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Chudai Aam Ke Baag Mein Part 1

My name is Khanzada. This is not my given name but everyone knows be by this name only. I am a free lance commercial artist. This incident took place when I was about 30 years old. The names have been changed for obvious reason and the circumstances modified to suit, otherwise everything else is as it happened.

Between assignments I decided to visit an old college friend Nawab deen. His friends called him N.D.. N.D. lived in a village not too far from where I lived. N.D. was a big zamindar (landlord) having acres and acres of land and several fruit baghs (gardens) including a Aam ka baagh.

One afternoon after lunch I decided to take a walk in the Aam ka baagh. The weather was pleasant. It was overcast and a cool breeze was blowing. Taking my walking stick and my Polaroid camera I set out. As I walked around the grove black clouds started gathering and it threatened to rain. I was not prepared for rain and started looking for some sort of shelter. Not far away I spotted a gardener's shed with a tin roof, most probably used for storing the produce during the season. With long steps I moved towards it when suddenly with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder it started to rain. As I reached the shed it was raining cats and dogs. To make sure that the shed was unoccupied I peeped in through the dirty windowpane.

The sight that met my eyes staggered me. Inside a young girl naked below the waist and her kameez pulled up to expose her breast was lying on a makeshift bed and a young boy without his pants was lying on top of her pushing. Ah ha some illicit fucking is going on I thought. My brain started working overtime as I saw an opportunity to taste a local choot (cunt). I opened the door slowly, which was luckily not locked and softly stepped inside.

Both of them were so engrossed in themselves that they did not notice my entry. I took number of pictures of them with my camera. Suddenly I heard the girl say, "Raja itni der hogayi tunne abhi tak apna laurda meri choot main nahin dala, uppar se waise hi dhake mar raha hai (Raja you are just pushing without putting your cock inside my cunt)". Raja said, "Tujhe maloom hai ki maine pahele kabhi chudai nahin ki hai aur yeh teri bhi paheli baar hai, iss liye mujhe teri kori choot ka chotta sa ched nahin mil raha hai (You know that I have never fucked before. You are also doing it for the first time and I am not able to find your small virgin fuck hole)". My ears perked up. It was getting better and better. I had an opportunity to fuck a virgin village belle. As I did not want Raja to find the hole and deprive me of the pleasure of deflowering the girl I said in a stern tone, "Ahem, yahan yeh kya ho raha hai? (Ahem, what is happening here?)"

Hearing me the boy immediately got up. I had a brief glimpse of his fine erection before his cock lost its stiffness out of fear. The girl started to get up but I placed my walking stick on her stomach and said, "Tu aisse hi leti reh (You keep lying like this)" and she lay back. Both were very scared. Raja was a handsome lad of about 14 years of age without any hair on his body. His crotch was also devoid of any hair. The girl was also about the same age with nice sized tits and a slight growth of hair round the lips of her cunt like a black streak.

I sat down beside the girl and started to massage her tits and said, "Raja tunne barri namkeen chokri phasayi hai (You have got yourself a very sexy looking girl)". Raja now nearly in tears blurted out, "Maine isse nahin phasaya hai. Razia mujhe khud yahan layi hai (I have not ensnared her. Razia has herself brought me here)". This did not seem right. I asked him to tell me the whole story. Raja said, "Abhi haal main Razia ke bhai ki shadi hui hai aur Razia ne apne bhai aur bhabi ko kayi bar chodete dekha hai. Chudai main iss ki bhabi ko bahut mazaa ata hai.Tau issne socha ki main bhi chudwa ke mazaa loon aur mujhe yahan le aayi (Razia's brother had got married recently. Razia had seen him and her sister in law fucking on several occasions. The sister in law enjoyed fucking so much that Razia wanted to taste the pleasures of fucking also and brought me here)". I looked towards Razia for confirmation and she nodded. Razia looked familiar to me and I asked her, "Tu Gullu atte ki chakkiwale ki beti hai na? (You are the daughter of the flour mill owner Gullu?)". The girl on being recognized was terrified and both of them started asking for forgiveness and promised never to repeat this mistake again.

I told them, "Main tumahare maa baap se kuch nahin kahoonga agar tum dono jo main kaheta jaoon waissa hi karo (I will say nothing to your parents provided you both do what I say)". Gratefully both agreed. I asked Raja whether his cock spurted cum he said no and Razia told me on my query that she is yet to have her periods. While we were talking I kept pressing the girl's tits and moving my finger up and down between her cunt lips. I asked Raja to come and sit on my lap and took his cock in my hand and moved it up and down. Soon he had an erection. His cock was not bad for a boy of his age. I introduced myself and told them to look at me as a friend and not like an enemy. They relaxed visibly.

