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Classmate or Sexmate

Now I am going to tell you my 3rd story, and it was happened with me and my class mate, family mate and now sex mate “Rija”. After fucking my sweet student Pakiza, her friend Nisha and maid Shabnum I am getting bolder and my urge for sex increased and now I was seriously thinking about “Rija” to satisfy my sex desire because I knew that it’s a soft target to achive. “Rija” is my very trustworthy friend and we are very frank with each other, our parents are very close to each other as well, and we often visit each other’s home.
Our parents made a program to visit Northern Areas, where I kissed her first time and squeeze her breasts on the hills of Kalam Vally between the trees and I saw her naked in the “Hotel Honeymoon”, she was the beauty of its own class, soft breast of 34D size with brownish pick nipples of pencil rubber siza, erected proudly and offer proudly that they are ready to suck and the two breasts very firm and neatly curved and one can take them in hand, her waste was like sand-clock and buttocks was round and soft and one can die to kiss them and Rija’s pussy lips was also pinkish brown and they are so nicely meet with each other and everyone wishes to fuck such a beauty, when I touched Rija’s body, it was so hot and when I touched her between her legs and my finger went inside her pussy it was hot and wet, I kissed her soft pinkish lips and I bite them as well, but we have a very short time, because anyone can come, but it gave me the green signal and now I was waiting for the right time to fuck this sex and beauty goddes, when we came back I got the chance to fuck “Rija”. It was happened on 3rd September 2004, when Rija’s mother went to Faisalabad because her sister was ill and now Rija was alone at home, she called me on my mobile and said she had some problem in preparing her assignment and she needs my help and next day was the last day to submit the assignment and I had already completed that assignment. When I reached her home I came to know that Aunty is not home and when I asked Rija where is Aunty she said “ She went to Faisalabad”, when I listened this my dick shiver and I gave a smile to her and I knew that uncle is at office at this time and he will return after 4 hours, I asked Rija what was the problem she told me that she is getting problem in compiling her assignment, but my mind was in Rija only, she was looking very sexy that day, she was wearing a net’s qameez with cotton shalwar and I can saw her black bra very clearly, it made my dick hard. When she came near to me and I was telling her about the assignment my eyes were slipping on her breast mounds again and again, and she was also noticing that I am much interested in her body than the assignment, she came more nearer to me, her body smell was making me mad, and I grabbed her from the waste and I kissed her lips and squeeze her breast very hard, she was not expecting this from me, her mouth was open with surprise, but in a moment she was smiling, and she hugged me as well, now we were kissing each other and hugging tightly, my hard dick was rubbing on her belly and my hands were on her buttocks and I was pushing them towards me and she was kissing my lips and her hands rubbing my hard throbbing dick. Now my hands were inside her qameez and I was rubbing them on her back and we were kissing each other, now my hands were on her breast and I was squeezing them and her qameez was lifted up to her waist and my hands were busy on her bra to release her breast from the bra cups, when I unhooked her bra, her milky white breast were so firm and ready to suck, I sucked them one by one, now Rija was free from her bra and qameez as well, she was now only in her shalwer and I was kissing all over her belly and breast and sucking her brownish pink nipples, when I kissed her belly my hands were on her buttocks and I was squeezing them as well.
Now I was sitting on my knees while Rija was standing on the floor and when she dropped her shalwar I was unable to resist and I start sucking her shaven pussy, her pinkish brown pussy was hairless and my tong was running all over and between her legs area, she was so wet and hot, now she opened her legs a little and her right foot was resting on her toe and I was sucking her hairless pussy more deeply my hands were running on her thighs, she can’t resist it anymore and she dropped herself on the bed, she was now on her back while her legs were hanging down the bed and she was now squeezing her breast while I was sucking her pussy, my T Shirt and Jeans was removed and now I was only in my underwear, tip on my hard erected dick was popped out from one side of the underwear and I was rubbing it on Rija’s naked thigh, my middle finger was deep inside her wet pussy and I was rubbing her G Spot and my mouth was busy in sucking her hard nipples, while Rija was rubbing her hands on my underwear. Now she pulled down my underwear and she was ogling my hard dick. She took him into her hand and message it a little and than sucked him and when she took him into her mouth her soft lips made my dick more rigid and now she took my dick between her breast and she rubbed them between her two milky white breast, I was about to come and I was unable to stay any more in very next moment I opened her legs and wrapped them around my waste and I push my hard dick inside her hot wet pussy and start fucking Rija’s tight virgin pussy, aaahhhhh….ahhhhhh…oohhhh..aaanmmmnmm… Aaaasssiifff, oooohhhh…. now I was pumping my dick in and out of Rija’s tight pink pussy which was now reddish pink due to my hard jerks and rubs, I was fucking her hard and she was crying aahhhh…ohhhhhh…aaahhhmmm, Aaasssiiiffff, do it hard darling, please do it hard she was also moving herself with the pace of my movement and she wants my hard dick more and more deep inside her pussy, I was fucking her more and more hard, now my load was about to come and I with draw my dick from her pussy and now she took my dick into her mouth and she was sucking her hard and she was rubbing her as well, in few seconds my cum was inside her mouth and she was eating it and sucking my dick as well.
After that she got up from the bed and went into the bath room, I followed her, and I asked her for a bath together, she opened the shower and we were standing under the running water. I kissed her on her lips and on her breasts and she was rubbing my hard dick and than we start rubbing soap on each other’s body, her breasts were very slippery under my hands due to soap and now I was rubbing soap on her legs while she was rubbing her hands on my back, now I was behind her and I was rubbing and running my hand on Rija’s soapy body, my dick was rubbing between the crack of her buttocks and my hands were rubbing on her breast and when they went between her legs my fingers rubes her pussy as well, her pussy was hot and wet again and now I was standing facing Rija, she was now rubbing soap on my body and when she reached on my dick she grabbed my dick and soaped him as well, now she was rubbing my dick and it was iron hard and I was enjoying it so much. Now I opened the shower and we cleaned ourselves, now water was running on us while, in the mean time Rija was on her knees and she was sucking my dick again and she wants it again in her pussy, I put my hands on her shoulders and I was pressing them and than, I asked her to put her both hand on the handles of the shower knobs and she bent flowered while her legs were straight, I came behind her and I put my hard dick deep inside her hot wet pussy again and I was jerking her hard my dick was coming in and out of her pussy very fast and she was moaning again, aahhhh… ohhh..ohhhh.. ohhh..yeah yeah… oohhh.. aahhhh do it Asif, yeah its nice Aasssiifff, yeah fuck me hard Asif, yeah fuck me hard, I love it, I love hard fuck…. ooohhhhh Aaasssiifff when your hard dick touches my G Spot and it went deep inside my pussy, I love you so much Asif, yeah do it darling, my hand was squeezing her breast and dick fucking her pussy. Now I withdraw my dick and I lay her on the floor on her back and I put her legs on my shoulders and again I put my dick inside her pussy and again I was fucking her hard, she was holding her legs from her thighs and my dick was moving in and out of her wet pussy like a boreing shaft After fucking Rija in the bath we take another shower and we cleaned ourselves.
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