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Missed Call

Hi all, am rajasekhar(name changed to hide my identity). I am 32
years of age, married & have a child. Am from thrissurdistrict of
Kerala. Am working as a manager in one of the leading new generation
banks. I am a regular reader of this site and always thought of
writing a few of my experiences here. Today I decided to submit a real
incident to this site for all of you to read and enjoy.
One night as i was sitting in front of my system and checking
my mails I received a miss call from a number. It was around at 10 in
the night. As my wife was in the kitchenI at that time I called back,
but the phone was switched off. I tried for another 2 or 3 times but
the same effect. As my wife was coming from the kitchen I too switched
off my phone and the computer and went to sleep.Being a very horny
person who is on the look out for fucking opportunities I tried that
number again during our lunch break the next day. To my luck the bell
rang but no one was picking it.After trying for 2 or 3 times I left it
as our lunch brek was over. During my work I received a good evening
message at around 3.30 PM from that number. I had a couple of mails
and reports to send so I continued with my work.At around 5 PM I
called again but still no one picked the phone.When I stopped I
received a sms from that number asking me whether I was angry. I
immedidtely sent a reply that I am not, but would like to know who is
behind this. I got an answer immediately which read “ V have met last
week at a reception”.
I tried to think about the previous week’s reception and
suddenly recollected that one of my distant relative who attended the
function had during the course of talk asked for my number and I had
given her my visiting card. Now coming to this lady her name is
Soumya(name changed). She is in fact a cousin of my mother. I had not
met her for the last 7 to 8 years as they were in Delhi at that time.
She is around 42, plump in figure with good round ass and big bulging
boobs. She is staying with her husband now at their home in Thrissur.
Her hus who was a central government employee had take VRS and thus
settled here. They do not have any kids. I immediately smsed back “I
knw its U”. Immediately a reply came “Its Who?”.I sent back a sms
“Only U had taken my card at the reception”. After that I did not
receive a reply for 10 minutes. Then I called again. This time after a
long time the phone was picked but no sound from the other side. I
said hello a couple of times.Then slowly the expected feminine sound
came from the other side. We talked for 15 minutesor so during which
she told that she was thinking of calling me and talking but was
reluctant to do so as she thought I would think bad about her. That’s
why she only smsed earlier. After a lot of assurances from my side
that she is welcome to call me and I do not have any objestion she
calmed down. After that day sending a good morning and a good night
sms bacame a habit for both of us. We did not talk for another 6 or 7
days.Occasionaly I sms ed the latest tren here”Tintumun Jokes” some of
which had double meaning words.
One day she smsed me that she would like to receive more
Tintumon jokes. I immediately smsed her about 15 jokes most of which
had sexual overtones. The next day she smsed me to call when I was
free. When I called her during lunch break we talked abourt general
things. Then she asked who is sending these jokes to me to which I
replied several of friends do. Then she told she enjoyed them. The
rogue in me awoke on this comment.And I asked her whether uncle
doesn’t show you such jokes. She immediately told me that he and his
friends are very old to enjo these jokes. I immediately asked her, is
he old in all aspects. After asking this I thought I had made a
mistake. But the answer from the other end was a swift”He had been old
since the last 5 years”. She then asked about my family etc and asked
to drop into their house some day with wife and kid. I immediately
asked whether that meant I can come there only with family.She told
“not at all..you are welcome even if you are alone.If you are free
come now itself. It is a pleasure for me” I asked her wher uncle is
and she told me that he had gone to allepy with 2 of his friends to
attend a marriage and that he would be returning back only by 7 or 8
PM.I knew that this was an invitation to me. I went to my boss and
informed him that one of my friend had met with an accident and Ihave
to go there and hence would need a half day leave. With much
persuation he agreed to that.I immediately called my home and told
that a friend of mine had met with an accident am going ther after
availing a half day leave. I did this to be on the safer side.Also my
wife knows only a few of my friends. I purchased a pack of condoms and
called Soumya aunty and told that I would be there in 10 minutes.As I
had not gone there before I called her after reaching their colony to
know their house. She directed me by telling the lanes and bylanes
through the mobile phone as I drove my car. Then I saw her standing at
the gate of a house. As I reached she opened the gate and she closed
it after I had parked my car behind their car which was in the porch.
