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Extra Marital Affair Redefined Part 11


"Yes! And that night when he guided my hand to his erection during a passionate smooch, I knew my instincts were spot on."

"But you weren't 100% sure before, right?"

"Obviously, how could I? I am not a fortuneteller RAVI!"

"Your behavior that night was very risky. What if I had woken up and walked on you both? What if Tushar had woken up."

"I know that is what made it so exciting," she said giggling.

"Moreover, RajivJi had me worked up so much that I couldn't resist," she added justifying her actions that night.

"You had the guts to give him a blowjob in the kitchen," I said almost complaining.

"Isn't it better than having intercourse in the living room?" she retorted.

"Besides, why are you complaining? I am sure you too enjoyed it from your vantage point."

"Yes I did," I said conceding that I too had immensely enjoyed.

"RajivJi wanted to continue in our spare bedroom. That would have been very risky as you could have woken up anytime for the match."

"So, you weren't aware that I was there all the time?" I asked her puzzled about this new piece of information.

"No, it was only during my blowjob that I realized you were watching discretely from the staircase."

I was glad to hear this piece of information. So, her reaction to RajivJi's advances weren't calculated and she was her natural self. As the scenes played through my mind, I could recollect how adroitly RajivJi had maneuvered the conversation and only at the right moment did his actions became physical. Her passionate kisses were proof that she found him attractive enough to mate with him.

"And that didn't affect you?" I asked surprised with her answer. She never showed that she was caught in the act.

"Actually, my heart did skip a beat but then it was dark for me to ascertain that you were there."

"Moreover, I was already into the action."

"Yes! You were into the act completely. Devouring every inch of his monster!"

"Oh Yes!"

"It was fabulous – my first extramarital rendezvous!"

"When did you know for sure that I was watching you?" I asked.

"Only the next day when you mentioned it."

I cursed myself for not being able to control myself. She was totally unaware about my presence. Although, she did think that I was watching them it was too difficult to make out in the dark.

"I had no intentions of continuing it in our spare bedroom," she said bringing back the reason why she took such a risky-step that night.

"But RajivJi wanted to continue."

"Perhaps, he was not sure if such an opportunity would arise again," she added. I could understand that. She could have shrugged of what transpired that night if it hadn't gone beyond some petting. It was imperative for RajivJi to put a stamp that it was much more than petting. So, that he could coerce her to continue the affair if her guilty conscience prevented her from resuming the affair the next day. And stamp he did put – by penetrating her lips that night. Does it matter which ones?

As fate would have it, Tushar's loud cries interrupted our conversation. It broke the momentum our conversations had gained. As Mahuya hurriedly left the study room, I wondered if we would be able to continue this conversation again. I turned my attention back to my laptop and tried to continue from where I left off. However, I wasn't in a state to work. I needed more of the gory details and within five minutes decided to join Mahuya in our bedroom.

Mahuya was breastfeeding Tushar; she believed that added to longevity of our son and also helped her regain her size quickly. She motioned me to keep quite as Tushar was content feeding and was, I guess, almost on verge of falling asleep. I tiptoed to the bed and silently lied down next to her my body pressing against her entire body. I wiggled in position to line my throbbing erection just next to her ass crack.

I nudged her neck with my lips and whispered into her ears, "Why don't you continue your story?" She turned back slightly and looked into my eyes to sense how desperate I was for this. Our eyes met and lips sealed into a passionate kiss. We fervently swapped saliva while Tushar, our one-year-old one, was suckling.

"He wanted to be relieved," she said breaking her kiss. Her lips glistened with our mixed juices.

"What was going through your mind when he implored you for that," I asked urging her to give me the gory details.

"I had the urge to take a peek at his manhood that would penetrate my virginal married vagina sooner or later," she said giggling at the thought of it.

"He was well-endowed. I felt the entire length of his cock – a good eight inches – before he motioned me to kneel down."

It was clear she was not good at numbers. It was clearly around 10 inches almost twice my size. I was not sure if his size enticed her but it seemed so now. Anyway, I wasn't to let her know that he was almost twice my size.

"Did you plan to give him a blowjob? Or just masturbate him."

