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My Boss’s Sexy Wife

Hello my name is David living in Islamabad . I am working in company named tibrewala electronics .I am working under manager. My manager is loves money he sends me to collect money from the person he is bribing and hand over it to her wife.

Her wife was not happy with her but she was good. The days passed by in the same way but one day when i went to give her money she was taking bath and her servant (lady) was waiting for her to come that lady has never seen my boss as she was new and she use to come to come in the afternoon and Sunday was a holyday for her as my boss wife knew that if her husband sees her he might screw her. But that when i entered their house her servant that i am her husband and she left the house.

After some my boss wife asked for the towel as their thinking that her servant is at home i went o give her towel near the bathroom suddenly she saw me closed the bathroom door but i saw her breast for a fraction of second that was really juicy an of medium size that kind of breast was my favourite one. Then she entered her room to change, then she came out in a gown mean time my cork (lund) became hard and which was noticeable from my pants .she saw the condition of my cork and got excited. That day she started to ask me about sex life i said that i have never experienced it then she told me that will you like experience it now. I refused it and i tried to run away from there but she stopped me by telling that she will tell her husband (who is my boss)that i raped her thinking of my job and my responsibility over my family i stopped .then she slowly came near me and removed my pant and my underwear and started sucking my lund after this sceen i also got excited and removed her gown now she was standing in front of me in white bra and panty.

I went to her and gave her a tight lip to lip mean time i removed her bra and panty then i slowly started took her on the bed and started sucking her breast which was very juicy she was screaming like Oooooooh AAAAAAaaaaaaah when i was sucking her breast she was telling that zor se choos yaar aur zor se after this i kissed her stomach and her whole body then i said now enough because i dont want to fuck her but she spraed her legs and invited me to fuck i was not able to control and i went inside the no-entry area without license.And started fucking her in and out she was screaming and saying that tera lund tho bahut bada hai lekin bahuth maza aa raha hai chalo ab aur zor se chodo mujhe bahuth maza aa raha hai she also said that her husband has never fucked her. From that time whenever i go there we have sex in new style.
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