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Guilty Pleasures

I’m a happily married, 28-year old wife and mother and a very successful businesswoman working on my own and partly for my husband in Bombay. I’m smart, good-looking; I eat right, exercise, and have a body that my critical eye says still looks pretty damn good in a small two-piece swimsuit. In my second life, I am a wanton slut that will do whatever my young stud lover wants me to do. Raj, my lover, is 25 years old and works at our firm responsible for doing legal jobs of his body is rock-hard. Brown eyes, beautiful black hair, and the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a man.

I am very much the professional in the office, but at office luncheons, pubs and parties, I am an outrageous flirt. I just can’t help it. At first, Raj was the perfect target for my flirting good-looking, young, single, and very aware of my status and position in the office. He was always fun to tease, always a good sport — until a farewell party of one In the holiday mood and feeling safe with my husband, Sagaar, at my side, I had been merciless flirting with Raj all evening. Later in the evening, I was walking out of the upstairs bathroom when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into a bedroom. It was Raj.

“Come here, you cock teaser.” He hissed, as he closed the bedroom door behind us. I didn’t say a word because I assumed he was now kidding me in return, or maybe he had had just a little too much to drink. His hands shot to my breasts and roughly felt them through the green velvet of my dress. His fingers found my bra less nipples and they hardened to his touch. “No, Raj! What do you think you’re doing? My husband is downstairs!” “I’m breaking a cock teaser. In my neighborhood we know how to deal with cock teasers and you are the worst I have ever met. When I’m through with you, you won’t tease me anymore.”

His rough talk and his rough grabs were so out of place, so beyond anything in my experience, so surprising, I was shocked and had to suppress a nervous giggle. But at the same time, the whole situation was turning me on. I didn’t fear for my safety, because of the setting and that it was Raj, and I knew he would never hurt me. Still, the roughness was causing me to respond. Sagaar, always a gentleman in and out of bed, had never talked to me or felt me the way Raj was. This was new and exciting. I fell back almost willingly when Raj pushed me back on to the bed. “Raj! Stop it! Are you crazy?” I was protesting, but I was also keeping my voice low. Raj ripped down his zipper and pulled out a beautiful, rigid cock. He threw my skirt up over my face, pulled down my panty hose and, instead of removing my panties, he merely pulled the elastic crotch far enough to the side to slide that wonderful dick into my already hot, wet cunt and I started the best orgasm of my life on his second stroke. When he came, he pulled out and stood up. I sat up and smiled at him, “Wow! I really can’t believe that happened, Raj. It was great, but I can’t believe I just cheated on my husband!” Raj grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his still-hard cock, “Shut up, bitch. Lick me clean.” I took his warm and sticky cock in my mouth, sucking it and then licking our juices from its length. As I was working on his cock, Raj said, “Do you know why cock teasers tease? Because they are really sluts and that’s the only way they know how to ask for it the way they want it - hard and fast.” I heard him, but was enjoying his cock too much to pay that much attention to what he was saying. Finally, when he was clean, he returned his meat into his pants and zipped up. He walked out of the bedroom without another word, and by the time I had reassembled myself and returned to the party, he was gone.

That night was the beginning of my descent into raunchy sex. I didn’t know it then, but Raj had given me something I could no longer live without. Until Raj took me on that bed, I never knew sexual excitement like that existed. I had never been that aroused, and I wanted more.

At work the following Monday, Raj followed me to my car and demanded a blowjob. There was never any question of doing what he said to do. I vividly remembered my orgasm, the total release and satisfaction, and wanted more. I gave Raj his blowjob, and that became the daily ritual. Every afternoon, I’d be sucking on my stud’s hot cock as his hands roamed over and in my body. He’d fill my mouth with cum, and watch me swallow it, and then I’d lick him clean, drive home and be the perfect wife and mother. On Friday afternoon, Raj gave me his address and told me to be there by noon on Saturday. It was easy enough to tell Sagaar that I was preparing for a project, which always entailed extra hours at the office. When I arrived at Raj’s, he pointed me to the bedroom and told me to undress. For the next three hours I was held in the most wonderful state of sexual awareness in my life! Raj tired this girl out! His hard body and hard cock were all over and in my body. I became a slave to his touch. He would tease and play with me until my release was about to explode, and then back off - he drove me crazy and into ecstasy. He fucked my mouth, my cunt, my tits and my virgin ass hole. He sucked my nipples and toes and fingers and clit. He massaged my legs and back and breasts and my pussy. Sagaar had been the only other man wanted Raj to fuck me for days. I was dressing to leave, standing on wobbly legs, hugging Raj around the neck, when he patted my buns and said, “Same time, next Saturday, slut.” “I’ll be here.” “See you in the parking garage after work on Monday, slut.” “I’ll be waiting, Raj.”

