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How I Fucked My Elder Cousin

My age is 22 and my sisters age is 29. She is 5’6″ and has a beautiful thin figure with little baby fat on stomach and a nice pair of boobs and ass. Her ass has some fat and very bubbly. She got married 2 years back and I had more craving for her because now she wears saree and her stomach is exposed. I did not talk to her before this a lot. Just the usual “kaisey ho” in functions.

Her family is not rich so the boy she married is also from service class and not that rich. My family does business and so I had God’s grace and could spend a good amount of money every month for buying stuff and watching movies every week. I am not very rich but it is ok. Now I will tell the story of how I fulfilled my sexual desires with her.

From last 2 months she was having fights with her husband and I came to know from over hearing mother’s conversation that she is not satisfied
with her husband’s income. She is beautiful and that she has to compromise is bugging her probably. I decided to visit them casually. I asked my another cousin sister to accompany me. She is little and I told everybody that she wants to visit her jiju and I will take her since I am not doing anything special. I called my jiju and informed them to cook food for us and he was very happy that we are coming. He probably thought that it will help his relationship.His wief may feel atleast ,there is somone who cares foe her,is also given fll respect in this house.
I know that my elder sister is no saint and that she had 1 boyfriend before marriage and also did all the things can be done at that age. After visiting me and my jiju played some cricket with other guys of the colony and then returned home. Jiju asked me to stay there tonight and I happily obliged. I told him that I will take a shower at night and will need some clothes. After lunch we sat for conversation in his room and my little cousin went to sleep in other room. While conversation my sisters mood was not good and it was obvious.

I asked her if everything is okay and she laughed and said yes, don’t worry. Here is evry thing ok,but how you came here . I told her about my plans to go to Goa and party and she was getting excited and my jiju was warning me to be aware and stuff. Jiju then told that he will comeback in 30 mins and have some house work. My sister was wearing a maxi and she lifted her legs to change the position and I was just opposite of her and I was blown from what I saw. She was not wearing any underwear and while changing position I got a full frontal view of her vagina which had trimmed hairs. i started feeling something in my pant,it started growing ,a bulge can be seen in my pant ,i was feeling uncomforable as it was never happen before

I took out my mobile to hide my eyes from her and after some
second I looked back at her and saw her eyes fixed at me. She suddenly got a little angry and told me why did you not come to visit us during these 2 years and now you have to compensate for it. You have to take me for a movie and then to KFC. I started laughing and told her that I will take her tomorrow. She instantly replied no not tomorrow make it day after tomorrow because your jiju is going out of station and I don’t want to cook lunch for 1 person. She then got up and said that now you can go to sleep and she will have to take bath. I said ok and then I told her to

wake me up after bath so that I can go next. She gave a naughty smile and told ok. After sometime she woke me up and told me to take bath and I saw jiju was sleeping beside me. I went to her and asked her for some spare clothes of jiju and a towel. She told me to go to her bathroom and there I will find her extra towel and she will bring the clothes in few minutes. I went and saw her bra lying in the bathroom with her maxi.

I picked it up and started jacking off and I intentionally thew my cum on it because I wanted her to know. My heart was racing very high about the risk but after the noon’s incident my head was not working. She knocked on the door and I hid behind the bathroom door and took the clothes. She asked me to handover her clothes and I my heart rate was racing at a more higher pace. I told her 1 minute and then took the maxi and hid the bra inside the maxi and gave it to her. After shower I went to washing are to handover the towel and I saw her standing in front of washing machine.

I thanked her for clothes and told here that it fit well. She was not speaking and looking seductively at me and just nodded. I turned away and imminently heard my name she called me to fix a gate where she was standing and I went there and when I tried to closed the gate she opened the washing machine door for which she had to shift back and my dick fell on her ass and I could feel her ass crack over her maxi. It was intentional because she pressed very hard. My heart again started racing and I calmed down and pressed with little pressure and she did not move and was taking out clothes.

had ditched my underwear because I wanted it to remain fresh for next day. As she moved she did not look back and I saw down and my dick made a very good tent. I went to verandha and took a smoke and I returned to see her bringing tea for all and my little cousin was up. Evening went by and we watched TV and had dinner and conversation and then we went to sleep. I slept in another room with my jiju and the two cousins slept together. Went home next day after breakfast. Before I got out of the house she gave me a tight hug. I could literally feel her boobs.

