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Give And Take And Then Forget

\r\nIt was my first day in this town. I was provided a flat in a big sky skipper. I was a young man of 30 fair and tall.. When i have reached there at night there was not even any lights in those flats. hardly a few were occupied. I was told that many of the owners were foreigners and will come only once in a year or so. Others are of companies where the residents may change even in months. The flat was very good. Since I was alone it was creating a loneliness.Initially i became friendly with the watchman. An old army man.

He has brought food and water to me I have requested him to sleep in my flat for a day. IHe has agreed to send a boy for my help. After locking he has reached in my flat. He had some drinks and so he was very talkative since arrival. He was the cousin of that watchman . He gave an idea of the flats and people staying there. He was a young man of 35 a. and a good singer and romantic fellow. In most of the flats there are only ladies and that also old ao past middle aged ones. There relatives were at abroad. I have just instigated him and asked if any \"non veg\" is available for reducing cold in night. The fellow was very much surprised .and has asked me whether really I am interested.

I told him to tell about the mal and then only I can decide. He has informed that he ha only two is in hand. Both are servant maids. One is of forty and the other about twenty eight. Both are married and with kids and drunken husbands.But his guaranty is for clean and healthy with good behaviour.he has shown their photos for me . Both were sexy but the elder was light coloured and tall. I have liked her. Then he told me that he shall go and get her and shall come on the morning. I have asked him to see that she has taken a good bath. \r\n He has left and I had a small nap. Then i saw the door was open and some one has entered. I had given my key to him earlier. .I was astonished to see a very dignified lady with manicured and pedicured and with bobbed hair was in my room. No one can think her as a maid. She has come to me and near me in bed.

I got a good and fresh smell She has opened her dresses and stood in front for me. I have also removed the clothes and sat there looking her. She has caught my manhood and asked permission to suck. O. I have not told any thing, Then she has kneeled in front and took him in her mouth. The next half an hour was a real treat for me. Her tongue has moved on each part on the penis., and she hassucked me as if the sperms are beeing sucked out and have reached full size and has fucked her with my full might. She was crushed under me and she was crying in pain and later in happiness. I have a habit of not using the condoms . It depends on the look. We had two full course and then has slept . I have asked her for a fresh girl for ten thousand as a business man. She told me that she will not cheat me but can get a lady of 20 who has married newly.

Infact she is in need of twenty thousand for giving an advance to her choly. She was confidant of getting her in day time for two or four hours. She is very innocent and fresh and beautiful. her husband might have used her hardly five to six times. Marriage was before one month only. Her hus was a truck driver and has taken his company truck to south for 10 days just after his marriage .And now also he is out. Her mehndi has not yet been washed away. I was much interested. I told her that she will be given a special Bapkish for that. Her only request was to avoid the watch man and the fellow. I have planed to take her to a bungalow of my friend out of the city,so that no one will know it..

She has to come with her since she is fresh and for avoiding any gossips.\r\n From my youth it was my practice to get the local girls at all the places i was visiting. At time this has failed but the rate of success was great. in some cased I have even enjoied a full family one after the other. Before they are understanding it as used to leave the place on transfer. I found it as easy and secure than the girls from office. here they act as slaves and will never try to make demands.In case of uneducated they can be used for my liking ..

I have arranged the bungalow and was waiting for them in the own . Soon at about 10 Am they have come and has entered in my car. we have reached there at 11 and on the route i have taken food packets and water. I have seen her in the car but she was fully covered by her sari. Immediately after food she was asked to come naked . I have no interest to open her dress. Also i was not in a condition to wait. She was brought by the maid. The girl was very fair and young Her breast was of the size of a big apple and as hard as it. I have pulled her and gave a kiss extending for about 15 minutes. I have pulled her tongue sucked and made her to suck mine . soon she has started cooperating. > I have licked and kissed her breasts and sucked it wile biting her nipple. Her feet was very small and soft ,with red painted. I have licked it and the thigh.

But pussy was avoided since it was used by a truck driver. I have fucked her for an hour and she was out with that .I thought she was unconscious. Then i have called the other and has continued with her. Finally I was also completely weak and has started to sleep. \r\n We have returned by 4 Pm and I have taken rest for the next 2 days. The watch man was asking for another but I was to get recharged for that. During my stay for six months I have used these two for many times. The most happy one was the enjoyment on her own bed in her new kholi. She was so happy with me then and was giving all she has from her mind. I have even gave more assistance to her in getting that place for her. It was a present for the next generation , since I feel she might have got one from me . Now I will never see her again. \r\n
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