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For Every Dog Has A Day Part 3

On that night i have finished dinner and has reported as quickly as possible to badi bhauji. I knew that it is the only chance to have her. Even with force ,and even by her protest I can have her since there was none in the house. Only the dogs may create some barking. When i have reached the room of badi ba, she was very angry with me. She thought I am there only for there for her relative. So naturally I have to satisfy her and act the same old method of tying her after opening her bra and upper dress.

This was to show that she has no hand in her fuck. But she has told me that after much protest she will submit for me. In any case do not leave her. Initially she want a rough rape. Then has to care her and has to make her confident, Still if she feels she will counsel her. I was told that she was a distant relative of her. She is from a village. After marriage she has come to a rich sasuraal. But she has lost husband in an accident. Now she lives by tr care of that family. bahu feels sorry for her and wants her to have sex as well as share from her sasuraal, I have knocked her room at about 11 PM. She has opened the door thinking that it is her sister.

Then I have entered forcibly. She had cried or screamed in her top voice. I have closed her mouth and has pressed her down on her bed. .The dresses were simply torn off. It was found that she is like a teen virgin. The breast was like a cone. she was very fair. She has maintained her body nicely even with out nail polish and makeup. She was 100% better than the badi bahu. Almost the standard of the middle bahu ,minus the fat and plus one feet more hight. Slowly She has understood that There is no use in crying. She has probably decided to surrender. I have left her mouth and took it in my mouth. Her tongue was very linh and soft. I took it out and sucked.

It was a simple rape in the first try. She was very much weak then i have started to lick and suck all her organs ,and has pressed her thighs and breasts. She was submitting with out any fight .When I was to go for a second time she was cooperating in kissing and was catching me with her legs and hands. It was after third time I took her and has gone to badi bahu's room. The room was opened by my love,Sundary my love. I have put her in the badi bahus bed and slept with badi for some time. She was under the tied up condition. .After some time i have left with Sundari for our play. She was very unhappy in me having another one. I told her that she has to suffer and help me in getting them i,if she has to marry me. She did not said and answer but has given her for the rest of the night.. In The early hours of the next day I has another show .and i have told her about the action happened in the bed room in last night. She was very sorry for her. She told me that that girl was like her daughter and has grown in her hand.

But I have made her understood that in se x Iall girls will be of someones daughter. And further she should not talk like this or \i will not tell the truth. Finally she has agreed .I have already told her about other girls and their mom. Which she was not felt much,.I have also told her that my aim is the middle bahu ,mother of this beautiful girl,the most beautiful. still remember an incident in the early days of her arrival. Then i was sweeping the floor where water was spilt over by accidently. She was sitting there Even when I have reached near her she did not move. Finally I told her to change the chair. She has lifted her legs and retorted me telling that you may lift the foot wear and clean.

Then I have looked her face. she was really beautiful .I did not mind in touching the chapel of such a beauty. But she did not liked my look and just kicked my face with her bare feet. Really I had a erection instead of anger. That day onwards I used to imagine of lying under her beautiful feet and licking it,and do my masrubations. Now I have already got her most beautiful girl and can easily show that video for her. Sundari was a bit unhappy for her action on me,and so was ready to help me in getting her. After the holidays all girls have gone to various hostels. I had used the girl lallu once more n my room. She was very professional and was not worried for our sex. But also she wasn't happy with me.

I have decided to have a full .in her case. If much forced she may tell all and will make a problem to me. I have given the C.D to sundary.she has given it to her mother. As planned she was brought to me. I have told her that the boy will not come again,and it is better not to ask with her. But the source of CD is known and I can stop him for some expenses. She has given money but I told her that I being their servant will not take money. .The girl is also my girl and so she will be protected.But for doing these she want to fulfill one of my long lasting wish. I used to dream it always. That is having her for one day. She was flabbergasted. It took much time to close her mouth.stop .

Then one day she has come with sundary ,my love to my room. I have told her to remove her dresses and sit in front of me.While she was doing so I forced sundary and fucked her in front of her. Sundari has posed as helpless and has cried . Then I have caught the bahu by her hair and made her to suck the wet dick with Sundri's fluids and my sperms. I did not think much of her since I have even felt that she may run away So i did a clean fuck in the camera angle and then only has started my wish of licking her beautiful feet.

I made her to crush me under it with her full force. I have enjoyed it. I have left her only after one more fuck. She took the poor (according to her) sundari along with her.Later she was given all the CD's and sundari also was given good money for keeping the secret and her loss. I told this to badi bahu she was astonished. But I have avoided the daughter part intentionally thinking that she may not like that..It is not that i am fearing her but it was through her good wishes I could get the rich beauties, and sundari my love, as a whole.Now it is time to do the marriage since now i know that sundari is my real partner.

The choti bahu was ready to come again after a week with just a call from me. She was happy that all problems have been solved. I simply took her feet and has started enjoying them. She was excited and have told me that it was new to her. She has never thought that her feet is so nice for a man. That day I could enjoy her with much care and cooperation. Even though I have never told of our video she has given all to me willingly. I have decided to use her till I am satisfied .and if she plays some' nakre ('resistance) then I may show them.

I have also told her my decision to marry sundari ,since I am sorry for her. In fact she was very happy for Sundari. Our marriage has taken place after one month in a simple ceremony. All my keeps were there without knowing each others role. I have used the bahus for one more time before marriage and was hopping to leave them alone and to try for some thing new. It was mu word to Sundari that ai should leave all the bahus and kids except badi.
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