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Be A Slave And Be Happy

I am a man of 40 staying with my beautiful wife and two kids. . On my transfer we had moved to another town . To get a house was bit difficult there. Finally one of our sub staff has arranged one . It was an out house of a big villa. It was a two room house tiled one .It was beneath a large canopy of a tree. So infect it was cool in summer. The house was of a couple .Man was a medical supervisor and the lady was having a beauty par lour.. My wife was also working as a prof: in a govt college. So in day all will be in a locked condition.

The house owner was a rich fellow ,and their kids were grown up and was in hostels. He was about 50 and she near 45. Bering a beaution she has maintained her well. She had a beautiful feet and hand and a fit body. But she was a black and also her husband,. My wife has like d her from the start. she told that she is a nice lady.even though she is black and is having a bit complex for that ,she has a very nice body and behavior. She also have noticed her extra nice fingers and shapely feet.. My wife has also went for some treatments in her par lour. .Even after the treat she felt angry for her shapeless feet.

It was a summer vacation. Wife and kids were away in her house. I was alone cooking by myself.. One day the owner has come as a guest for dinner. He was a very friendly man. He took the food prepared by me and also invited me in the next day being a Sunday. They have given a very good treat. I have noticed the fingers of that madam,and her feet. Wife was true. They were marvelous. .But my dislike for black skin has prevented from carting other parts. In the next day he has gone .But she used to sent curries for me. It has continued for a week. I had written that to wife also. Then one night she has called me in land line. She was not well and was alone .so I may help her. I have quickly closed the door and went there. The door was open ,and she was sleeping under a sheet. I have made some sounds,then called madam. She was not moving. So I have locked the door and again went to her room .

I have sat near and caught he feet which was open. It was cold. I have started pressing and roughing the sole with hands. .She has slowly moved. I have asked her whether she is suffering from fever. She has just pulled me to her and embraced me. I have also did the same. I thought she is cold and want bit heat. She has kept her legs over me .I was slowly getting uncomfortable. The I could understood that she is fully naked. I have pushed her to run away. But she told me that She will call the police . She has revealed herself in full. She told that she was liking me from the start. "now if you go with out doing what I like I will finish you. Your beautiful wife will ave to search for others for a fuck. But if you cooperate then this can continue till you are here" I have understood the meaning, and her determination. I have agreed. I have removed all my dresses. Then only I have noticed her.

What a marvelous one. Only the color was black. I have started from her breast. I made it totally crushed till she cried. Had it be my wife it would have turned to pink to blooded. And in the next day there will have many black clots. But here it has not changed. Then the fuck has started .it was really tight. WHETHER SHE HAS DONE SOME SURGERY FOR THAT. ? AFTER ONE FUCK i HAVE STARTED GETTING REAL INTEREST. Shave started feeling foolish in avoiding black ladies in life. What is the difference if light is offed. And sex with black and white was really enjoyable. It will be like a painting. .We have parted happily. I gave thanks for opening my eye to enjoy black beauties. SHE HAS SUCKED FOR THE ERECTION FOR a third time before going. This has continued after also. She will give a call if things are OK. by 11 O'clock in night. Also the matinee show was also not rare.

Being a strong sexy lady she told that she has many sex connections. There was some friends who are having similar taste. They do exchange men. Here many were in video and was under threat for police action. So in fact they are slaves. In my case I have been lucky for getting many of her friends who were not even black . IN one case the girl was only 19 and was very beautiful. I do not know how she has arranged her with happily agreeing. In my case she has always a submissive and was never pressing to attend someone. .One problem was that he should be attended first before others. Even I have got chances to have threesome acts which was impossible otherwise. My wife was even have started complaining about me lethargy to her sex, of course with out knowing the reason.She was very truthful to me in informing to bring a lady who was under her treatment for getting a kid. Because she was a lady from a royal family and was willingly and happily surrendering me I did not feel wrong.. She was golden in color and with slightly plumby .

I have used her for at least 5 days in two months to a success. As a fee for my work she was given after delivery for three days. .Beauty treatment and some medicines for hair growth, heir lessness and fattening or leaning and even the pregnancy were her works out of many. She do charges nicely for that. The males get only enjoyment,because they were their slaves ..Some so called medicines were stupid stuff but for supplying for me. One lady with pimples were given medicine of semen in hot condition. How it will be possible with out a fuck. I did her for a two week course,by also making her to drink the same even with out her protests. Being in teens that was a real stuff for me. General ladies were middle aged and was looking for variety. Some want to ride over . I used to allow for one course and then a very forceful fuck for me. Some used to ask for that after the first day. The real benefactor was the house owner lady. and I have lost all those after my transfer.
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