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Cut Throat Business Part 2

Thanks for reading the part -!. Many might have felt these are fake stories. But they are true but for a third man it does not matter .After one year When the Adm office have informed me that my customer has neither returned the principle nor the interest I was worried. Te loan was sanctioned only on personal interest. Even though the interest was high i had reduced it for them. I had recovered a part from her is also a fact. So when i have gone there I made it a point to visit them. I have reached his house with out any advance information.

It was our way .if informed in majority cased the man will be out of station. So surprise factor is beneficial. Here he was not at home. She has welcomed me and gave tea etc. I told her the condition.The companies way is to ask the local office to collect interest through our liaison officer. Here i have told his name ,He was a dreaded goon of that area. I told her that Interest has to be paid. The loan period can be extended if I am pleased. .She has compelled me to stay for dinner. In the meanwhile she has gone for a wash . I have sat with her sister who was with her then. She was a very fair girl of 20 ,studying for degree. Now a days she was with them. I told her that I have just came here .

But She was aware of the large loan and my help to her jiju etc. She told me that the condition is not good even now. A lot of money of her father was also engulfed bu jiju's business. Either he does not know the work or he is very crooked. She has requested me to see that her father gets the money back. I was worried. then she has gone in for some personal work I was sitting alone waiting for dinner. Then the land line got active. I took the receiver accidentally . Then I heard that my friend was talking to his wife. He was telling her " has the stupid has come to home? she told him yes . and also told that she has to provide dinner to that block head-that is me?

Again he told her " to just show her legs or boob and sent him out. By next month all the business will be sold and then he has to forget about the loan." I have simply kept the phone and just left the place. I knew that they have cheated me.The sex provided last time was a planed one. That means she has used her sex for their cheating business. They have even cheated her father. But poor fellows did not know our cut throat business. We use sex even of their grant mother for our profit only. Never we had any loss in such relations. Even our own people are not speared in business .

I have instructed my advocate to give a notice and necessary advertisement for preventing any sale of their company with out settling our loan deals. I have also instructed the goon gang to collect interest. In this case they used to collect 20 % more as their cut from them apart 20% from us In fact no much loss for us. I have stayed in the company hotel till the work is over. All news papers were given the notice with in two days. The papers signed by my friend was a blank one. If he behaved as my friend we would have charged less interest and the paper was not even used. But now we have written his house and company buildings as surety and we have increased loan from 10 to 20 lakhs. .They have understood the mistake .

they both came together and then one by one to request . She was ready to do any thing. But now . I took her to another town and had a full work in very rough way. I called her as randi But she has cried and told me her problem. What she should have done with a unfit MAN. He was a cheat from the start. He has cheat d her father and his father also. He has told her that he will marry her sister for that loam. Now every thing is going .please help us. Finally I have lost interest in her The beautiful body was feeling as ugly.

I have left her . Finally he has sold the company to us with a depreciation rate, to avoid loosing their house. and thus settled the deal. I have called her father and has given his money on selling the company building and business. Poor man was thinking that he has lost all his earnings, His daughter has come alone to thank me for helping her father. I told her that we are cut throats and has never does any favor with out benefits. She was ready to give any thing,since her marriage was delayed for want of money.She was sorry that jiju has even told her that if he fails to return money then he will marry you with out taking any money.. He has used her externally many a time even though he was not able to do all. And she has not even dare to complain against him fearing to loose their money. Now let them do as they like . They are not allowed to come to our house.Finally she told me to ask my fee.

By then I have started liking her and i have asked for her. She did not object but I had to take her by force to my bed. That day I had enjoyed her in full. She was having a good body an tight cunt, I have enjoyed the tightness and thrill of deflowering,I did not make her to suck or to do any unnatural things. In the final fuck she was catching me with legs and was licking and kissing me as if she was also happy.It was the profit for that deal in kind. She has touched my feet and asked for my good wishes for her new life. I have tied a gold chain on her waist as my present for her happy marriage. I have also told her of my help in any problem in their life. But to see that we are cut throat people but not for all customers. That is the reason for our growth I told myself..
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