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Beautiful Housewife Banged Part 3

After a tiring experience, Rahim and Simran kept talking to each other. Just a few hours ago Simran didn't even want to talk to him, now she was chatting away as if she knew Rahim for years. Rahim also liked how Simran had become a willing partner in his quest. When she resisted, he thought he will have to rape her and feared the repercussion. But he had successfully managed to turn this shy housewife into a cum hungry slut.

They were talking, occasionally kissing each other. Rahim would every now and then suck and bite her tits and she would squeal and laugh in pleasure. Simran was running her hands on Rahim's body, especially his dick and his balls. She had fallen in love with it and knew she couldn't stay away from it anymore.

Simran looked at the clock on the wall in her bedroom. It was 12.15 am. She thought to herself that Abhinav had called around 10 pm and this experience started soon after. So this means that the whole act lasted for 2 hours. She was shocked. Sex with Abhinav lasted for a maximum 45-50 minutes and she would get tired. But today she went on for 2 hours. She wondered that Rahim had not even fucked her yet. How long will that last, 4 hours?

She smiled at the thought. Rahim watched her expression...

Rahim: Sweetheart...what are you thinking about and smiling sheepishly?

Simran: Rahim...we were doing it for 2 hours and you haven't even fucked me. If you do, will you go on for the whole night?

Rahim: Hahaha....i just might baby...and what do u mean if you do fuck me...I am going to fuck you and fuck you real hard!! Not just the whole night but also during the day. I am not going to work tomorrow and Rehana isn't coming back for a couple of days. So it's going to be you and me fucking like rabbits for 2 days and 2 nights.

Simran blushed at Rahim's plan. She wondered what kinky stuff they would end up doing in the next 2 days but she was definitely looking forward to it. Simran got up and went to the bathroom to relieve herself, Rahim followed her.

Simran watched herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess; she had love bite all over her body especially on her boobs. There was dried cum in her hair, traces of it on her cheeks and neck. She had become a complete slut.

Rahim on the other hand lifted the toilet seat and started peeing. Hearing the sound Simran turned back and watched how Rahim's dick streamed out urine in a strong, uniform flow. His dick was flaccid but still it was larger that Abhinav's.

Simran: Abhinav!!!!

Simran ran out of the bathroom to the living room where her cell phone was. She checked her cell phone for any missed calls. There were none. She was relieved that her husband hadn't called. It was day time in US and her husband would call every few hours. Looks like he was busy.

Rahim came to the living room, Simran turned around to face him.

Rahim: I am very hungry. Do you have anything to eat?

Simran: I am also very hungry. There are leftovers from dinner. Ok for you?

Rahim: Fine with me. Anything which is ready is ok. After all, I don't want to waste my time eating when we can fuck.

Simran laughed at his naughtiness and proceeded towards the kitchen. Rahim watched her as her plump ass swayed from right to left as she walked. He smiled at himself and thought he was the luckiest man alive.

Simran brought some chapatti and sabji in 2 plates and kept it on the dinner table. Rahim had by then switched on the television and was watching something. Rahim sat on the dinner table and looked at the plates

Rahim: Simran darling...why waste 2 plates? We will have food together in one plate.

Rahim put all the food in one plate, pulled Simran towards him and made her sit on his lap. Simran realized that they both were completely naked in the living room, another new experience.

Rahim took a piece of the chapatti and sabji and ate it. He then brought his mouth to Simran and kissed her. As their lips met, they opened their mouths and Rahim passed on the food from his mouth the Simran's mouth. She loved his style and this process continued till their stomachs were full.

After Simran was done in the kitchen, she came to the living room. Rahim was watching TV. He patted on the couch asking her to sit near him. Simran quietly went and sat next to him. They watched the regular channels for a while, and then Rahim switched to the local cable channel. There was a porn movie on that channel. Simran blushed after watching it and Rahim laughed.

They watched the movie for a couple of minutes. Simran had never watched a porn movie in her entire life and her husband was not kinky enough to show it to her. She always wanted to see one and now Rahim was fulfilling her wish. This was a night of unique experience she thought to herself.