As I got in a bus my cell phone beeped but could not take it out because buses are very crowded and I could barely move. I went home took a bath and switched on the computer looking for porn where girls looked like my cousin so that I could shag off. After lunch I took my mobile and saw 5 messages from her that come tomorrow and don’t forget, why are you not replying. I called her and she was a little angry and I told her about the crowd and she understood and told ok. She told me to come to pick her up tomorrow and don’t bring the father’s car we will travel by bus only. I said ok.

Next day I went to her home in that crowded bus and she greeted me with hug and I am sure her hand intentionally touched my dick. .. She was ready to go out and we boarded the bus. As usual it was crowded and my sister insisted that I stand with her.

We both managed to get up and where standing in the stairs of the bus. In next stop some people came down and we were now inside the bus with me stand right behind her she is facing the windows. More people got up and they pushed me and now I my dick and my whole body is in contact with her back and she is pushing her ass back and my dick got tight and I adjusted my dick to sit on her ass crack. It was literally heaven for me. We are going to be like this for 45 mins. I kept applying pressure and she too.

I took a hold of rot in front of her and then she lifted her right had to hold the same rod and I could touch her right side boob with my elbow region. It was fantastic. I was not sure that she is mine. I took my left hand and hold her stomach and she laughed and told that its tickling. I inserted my finger in her navel and tickled to teased her she just laughed and told to stop. I was already dry humping her slowly and threw sperm in underwear. and hinted her that she has to clean something. She gave me a naught smile.

I changed my plans from watching a Bollywood movie to a regional movie which will empty and I took corner seats. After we went inside I bought a cold coffee because we can get thirsty. We straight went to the seats.

After some 10 mins of pressing her boobs aggressively she came up and kissed me and I inserted my hands inside her petticoat. She had no underwear and it was awesome and slippery. She told me to lets get lunch. We left the hall went to a restaurant and sat side by side and my hands around her folding her breasts and she rubbing my dick. We ate and I paid the bill and we took a cab and went to her home.

As we went in I took some water , I took her in my arms and threw her in bed and started undressing myself. She had managed to remove saree and petticoat and I removed her blouse and bra and then I pincher her nipples and she was in pain and I furiously pressed her boobs and smooched in the meantime and my dick rubbing her choot. I took my hands and pressed her white ass and inserted a finger in her ass. She jumped in amazement and told me not to do anal.
i licked everything starting from her pubic hair to the Vagina, it was a sweet smell coming outta it, it was hell wet and I simply loved what I was licking. I positioned myself to make love to her, but she crossed her legs saying "No, and No". I dint listened to her, I brushed the tip of my penis on her love hole till she couldn't control it any more and asked me to do it.

I told her I will be easy on her and then I told her to bring Vaseline. . I told her to turn around and sleep and then started pushing my dick in her ass. Her voice practically cracked but I hold her good and after 5 mins of struggling she was mad like hell and matching my rhythm. I again pinched her nipples and started licking her back.
I asked what ??.. she simply closed her eyes again, and made her legs apart. it was my first time, I dint knew what was the correct position, coz while being on top I pushed hard but my penis dint got inside of coz she was guiding ma penis with her hands into her love hole. i simply then took her both the legs and put it them on ma shoulders . and gave a huge thrust.My penis was inside her , her both the legs were down but my penis was still inside her. I saw tears rolling down on her cheeks, I asked her, shall I stop, she denied and we got into lotus position ( which I know now ) and said she is comfortable now. All these happened in a span of 20mins.
My chest was touching her breasts, my nipples were touching her, her lips were sucking mine lips while we were hugging each other tight.
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