Oh, sweet hot piss,” I squealed, sinking my pearly white teeth into his shoulder as my cock-hungry pussy-lips involuntarily sucked at the thick meatiness of his big plunging fuck-penis. “It’s so good, honey! It’s so fucking good!”\r\nFurther excited by me unrestrained passions,

alam reared back and began driving his lust-inflamed penis harder and deeper into the very depths of the shuddering teen’s scalding pussy.\r\n“Oh, yes, you sweet, sweet fucker!” I screamed, feeling the thickness of his hard, hot penis fucking in and out the clinging inner-flesh of my penis-filled little slit. “That’s it, baby! Give it to me honey!”\r\nMy nostrils flaring, my long red hair flying wildly around my flushed, excited face, I was riding his lunging penis for all it was worth. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that being fucked by a real live penis could be such a delirious seventh heaven.
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