She was wearing a pink coloured nylon nightie which was sticking to
her body. She welcomed me inside.
She asked me to make myself comfortable and went inside the
kitchen.She returned back with fresh pine apple juice and some sweets.
She then came and sat near me and started talking.During this period
she prompted me to have a couple of sweets and I too had finished
gulping the juice also. I knew that although both of us were chatting
a lot of things our minds were not on the topics. As one of us had to
take initiative I told her that I thought that some young lady was
standing at the gate when I saw her from a distance while driving. She
pinched my thighs saying “Poda Kalla”(go you naughty). To this we both
started laughing, but after some time I realized that she had not
taken her hand frm my thighs.Getting bolder I too pinched herthighs
slowly saying you should also know that it pains when being pinched.
We remained like that for a few minutes without either of us talking,I
also did not remove my hands from her thighs. Then I slowly started
circling on her thighs with my fingers. She immediately rested her
head on my shoulders. Without any second thought I held her with both
hands and embraced her. She also reciprocated it . I then slowly moved
her away and raised her face and looked into her eyes.It was so full
of lust that any sage would have compromised his celibacy.I kissed her
hard and long on her lips and with one hand started to press her
ass.Oh my god they were so soft. She then told me lets go to bedroom.
As soon as we reached the bedroom we undressed each other.Infact
neither of us realised the speed with which we undressed. My cock was
hard as a rock and precum was leaking. I immediately pushed her to the
bed and started licking her wet pussy. The erotic aroma of her sweaty
cunt sent shivers across my body.I inserted my tongue as deep as
possible and licked her.Then slowly I started me attention on her
bulging clit.i licked them hard. She was moaning loudly and raising
her abdomen.her hand were pushing my head deeper into that juicy
pussy. With in no time she was having her first orgasm.She let a loud
moan and held my head firmly there itself with both her hands. Her
juice was flowing out and not only my mouth but my nose and chin were
wet with its impact. I slowly raised my head and when I looked at her
I could see a few drops of tears in flowing from her eyes. She got up
and embrace me and said “Maranam varey Marrakillada(will not forget
till death)”. She told me that it has been years since she has
experienced such an orgasm. Honestly speaking I was not in a mood to
hear these talks then because I knew that I would erupt anytime. She
might have realised my position because the next thing she did was to
kneel befor me and lick at the tip of my cock.she licjed my precum
fully.Then she did what I did not expect.She raised my cock and
started licking each of my balls. Then she took one ball at a time and
sucked hard. I told her that I cant hold any longer.She then opened
her mouth and took me fully in her mouth and started sucking. After a
fesw sucking movements I could feel my eruption coming.She too might
have understood this.She immediately took my cock fully out licked at
the tip a few times. Then she took my cock till the bulge and started
sucking hard. I burst into her mouth and I could see her gulping each
time my cum shot into her mouth.
When I was exhausted she got up and lay beside me. She kept her
head on my chest and lay like that. For 10 minutes we just lay without
speaking a word. Then slowly we kissed each other on the face, eyes,
cheeks, neck, lips.The lip kisses became more vogourous. I slowly laid
her on the bed and started kissing her neck and slowly her breasts.
The pinkish nipples were gettinh harder.I started slowly kneading both
nipples alternatly.She was starting to let out moaning sounds. I too
found it difficult to resist the temptation longer.I started sucking
and pressing both breasts one after another. To be honest I did not
know how much time I spent on her breasts. But I could feel her
massaging my cock during this time. My cock was once again ready. I
slowly inserted my finger into her pussy.It was dripping wet. I got up
tookout the condoms from my pocket . at this time she too got up and
took the condom and she wore it in my cock.I laid her on the bed and
went between her legs and slowly inserted it until there was no gap
visible. She was saying ahh..pathukey da(slowly) etc. Then I started
to make love with her. Ar first I was slow, but after some time I was
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