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Dorjee and younger sister's boyfriend

Dorjee promised her 14 year-old sister Sange that she would help her get ready for her first big Valentine’s Day. Her sister had never had a Valentine before and she was really excited about it. Dorjee stopped by the house with a cute outfit she picked out for her sister; she loved it. She looked cuter than ever in it. Her boyfriend, Vishal, was going to love it even more. Both sisters were up in the bedroom, checking out the outfit Dorjee picked out.

“You look stunning!” Dorjee said to her sister. “You’re gonna knock this kid’s socks off.”

“Thanks,” Sange blushed. “You really think so?”

“Heck yea!” Dorjee responded. “You look like a celebrity.”

For all of the attention she was giving her little sister, Dorjee looked pretty damn hot, too. Dorjee was 19years old, 5'5, with long brunette hair, and had huge 36DD breasts, a slim waist and a perfect round bubble ass. she was wearing a loose oversized t-shirt and a very short shorts, which made her look like shes only wearing a shirt and nothing else. Needless to say, she looked gorgeous.

“I’m just nervous. I’ve never had a Valentine before.”

“Well,” Dorjee said. “What are you guys going to do?”

“We’re going to the movies and then eat at some restaurant. I’m not sure of the name.”

“That sounds like a great night. How long have you been dating this kid?”

“Like 4 months,” Sange answered. “I really, really, REALLY like him.”

Both the sisters laughed together.

“Good. I bet he really, really, REALLY likes you, too.”

“I would hope,” Sange said sarcastically.

The two sisters’ conversation was interrupted by their mother yelling from downstairs. “Sange !” she yelled upstairs. “i need you to come to the departmental store with me.”
Sange let out a small gasp. "I guess i have to get that done before Vishal comes to pick me up."

“Sange ! Come on!” their mother yelled up again.

“Ok, well I’ll see you later Dorjee. Thanks a lot. Thanks for everything!” She smiled at her older sister. She admired her.

“No problem, kiddo,” Dorjee said back, giving her little sister a hug. “I love you.”

“Love you, too! See ya!”

After the Sange and their mom left, Dorjee sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. The movie “Paycheck” was on. She knew the movie was pretty bad, but she thought Ben Affleck was SO hot. Just seeing him on screen turned her on. “God, he’s beautiful,” she thought. “Jennifer Garner is one lucky bitch.” Dorjee had such a huge crush on Ben that she even had a vibrator named after him. She called it “Big Ben” and most people who knew about it never really made the connection to the star. She was thinking about “Big Ben” and how she was going to spend this Valentine’s Day without her boyfriend when she heard a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, she looked through the peephole. It was some kid – maybe Vishal.

She opened the door, “Hey, you must be Vishal?”

Vishal was shocked at seeing Dorjee there in the doorway. Nevertheless, the boy replied, “Yea. Is Sange home?”

“Actually, she’s out with my mom right now. ”
“I thought she said to be here at 5:30.”
“I’m pretty sure she planned on starting the date at 5:30, but mom made her go with her to the market.” Dorjee told the boy. “Don’t stand out there in the cold, though. Come on in. You can wait inside’”

“okay thanks,” Vishal replied.

Dorjee laughed at the boy’s honesty. “Yeah, but Ben Affleck is in it. He’s one of my favorites.”

The two of them sat down, Dorjee on the couch and Vishal on the chair next to it. Since the movie on the tv was boring, she figured she might as well start a conversation.

“So, how old are you, Vishal?”


“Oh. You look mature for your age. Sange picked a good one out.” She smiled, just trying to compliment him.

“Sange isn’t half bad herself,” Vishal joked. Dorjee laughed with him. Then there was silence.

Looking to break the silence, Dorjee said, “You know, this movie kind of sucks. Let’s change it. I’ll pop some new movie i got yesterday or something.” She got down on all fours in front of the television and looked for the DVD. Vishal couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful sister's ass. Even if she was years older than him.

“Here it is.” She popped it into the DVD player and then headed to the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink?”

“I’ll have a Pepsi, please.”

“Coming right up,” she said. “What a well-mannered boy,” she thought. “Pretty cute, nice, funny. Good choice Sange !”

Dorjee came back into the living room. She was fluster to see she poped in the wrong DVD on the television. It was a porno; she had no idea how it got there. There was a guy on the screen with over a 10-inch cock fucking the living shit out of a hot Brazilian girl with a big ass.

