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Maharani With Labor Class

I an a regular reader of this site. I am seeing many stories as stories lacking logic. It is like a lady of 45 sitting in her house with children is suddenly getting up and catching the dick of an unknown young man . even if it is a story there is to have some logic and character for people. Had she been alone in a room and then it may be o.k. but there are many stories or real experiences which are with reason, character and conclusion. After reading many stories I thought of writing some of my experiences. I was a +2 passed man of 30 .

now working as a plastering specialist. I used to get good salary and is working with a builder for most of the days and used to have private works now and then. I was a man of much sex experience . From my teens I had such experiences. Not the full but the external works. In our colony I was a highly educated at that tine. Most people were low income ones and those getting 6 to 7 hundred daily will come home with only of two hundred or so ,after drinking and eating. Some also used to go for other ladies also. I have trained for my work and was getting good money in my 16th year on wards. Thus when i have reached +2 i have turned to a full professional. I have married to a relative of mine we have a boy aged 5.

There was only one condition for me, that I am not a one woman man. She has agreed for that and even now we used to talk about my sex activities when we are alone. I do have nice relations in our bed room,and i am a no tobacco, drink man. So I hope she is happy. I never leave a girl if there is a chance o. From my 220th year i had fucked many ladies specially married ones. I like them because there is no fear of demands and blackmail. That does not mean that I will avoid virgins.

Most of my clients are poor group. husbands used to be under drink and I seduce them to be under me. There is no conditions for appearance or style or age. I will go for any bad looking to beauties. \my aim was to get one on a week. I behave with them in very good way specially as their younger brother or a slave. this way I shall enter near them and then the man will start working. Initially I shall give one of my experience that has happened recently. I was doing work in a house. It was a repair work and has to enter to the house where the people are living. The lady help who was with me was a regular sex friend on mine. She had her husband and kids. She was of 40ies.

I was using her since 10 years. I have seen her youth and is using even now. I doubt that one of her child is of mine . So when others are not available I use her. She was very good at oral and now a days anal. The house was of a professor of a college. She was a widow and of 50 But due to maintenance she was like of a 35 only.two daughters were married and are away .She walks only on chappals and going out in car. We two was once working in a room. In the noon rest we had a short sex ,since the house was empty. But the pro;f: has come in the meanwhile and saw us. I have seen her but simply ignored and continued with the fun. She stood there for at least 45 minutes watching us. she has never abused us.

Then i have understood her interest. The same has continued in many days. I WAS SURE THAT SHE IS COMING TO SEE THIS.I was ready to attack her and use her. she has a lady help staying with her. So i have watched since a few days. Then One day she was absent. I have told my friend about this. She was initially was not willing to help. But then i have told my experience and explained about that day when she was watching our sex. she has agreed to help if required. I have waited for her arrival at noon. I took my friend in hand and was posing for a sex. She as usual came to the next room and have started watching. . Immediately we have got up and i have entered to that room. She was simply unaware.

I have caught her and pushed to the bed. She was initially tried to go away. But my strength has over powered her. By then my friend has close all doors and windows. I told her that she was like a maharani and i an a beggar. I requested her to give anugrah. She was willing and I have enjoyed her for hours. initially I have liked her face and breast then caressed her thigh an breast. Gena rally used to avoid feet since my ladies used to be workers. I have liked and sucked her fingers and soles . By then she was enjoying me by kissing and catching me. I had a final fuck. There was a little moaning. i did that for half an hour . she had caught me with her beautiful legs and locked with her feet.

The arrogant prof has soon turned to a cat licking me and my lips. I have used her many days during the work. But has discontinued later. She has got many guests in the mean while . Even now I used to go to her on call. She was some time only make me lick her feet and pussy and was mad of that work of mine . She lye on an easy chair and keep her legs in my dick area or my shoulder.. But if insisted she gives all. I also have trained her the art of sucking .she does it nicely now . More than the touch the way that mouth is taking it was a scene to see. and enjoy. I have not told my friend that the further connections, and posed fear that she may finish us. Thus she has not told to any one . Even in her 50+ she was a treat to me.This was my magnum opus in the art of sex. bye .more stories later in next part.
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