I asked, "Raja tu chodna chahata hai aur Razia chudna chahati hai? (Raja you want to fuck and Razia wants to be fucked?). Both nodded. "Theek hai" I told them "Main tum dono ko chudai sikhaunga lakin meri guru dakhshina deni hogi (Okay I will teach you both how to fuck but you will have to give me my 'teachers fee')". Both agreed. I bent Razia's legs and pointed out the fuck hole to Raja. I told him now I will teach you how to fuck. I took off my pants and released my hard on. On seeing my cock both of them drew an audible breath. Razia sensing that I was going to fuck her said, "Khanzada aap ka laurda tau bahut bara hai, meri chotti si choot main kaise ghusse ga (Khanzada your cock is very large how will it go inside my small cunt)". I told her "Fikar mat kar, ghuss jayega (Don't worry it will go in)".

By now her choot was quite wet. I placed my cock on her fuck hole and gave a mighty push. Half my cock entered her choot. Razia let out a loud scream of pain "AAAIIIIEEE". It was still pouring outside and the rain was making so much sound on the tin roof that I was confident no one would have heard her scream. I gave another hard push and my cock was snugly lodged in her choot. Razia kept screaming but I kept moving my cock in and out. After some time her pain subsided and she stared to feel the pleasant effect of my cock's movement. It was not long before she was enjoying it and started moving her hips in unison with my hips and moaning with pleasure. We kept fucking till I shot my-cum inside her and at the same moment she also came with a loud satisfied sigh, "AAHHHHhhh".

I asked her, "Razia how did you like your fist fuck?" She replied, "It was nice but I thought it would be better". I told her, "If you are fucked a few times more then it will get better and better". After the fuck, I showed Raja her fuck hole again and he said, Khanzada it looks much bigger". "Will you be able to find it now?" I asked. "Yes" he replied. "Okay Raja now you fuck Razia but do it slowly then you will both enjoy it more". Raja got on top of Razia and with difficulty and some help from Razia found the fuck hole, which was oozing blood and my-cum and entered her. I sat watching Raja fucking Razia.

The sight of his bottoms moving up and down and the favorable position of his ass hole gave me an erection. I spread his ass cheeks and inserted my finger in it. The tightness of Raja's gaand (ass hole) made me want to fuck it. I took some spit from my mouth and applied it on his ass hole. Raja in an alarmed voice asked, " Khanzada aap kya kar rahe hain? (Khanzada what are you doing?)". I told him, " Main teri gaand mar ke apni guru dakhshina wassool kar raha hoon (I am going to fuck your ass hole and collect my teacher's fee)".

"Nahin nahin meri gaand mat marna (No no don't fuck my ass hole)" Raja said and wanted to get up. I told Razia to hold him tightly and got behind Raja and placing my cock on his ass hole gave a push. The head of my cock entered and the second shove saw it fully inside him. Raja screamed louder than Razia had done when she had lost her virginity. I told Raja my cock is already inside and he might as well enjoy the sensation of fucking while getting his ass hole plugged. Raja had no other choice and restarted his in and out movement.

When he pushed his cock inside Razia my cock was half out and when he withdrew, my cock was fully inside and his cock half out i.e. with one movement he was fucking Razia and getting his own ass hole buggered. After some time Razia was sighing loudly with pleasure, Raja felt his pleasure and shuddered and I filled his gaand with my-cum.

I asked them, "How did you enjoy this mode of fucking". Razia said, "It was great" and Raja said, "My both ends enjoyed it very much". I asked Raja to get some rain water from outside and wash my cock. I then laid Razia flat on the makeshift bed and glued my mouth to her choot and started to lick and suck her clit and told her to take my lund in her mouth and suck it. Razia was enjoying herself and she kept bucking her bottoms against my mouth and kept pressing my head with her hands to her choot. By the time I spurted my-cum in her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed, she had amid lot of groaning and moaning come three more times.

I then made Raja suck her cunt and she sucked his cock. When this was over I asked them to pose for a photograph. At first they were reluctant but with veiled threats I got them to agree. I stood them absolutely naked next to each other with Razia holding Raja's erect cock and Raja fingering her cunt. Few minutes later I showed them the photo. They were surprised that the results were available so quickly.

It had stopped raining. As it was getting late, I told them to go home. "I want to see you both tomorrow here in the shed at the same time" I said.
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