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Mast Zindagi

One day when I went to meet them, another guy was also there. He was tall, handsome, healthy and well built with thick moustaches. I thought that he may be some guest at Sameena’s house but she told me that from now onwards, he will be also be participating in our daily fun. I was shocked to know and flatly refused to accept any new person. Sameena took me to other room and said that Kahlid is only male with us and we are two females so there must be another male so that we are two couples and all of us can enjoy at the same time. I said that its not fair as how can you trust on a new person. Sameena said that Saleem is not new and she has enjoyed him many times, he is far better than Khalid in sex. I became silent and then she again said that he is very good in sex and we will enjoy his company very much. Saying this she hugged me and said “don’t worry, there would be no problem at all. Don’t waste time and now lets enjoy the life”. Saying this she held my hand and took me to that room where we were going to enjoy our time. On reaching there both the males stood up and welcomed us back to room. As I was still shy in the presence of new person, Khalid came to me and then Sameena and Khalid both held me by my sides and took me to Saleem. Saleem stepped forward and kissed on my face and took both my hands in his hands. Then Kahlid and Sameena left my arms and Saleem took me in his arms and started hugging and kissing. Khalid and Sameena started the same too and now both the couples started hugging and kissing and by the passage of time, I felt relaxed and pleasure overcame the shyness. Then Khalid told all of us to remove our clothes but again I became shy whereas all three of them did that in a while. When I was only person left in the room with clothes on, they came to me and started removing my clothes. They completed their job in a while and again handed me over to Saleem who now held me by my breasts and took me to bed.
But when I glanced at Saleem’s tool, I was shocked to see that it was not only bigger than Khalid’s dick but it was the biggest one I have ever seen. When Sameena saw what I am watching, she understood the matter and holding Saleem’s dick in her hand, told me that it’s the best dick she came across and the pleasure Saleem can give to any girl, none other can give. These words were very inviting and convincing so all the fear and shyness in me had gone at once. Then all four went to bed and started kissing, hugging touching, pressing etc. and all this was not restricted to one’s partner but everyone was playing with everyone’s body. This made the things more erotic and sexy and in a short while Sameena took Saleem’s tool in her hands and winked an eye to Khalid who opened my legs and prepared me for the biggest tool I had ever enjoyed. My pussy was very wet due to the foreplay. Sameena put the head of Saleem’s tool on my pussy and started pushing in. Khalid came over me and kept each of his legs on my sides made the posture like he is sitting on my chest. He brought his tool near my lips and told me to suck it. I started and then I felt that Saleem has started pushing his gigantic tool in my pussy. I was feeling pain and was thinking that my pussy might tear today but Khalid’s tool in my mouth didn’t let me scream at all.
About half of his tool entered normally with pleasure and bit pain as it was thicker than Khalid but after that it started to be painful and almost unbearable. Being Khalid’s tool in my mouth I was unable to should to say something but I tried to shake my body to show my inconvenience. So Saleem stopped pushing in and stay for a while and I was bit relaxed, he again started pushing. Within a few minutes all of his tool was in me and now he started in and out movements. I was feeling good now and I was enjoying it. When they saw me enjoying, Kahlid pulled out his tool from my mouth and told Sameena to become in doggy style, when she did, he pushed his tool, lubricated with my saliva, in her asshole. She was expecting it in her pussy but when it entered her ass hole in a single jerk she tried to jump and shout but Khalid was aware of it so he grabbed her strongly and continued his work. Saleem was continuously giving me mighty jerks which made me cum very soon as compared to the previous fucks with Khalid. My coming didn’t stop or slow Saleem’s jerks but he kept doing his job in the same pace which made me cum about 4 times in 4 or 5 minutes. Still he didn’t cum nor I felt that he will be coming in the next few minutes but I was fully exhausted by then. Seeing my condition, he left me and told the other couple that he is joining them.
They left each other and Saleem lay on bed straight. Sameena came on him and sat on his body taking his tool in her pussy. Then Khalid came behind Sameena, pushed her body forward so that her ass hole became prominent. Khalid came behind her and started his job again which he was doing before inclusion of Saleem. I was so exhausted that I felt that I would not be able even to move my body for the next few hours as I have never had sex with such an enormous tool before but in a few minutes I was OK and started watching them having threesome. When Saleem saw that I am OK now, he invited me to join them. I got up and went near them. He made me sit on his face with my pussy on his face and started licking, then Sameena started sucking my breasts and I again became so hot that I started fully participating in the foursome. In a few minutes I felt that Saleem is coming in the Sameena’s pussy and Khalid is also about to fill her other hole so I removed Sameena’s face from my breast and started sucking her breasts. This made her extremely hot and all three of them came so much that I was thinking that this bed would be broken today as all four of us were shaking too much. When it was over we lay on bed and relaxed, then got up and went to washroom and washed each other’s body. Then got dressed up and had tea then I left Sameena’s house and came to my home.
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