"All I wanted to do was inspect his majestic equipment that felt so nice concealed in his pajamas," she said nonchalantly.

"But I was also concerned about the possibilities if you walked in on us in that state," she said in a concerned tone.

"On an after thought, we would have been more safer if we had moved to dining room but some reason we just decided to do it in the kitchen."

"What did you find when you peeled off the pajamas?" I asked her as my hands moved cupped her sizeable bum and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"A thick black one-eyed monster stared at me," she responded carefully choosing the words to titillate me. Her lips only couple of inches from mine – her intoxicating breath revealing her excited state.

"He wasn't completely hard, though."

"Perhaps due to his age," she added thoughtfully.

"The visions of this monster ramming into my tight snatch were driving my crazy," she said breathing heavily.

"I played with his prick and in no time it was as taught as a cable wire, leaking copious precum."

"Did you feel like tasting it at that time?"


"I didn't feel like wasting his precious precum and used my thumbs to spread it on his penis, instead."

"And then you pulled forward his foreskin," I said continuing her story.

"Wow, you were quite watchful," she said blushing. "Yes I was," I said as I leaned forward to kiss her lips again. This was a short wet peck though.

"RajivJi was gently pulling me towards his erect penis."

"Relenting to his pressure, I leaned forward as I pulled back his foreskin and massaged his bulbous knob."

"It was dark purple in color and much larger than yours," she mentioned nonchalantly. It had to be, he was much larger than me I heard saying to myself.

"Lust filled my mind as the strong smell of sex hit my nostrils."

"I was just inches away from his penis and the musky smell of his sex was intoxicating me."

"It was in that inebriated state of lust I relented to his continued pressure and kissed his knob."

"A peck, right?" I interrupted her saying what I had seen. Mahuya picked Tushar and got up to put him in his cradle the other side of the bed.

"It was a kiss as my lips had parted just enough to conceal his pee hole in the kiss," she said as she put him safely in the cradle.

"I had an urge to pleasure this monster as it would be soon pleasuring me," she said returning back to me.

"And then I got into the act completely."

"You went overboard in pleasuring him!"

"Just in your first encounter you were going in for his perineum?" I said in an accusing tone.

"I told you I was full of lust for him that night," she said justifying her conduct and gently pushing me downwards hinting for me to go down on her.

"Weren't you afraid of portraying a sluttish image in front of him?" I asked gently sliding down towards the bed. I rolled her nigh suite and kissed her slender beautiful thighs.

"That thought didn't cross my mind. Perhaps, I was secure having invested so much time in making sure that I am not an easy lay."

"In any event that is what he wanted me to be," she said revealing her inherent desire to please him. Her fingers clasped me hair and gently pushed me towards her vagina.

"A slut for him!"

"A slut - who wouldn't stop at anything for the sake of pleasuring him."

I was surprised at the submissive streak that Mahuya was revealing. I always thought she was dominating kind and after living with her for four years this was a sudden sharp turn in her behavior. She has always been in command in our relationship – not that I regretted it. I wondered if RajivJi had struck the submissive chord in her.

"His large sacs complimented his equipment well," she continued. I found her panties and gently pushed the panty aside to expose her reddish lips. She was definitely in a very excited state as she had some secretions as well, which she usually has when she is extremely hot.

"I bathed his sacs in my saliva – an urge forced me to feel every part of his genitals with my mouth."

"It was an awkward position that spoiled my efforts otherwise I was determined to find his perineum," she said.

"Looks like you wouldn't have minded even tonguing his asshole," I exclaimed feeling the throes of passion she was in. My remark had caught her off guard and perhaps I was burdening her with my thoughts. I wondered if she could give him the privilege of being the first to experience analingus from her.

"I didn't think about it then but I wouldn't have minded if he had asked for it," she surprised me with her witty reply. The answer clearly showed that she was quite keen to impress him and willing to even indulge in acts that she never even performed with me. Her hands put further pressure and pulled me to her vaginal lips. I gently probed her clitoris with tip of my tongue; she only moaned as my tongue touched her sensitive clitoris.

"Did you try attempting it in your later sessions?"

"I didn't as he was more content with humping me every time he had an erection.
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