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Hot Short And Sexy Part 2

We both go to a movie and then have lunch out side and come home and then she says she will prepare something special i say ok and start watching tv and then suddenly she call me and say she is not able to reach out the sugar kept at the top seeing which i started laughing at her and was teasing her short short to which she got angry and goes crying out of there and then i follow her and then kneel before her and plead her and hug her and make her laugh at last and then take her to the kitchen and i try to get it but i also couldn't reach it so i say that i will lift you and you take it to which she agrees

then i lift her catching her hip a little up which makes my cock hard due to her breast touching my face my cock becomes very hard and it touches her body i was very nervous and tensed and she got the packet and came down and stood there and i was about to leave then she called me and said arya whats in your pocket that is very sharp and is poking me I don't answer to it and start leaving but she insists on answering and pulls me back then as I have no other option i answer that i don't have anything in my pocket but its my male part that was touching your body she gets shock what your male part so long how?

I say that it gets hard due to erection which i had due to lifting you up to which she laughs and say arya please once show me your male part na i have never see it still now i hesitate to show it but she forces me to show so i think a lot and say first you show me yours then i will to which i thought she would say no and the matter would be over she says ok and starts undressing her self seeing which i shouted what are you doing and she says its not a problem as i am getting nude in front of my lover only so i also accept it so
Now she removes her orange colour chunni and throws it aside which reveals a little of her cleavage to me and then she takes her hands to her back and unhooks the hook and then drags down the zip of the kameez and then pulls it of her right hand and then of her left hand and then pulls it out of her body wow what a view it was to see she was in her bra and camisole showing

Her bare hands she was very good looking and she asked me to remove my shirt also and i did same removed my shirt and i also was in my baniyan and pants next she opened the knot of her salwar and was loosening it and den pulled it out of her one leg and then the other and she threw it away and now she was standing only in her camisole bra and white panty sexy view it was her thighs where very beautiful to see

And now she was standing in front of me with her one hands covering her pussy and her legs crossed to not allow me to have even the slightest look of it her love hole and then she asked me to remove mine and i removed my pant and kept it aside and i moved nearer to her and caught her hand and pulled her near to me and told "sita you are very beautiful and cute and kissable"to which she replies " hmmmm really then kiss me who is stopping you?

Listening which I put my hand on her cheek and hair and bend the head in an angle and give her a lip lock for a long time first i just put my lips on hers den after some time our mouths get open and each other tongue touches others and we exchange our saliva's and then each others lip where bitten and then tongues where bitten madly for a long time and then she pushes me back as we couldn't breath properly and then run into the bedroom and stands facing a wall near the bed and then i go back of her and i wall on her and see that she is smiling and then turn her around and again start kissing her

this time it was very vigorously and i now she was enjoying it as her pussy was very wet and those juices where leaking out and dropping on my leg i started to kiss all over her face on her that is on her eyes nose and every where and then go on to kiss her hand on both the sides and then come to armpit which has a different fragrance which is caused due to the sweat and her perfume so i lick it kiss it and eat it like a while dog and she moans a lot with her hands moving in my head and also up and above her head and then i kissed her both the hands and armpits and made her very horny and then i start kissing on her neck and also press her boobs with my both the hands and i came down till start of the cleavage and then went down and to the top of the boobs

And kissed there and then went down pulling her camisole up and kissing her navel and she had her hands up and then while i was pushing the camisole up kissing her body she pulls it out of her body revealing her body and the red colour bra which are holding the boobs very stiff and i again go on top of her kissing her lips and pressing her boobs over her bra only and then i slowly come down kissing her boobs

And then navel and then i slowly lift her up by her navel and turned around and placed her on the bed kissing her on the navel and she was moving her hand very fast on my head and above herself and i kept on kissing her and her i rolled her on the bed and then fall on her and kiss her from head to toe and then turn her around and kiss her on her back and den removed her hook of the bra and pulled it out of her body with my teeth and threw it way

And turned her to the front wow what a view it was her 34 c whitish boobs standing in front of me with their cylindrical light brown colour nipples coming out of them to be sucked and bitten i kiss those boobs and nipples and then take them in my hand and press them very hard and pull those nipples still she shouts out loudly and then take one of the boob in to my mouth and start sucking it and the other boob was pressing very hard

And was exchanging the position and sucked both the boobs and then started to play with the nipples with my mouth by sucking it and making circles with my tongue around it which made her even more mad which i could see by her pressing me more on to her boobs and then i went down to her navel and fucked it with my tongue very hard and i came to now that she had her first orgasm as she had a vibration while i was sucking her boobs so I was licking her whole body back and front and while doing so i placed my hand over her pussy on the panty and pressed it hard

My hand was fully drenched in her jucies and den she took my hand and licked it out dry and den i kissed her and then she pushed me back and then caught hold of my dick on my underwear and then pulled down the underwear and my cock stood up in salute to her and she took it in her hand

And started to rub it and and then i cumed in her hand and she licked it all and then took my cock in to her mouth and it was like in heaven she was pulling the foreskin up and down and licking and sucking it very well and by this my cock again started to become hard and she was sucking it very fast and i cumed in her mouth which drank every drop of it and after that again i started to kiss her and take out her panty and then i started to finger fuck her

And first entered her pussy with one finger and then slowly entered my second finger and she was shouting very madly and i after fucking her with my fingers for some time i came down and kissed her pussy and then started to kiss it and started to enter her pussy with my tongue and then we got into 69 position and we both cum in each others mouth and then she started shouting now fuck me arya fuck me

And i put hard cock in the entrance of her pussy and start pushing it inside her but ass she is virgin it does not go in and then i apply some force and push it in and she shouts out loudly due to pain and I lip lock her to decrease the sound and start pressing her boobs and with my cock half inserted in to hers and then after some time again I apply force and push my full cock in to her and she get tears in her eyes and i stop

And start cooling her by kissing her and tapping her back and after some time start giving small strokes after her pain was reduced and then slowly gain the speed and started long strokes which she was also enjoying which I came to know with her hip moment and she cumed while I was stoking twice and her pussy walls became tight when ever she cumed and at last I cumed in side her and she told she will take the pill and after I cumming I felt very relaxed

And was seeing in her face she was very happy and then I kissed her and we both slept like that only for few hours with each other in others hand after getting up saw that there were blood stains on the bed sheet and on my cock and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and then went out to a eat and a small walk.
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