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Helping out a friend

I was in the pub the other night, drinking with my best mate, and I happened to notice that he seemed a bit down, so I asked him if anything was wrong ? As he had had a fair bit to drink, he eventually opened up to me.

It seems that his very attractive wife; “Jane” was not getting enough sex from him. She was a lot younger, and it appears that he had been leaving her wanting. So I very tactfully suggested that maybe the best course of action might be that she take on a lover, but someone they both knew, liked and trusted, to help save their marriage. I pointed out that it would at least be better knowing who she had been with, and knowing that she would be safe, rather than someone he didn't. He thanked me for my advice, and said he would think about it.

The following week I met up with my mate again at the pub as usual, only this time he was much more sober. He said that he had very carefully considered what I said to him the last time we met, and seriously talked it over with his wife who it turned out was in full agreement with the idea after much consideration and deliberation.

Then he proceeded to drop his bombshell. We have both decided on the person that we would like to do the business so to speak” he said with a smile “oh great” I said, “anyone I know” ? “How would you feel like helping us out” he said in a low whisper !

WOW!! I didn't see that coming....but I have to admit, I had always fancied her; a twenty three year old long legged busty blonde...well who wouldn't for goodness sake !!!

Not wanting to appear to keen, I said if it helped save his marriage, then I was only to glad to help out, as long as they were both very sure about it. ( whilst I tried to hide my massive hard-on just thinking about it )

“We are desperate to get the ball rolling” he said, “can you manage tomorrow night by any chance” ? I thought long and hard about it, for all of one second.... “all right then, I will be there” I said as nonchalantly as possible, trying to hide my intense excitement!

That evening couldn't come soon enough for me; I duly turned up at eight pm as arranged. We started off with a drink and some small talk to hide our slight awkwardness. But after a few more drinks, our inhibitions disappeared, and we started to be very open about the purpose of me being there.

I tactfully suggested that Jane and I could go up to the bedroom, and he could follow on after a short while, but he was having none of it, saying that he wanted to be there from the beginning. I said that I might not be able to get an erection if he was there to start with, as I would be feeling guilty of fucking his wife in front of him. He said in that case he would do her first...that's fair enough I thought, after all, it is his wife.

Upstairs in the bedroom, we stripped off. Jane, his wife, lay on the bed on her back with legs wide apart, showing off her glistening pussy. He proceeded to mount her, his cock slipped straight in up to the hilt, as they were both very turned on by the whole ensuing scenario. He didn't last long though, I could see why she had been left unsatisfied in the past.

When it was my turn to do the biz, they said that they wanted to do an extra something special to me for helping them out ( as if making love to his beautiful wife was not a big enough reward in itself )..but then who was I to refuse!

They told me to sit on the edge of the bed, where upon she started to French kiss me, and to my utter astonishment, he went down on me, taking in the full length of my cock down his throat. As I have always been a little bit bi, I was not put off by this at all, just surprised he would do that to me, as I never would have thought it possible of him.

She then stopped snogging me and said “OK, let's have it deep in me then”. Not that I needed any encouragement, I slammed my trembling trident right into her slippery silo, making her shudder and gasp! “That's more like it she cried” After a while fucking her brains out, she held me very tightly, spreading my ass cheeks wide apart.

I then felt something very cold being rubbed into my asshole, followed by something which I can only assume was a finger, which was inserted inside me. My mate then proceeded to climb on top of both of us and slowly but surely he inserted his cock inside my ass, which made me see stars to start with, until I got used to it. After only a few minutes of humping my butt, I felt him squirt his second load of the evening inside me.

We had been going at it for some time, Jane and I, when I happened to noticed that he was taking photographs, and filming all the action. Normally I might have had strong objections to this, but in the heat of the moment, and feeling like I was in heaven, and couldn't have given a toss whilst making love to a beautiful woman!

I eventually shot my load into her, she loved that, and what with our bodies soaked in sweat, I slid off her body, and lay down along side to get my breath back and recover.

“Same time next week he laughed” “Oh yes please” I said. She then said “you'd better turn up at the same time, same day next week and every time for the foreseeable future, otherwise we will post the footage of you screwing me online” I couldn't risk my wife seeing it that's for sure. It then dawned on me why they had worn highwayman type masks throughout,..... and I hadn't, I just assumed that it was one of their fetishes...duh!.

The End
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