Her chain of thought was broken when she felt a hand grabbing her left breast. She turned her head towards Rahim to look at him. He smiled at her and she blushed. Encouraged by this gesture, Rahim turned to his left and turned Simran so that she was facing him. With his both hands, Rahim started squeezing her boobs. He was squeezing them, weighing them, pinching her nipples. All these actions had an effect on Simran and her breath quickened. Rahim then brought his mouth to her nipples and started sucking her boobs one by one. Simran lay down on the sofa with her head resting on the armrest while Rahim sucked her boobs like a baby. This time he was gentle on her, doing things leisurely rather than the rough and hurried way he was doing before.

He pushed her boobs together till her nipples were adjacent to each other and then he sucked on both of them together. Simran was now moaning, her hands were roaming all over his body. She felt his silky hair; his toned back muscles and brought her hands down to his taut butt.

Simran: Ohhh Rahim...you seriously know how to push my buttons. I didn't know sex could be so amazing before I met you. I am really glad I did this. You are my true lover!!!

Rahim stopped sucking her boobs and went up to her and softly kissed her. Simran responded to his kiss with tenderness.

Rahim: Sweetheart, I wanted to fuck you from the day I saw you and today my dream has come true. You have such a splendid body, it deserves to be worshipped and not ignored. You are an amazing woman Simmi.

Rahim went back to sucking her boobs. Simran realized that he called her Simmi. It sounded so cute. She loved the way it sounded. She was falling for this Adonis like man.

Rahim: Simmi, do you have ice in the fridge?

Simran: Ya...why?

Without answering her Rahim got up and went to the kitchen. He was back in a minute with a vessel carrying ice and chocolate syrup bottle. She realized that Rahim was up to something kinky. Rahim made Simmi sit up straight, with her head resting on the back of the sofa. He went on his knees in front of her. He took an ice cube, put it in his mouth and kissed Simmi. The ice cube juggled between their mouths and melted in a few seconds from the heat of their mouth. As they kissed they could feel their cold tongues soon turning hot with all the action.

Rahim took another ice cube in his hand and started rubbing it on her nipples. The coldness made her nipples extra hard and Simmi arched her back from the mind boggling sensation. He put another ice cube in his mouth and started sucking her boobs.

After a while of sucking, he took another ice cube and put on her navel and rubbed it all over her stomach. Rahim's creative moves was having the right effect on Simmi who was moving towards an orgasm really fast. Rahim took another ice cube and started rubbing on her pussy. He then inserted it in her pussy. This pushed Simmi of the edge and she had a massive orgasm but Rahim held her down firmly and kept sucking her pussy. Rahim looked at Simmi who had just calmed down after her orgasm. He went up to her and kissed her. She licked of her own juices of his face.

Simran then took an ice cube and put it in her mouth. She gestured Rahim to come to her side. As soon as he did that, she grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. Rahim moaned loudly has his sensitive dick head was exposed the ice and also to her warm mouth. Rahim then stood in from of her while she sucked his dick with full vigor. She grabbed his tight butt and forced more and more of his dick in her mouth. She was now getting used to his size and could suck much more than she previously did. Rahim looked on in wonder as the shy, conservative Simmi had turned into nymph sucking his rod like a possessed woman.

Rahim pulled out his dick and lied down on the floor. He gestured Simmi to lie on him with her pussy at his mouth and his dick at her mouth.

Rahim: Simmi, this position is called 69. It will allow us to pleasure each other simultaneously.

Rahim: Because, we look like the number 69 when we are doing it.

Simran looked at their reflection in the glass showcase near them. They really were looking like 69. She laughed at this and wondered how knowledgeable Rahim was in the art of love making. In the meanwhile Rahim took the bottle of chocolate syrup and gave it to Simmi. She knew what to do. She opened the bottle and poured a generous amount to chocolate syrup on his dick and his balls. She spread it across the organ. Rahim then took the bottle and poured a lot of syrup on Simmi's pussy.

They both just went at it. Licking and sucking each other’s private organs. The chocolate syrup made it sweeter. It mixed with their juices and gave it a unique flavor. They were completely focused on the task at hand as if there was a race where the one who cums first lost.

Simran was gobbling up Rahim's dick as much as she could. She was trying hard to impress her lover with her oral skills. Rahim on the other hand was working equally hard. He bit her clit, Simmi moaned loudly, biting his dick a little, which made him moan as well. Simmi was holding Rahim's ankles, with her long hair all over his crotch and thighs cloaking it from view.
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