It was hard to believe, but our fuck session the following Saturday was even better than the first! Raj was so young and strong and aggressive. The more he demanded from me, the more I responded and enjoyed. But after that second Saturday, I didn’t want to wait another long week between Raj’s fucks. Every evening after work hours I begged Raj to let me visit him. Finally, on Thursday he said yes. I stayed until midnight and just about crawled home and into my bed. Driving home, I admitted to myself, for the first time, that I was no longer in control of all aspects of my life — I was physically and sexually addicted to Raj. On the third Saturday, Raj wasn’t alone when I arrived. “This is my friend, Amit,” smiled Raj.

I said hello to Amit and the three of us talked for a while. I couldn’t wait for him to leave, so Raj and I could get on with the fucking! I get hot just being close to Raj. Raj patted me on the knee and smiled again, saying, “I told Amit you’d give him a blow job, before he left.” “No, Raj, I can’t do that.” I couldn’t understand why Raj would say that, and wondered how far he was going to push me. “Well, Babe, then I guess you better get your coat and get the fuck out of here. No more fun times with me.” I knew Raj was serious. I’m embarrassed to admit I thought about it for only a few seconds. I was not prepared to give up Raj’s pleasures so easily.

“Okay, Raj, I’ll do as you ask.” With a huge grin, Amit led me into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. I opened his belt and trousers and pulled them down to his shoe-tops. I knelt on the floor, between his legs, and wrapped my lips around his cock, feeling it grow and harden inside my wet mouth. Before Amit came, Raj entered the bedroom. He was naked and seemed to enjoy watching me fuck Amit with my mouth. His dick was hard and I reached for it with my hand as Amit exploded in my mouth.

I’m sure you guessed that Amit didn’t leave, and the next several hours I had both men fucking and sucking me in turn and at the same time. It became obvious that Raj’s favorite position was pounding his cock into me, doggie-style, as I sucked on Amit’s cock. My body was sore and tired as I drove home from Raj’s apartment. I couldn’t believe that, up until about 4 weeks ago, only my husband had ever made love to me, and that day I had been used and abused by two young studs. I wondered why I didn’t have regrets or more guilt. The relationship, if that is what this is, has gotten kinkier and kinkier. I continued to go to Raj’s place almost every Saturday for the next couple of months. Most days Raj was alone, but Amit did show up occasionally and the 3-way was repeated each time.

In late March, Raj told me to get there a little early and when I did, he handed me an outrageous outfit. It was a saree very transparent, Blouse with no back and deep low and wide open in the front. No ghagra just this two clothes and both very transparent and very high heels. “Put these on, Chikni Gulbadan. I’m having some friends over to watch cricket, and you’re going to be our waitress.” I definitely didn’t like the sound of that, after my experience with Amit. “Raj, please don’t make me do this. I don’t want to entertain your friends — just you. I’ll wear this saree for you.”

Raj grabbed the clothes from my hand. “No problem, chikni. You know the rule — you do what I ask, or we don’t play anymore. It’s that simple. You wear this for my friends or An hour later, dressed in the outfit and wearing more makeup than I have since I was 14, I was serving beer and chips to Raj, Amit and three friends. My tits, ass and pussy were being grabbed, tweaked, poked, probed and fingered at every opportunity. I was pulled down on to laps for feels and kisses until one of the new guys pulled out his hard cock and told me to sit on it. Of course, and as usual, all this mistreatment had really turned me on and I was only too happy to position myself in his lap, facing him, pulling my saree, and slowing lowering my hot, wet cunt onto his cock. He pulled my top over my head and began to attack my tits with his mouth and hands. That started the party in earnest. After that first fuck, I moved from lap to lap, fucking and blowing the five guys as fast as they could shoot their load and get hard again.
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