“Oh my God!” Dorjee yelled. “I’m so sorry.” She ran to the DVD player and popped the movie out. “I’m really sorry, Vishal.”

“It’s ok, it was better than I expected,” the boy replied. As Dorjee turned around, Vishal was sitting there with the biggest boner in his pants.

Dorjee kind of laughed. “Do you need a pillow or something to umm, cover up?”

Vishal didn’t answer her question. “You know, I’m bigger than the guy in that video.”

Dorjee’s memory hit rewind and she remembered the guy being huge – over 10-inches. She was surprised by his comments but somehow bought into his little game.
“No way!” she exclaimed.

“Only one way to find out,” Vishal said. He had a little grin on his face. She didn’t know whether to believe him or not. She didn’t know what to do.
Her words flowed out of her mouth voluntarily, “Ok, let’s see it.” She was kind of excited when she said it. She had never seen a cock that big, especially on such a young kid!

“I want to see you first. Just take off your shirt or something.”

Dorjee contemplated this. She was curious how far Vishal was going to play this game, and how far she was going to play. She didn’t see in any harm in taking off her shirt. With one quick motion, her shirt came off and her beautiful tits bounced out of their restraints. She forgot, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hot 36DD tits were there staring 14 year-old Vishal right in the face.

“Holy shit!” was all he could say.

She was kind of embarrassed, kind of flattered by his reaction.

“Your tits are amazing!” he yelled.

“Quiet down,” she said. “It’s your turn. Are you going to live up to your end of the deal?” Dorjee could see the bulge in his pants was even bigger than before. She started to think he could be bigger than the guy in the porno. This little kid looked pretty big.

“I want you to take it out for me.”

“Holy shit,” she thought. “Can I do this?” Dorjee was actually starting to get pretty horny from all this teasing. Her brain told her not to play along anymore, but something deep inside needed to see this boy’s cock.

Dorjee crawled over to the boy. She put her hands on his legs and looked into his eyes, there was nothing but pure lust there. It turned her on to have this type of effect on somebody. She unbuttoned his pants. She looked back up at him. The waiting was killing him. Dorjee took one hand and slowly unzipped Vishal’s pants. She slowly reached down into the boy’s pants and pulled his 14 year-old cock out. She squeezed it softly with her hand. Dorjee rubbed it, slowly, running her hand up and down it, stroking it. Then she stopped.

“This isn’t as big as the guy in the video.”

“You’re right,” Vishal said. “But it’s still pretty big, don’t you think?”

Vishal’s cock was over 8 inches and very thick. For being 14 years old, this boy was gifted. It was still bigger and thicker than any cock Dorjee had ever seen. She was drawn to it for some reason.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big,” she said, shyly.

“Keep stroking it,” Vishal said. Dorjee doesn’t know why, but she obeyed his command. She gripped his cock hard and started to jerk him off. She was getting more and more turned on.

“Rub it against your tits!” Vishal ordered. Again, she complied with his command. She started to rub his big hard cock against her tits. She reached under his cock and started to play with his balls.

“That feels amazing, Dorjee.”
“Mmmm,” was all she could say.
“Open your mouth and suck my cock.” Dorjee was his slut right now. She lowered her head and licked up and down the shaft.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and then push her head down as far as she could. She gagged a little.
“Deepthroat it, baby!” she heard Vishal yell. She went down as far as she could, and stopped. Vishal put his hand on the back of heard head and pushed his cock into her throat.
“Just like that, baby.”
“Mmmuhmmm,” again was all Dorjee could manage out of her mouth.

Vishal reached down and started to play with Dorjee’s sexy tits. He squeezed them, rubbed them, pinched her nipples. He could tell she loved it as she started to moan louder as she sucked his cock into her throat.

Dorjee pulled off his cock. “Vishal, baby. Titty-fuck me! I need it.” Vishal knew he couldn’t last much longer but he loved the idea of ramming his dick in between her tits.
“Lay down on your back, Dorjee!” Dorjee laid down on her back and squeezed her big sexy tits together. She was ready.

“Fuck my titties, Vishal!”

Vishal needed no further encouragement. He got on top of Dorjee and pushed his big hard cock in between her tits. It felt like heaven. He started pumping his young cock hard and fast in between Dorjee’s pair of gorgeous tits.

“Fuck yeah, Vishal, that’s the way to do it!”

“Dorjee, this is so fucking hot,” Vishal said as he continued to pump his cock in between her tits.
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