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Extra Marital Affair Redefined Part 6

I had to work on a very important sale and needed to visit my office today despite being a Saturday. Running your own business has its own issues. I guessed Mahuya could utilize that time to get much better acquainted with RajivJi.

That day I had great difficulty in driving out the thoughts of my wife screwing RajivJi out of my mind. I had an important sale at hand that needed my complete attention but my dick wouldn't let me concentrate on my work. Finally, I had to jack off in the office restroom to relieve myself. Only then I was able to focus on my work. I had spent almost 3 hours on my work before a phone from a friend interrupted my concentration.

After having some casual talk with my friend I thought of giving a call to Mahuya to find out what was up. Surprisingly, there was no answer. I tried a few more times but again she didn't pick up.

After another 5 minutes, I got a call from Mahuya. She was short of breath and cursed me for calling at the wrong time I told you not to disturb me she said in an irritated tone and suddenly her conversation changed.

"Honey, I am fine. I was in the shower and hence couldn't take the call. I got to go now."

I knew that something was definitely up at home. Either they were into the act or had just finished the act. I had a tough time getting my thoughts back to the proposal at hand. With great difficulty I submerged myself into the files and only got up after the proposal was ready. It was around 9:30 pm and I got a call from Mahuya to find out when I was returning.

I wondered if she wanted to have one last session with him before I returned and hence called up to find out. Anyway, I was to be back home in half-an-hour so was not sure if they would cut it so close.

I was home by 10:20. She was waiting for me at the door, wearing just her sexiest night suit. In no time I pulled her into my arms and our eyes met. She looked a bit tired, perhaps with the extended session with RajivJi. I checked for any signs of her rendezvous with him. Her skin seemed to be a bit more flushed and I saw a few bite marks around her lips, remnants of passionate kisses that were exchanged that day, perhaps. Her lips themselves looked tender, succulent, and reddish in color.

I lowered my mouth to hers, she didn't resist but neither did she reciprocate. My lips were engulfing her lips in an effort to penetrate her lips. Gradually her lips parted and I could feel my tongue sneaking in through her lips. She responded to my kiss by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I wonder if RajivJi had just left for the day and I tasted their mixed juices. Her breath smelled normal and their wasn't an tangy or salty taste so she definitely hadn't given a blowjob to him just before I arrived.

With our intense tongue play, we found us moving into the living room and crashed onto the love seat where RajivJi had seduced Mahuya last night. My hands were all over her body and I slowly unbuttoned her top. My hand sneaked into the bathrobe caressing her smooth skin onto one of her mound. Mahuya gasped involuntarily as my fingers played with her nipples.

As my hand massaged her tits, I could witness the signs that RajivJi left for me. Her breasts were unusually fuller and red. Her flawless fair skin had lots of bruises and hickeys on her breasts. I lowered my mouth and took one of the nipples into my mouth. I gently rolled my tongue over her nipple and caressed her areole with my tongue. I then took her nipple into my teeth and very gently started nibbling at them. Mahuya enjoyed this foreplay a lot.

"Easy Ravi!"

"RajivJi has already drained my milk," she moaned.

"He did!" I exclaimed.

"All evening he was latched onto my breasts."
I tried to tell him that I need to feed Tushar but he did not care and he was so eager to have my entire milk I had to feed him all.
"What else did he do?" saying that I was moved slowly towards her crotch.

"Slow baby, I am yet to recover from his assault. He has ravished me in last 4 hours. I have never been used this way."

Her panty was very wet with the juices of their mating. I had an urge to see how much open her lips were. I was not sure if she could have easily accommodated him, as his equipment was considerably larger than mine. I wondered if she purposely didn't take a shower and perhaps wanted to present herself in the state in which RajivJi had left her.

Ever so slowly I kneeled down all the while caressing her well-used body gently. She was comfortably lying on the love seat with her legs spread wide and her suit bunched up near her waist.

She let out a gasp as I moved in to smell her pussy from close quarters. It had a distinct smell of a well-used pussy. Without wasting much time I moved the thin silk material of her panty near the crotch area aside to expose her cunt lips. What I saw took my breath away! Her normally pink pussy lips were deep red in color and they were wide open showing the entrance to best place on earth.

She had played safe with RajivJi, as there were no signs of semen around her pussy. Her lips had the telltale signs of a much-used pussy. Her breathing was a bit labored as my fingers traced contours of her wide-open pussy. I wondered if she would be able to feel me after accommodating RajivJi.
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