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Bare Witness

I am 34 year old woman .now works as an assistant in a govt office. It was accidental that i could see this adultery stories in our office computer . Then I have started seeing this too often in my PC. I am a bachelor and so this is giving a good timepass. I also has got the idea that sex is natural .and one has to enjoy it even against society. Even though I have got many chances I used to fear others and used to avoid this till now. I was staying with my mother and father who are old and are not in a position to climb stairs.

I used to stay in the first floor. A servant lady used to come for day work and cooking. Even though I am somewhat sexy my marriage is not yet being done till now. The reason mainly is the money. We have only this house as property. Since I an working we are living well. Now a days father used to think for selling this for getting money. Better to stay in a rented house and do my marriage was his plan.I had a bad experience in my child hood, and so I was fearing marriage in my twenties. but later I have understood the real meaning of sex.

and now through net.I could understand that every thing is right in sex provided that he or she keeps it secret. Also Never think of the other or the consequences tat that time..

It was in last month I had a real sex experience. .I used to sing well ,specially in church songs. Since the X mas in nearing I used to go there for practice..It was in the mid november . One day a worker of the church has come to our house for taking aC.D . of our carol for their practice.. He was an elder man whom I knew since I am a school kid.. A tall and strong man,who work in convent and there school apart from church. I still remember that i have travelled with him to school .I have given him the C.D but asked him to return in the eve after my office hours. As he was a man known to my papa ans mom he was happy to come to our house. That day my mothers cousin was admitted for delivery ,and so they have gone to their house. THey had informed me in my mobile. I told them of calling the maid servant to stay with me in night..

when I have reached home at 6P.M. in the eve I found the front door was open. I thought that our maid has come . I have entered in calling her by name ,and just entered in to my room. When I have removed my saree and blouse and was ready to change to a mighty I heard some one was moving near the open door. I have called her to come. But none has come. I have moved to the door then moved to the ladder ,and later went down to ground floor. BUt no one was there. So I have locked the front door and moved up, all in my jetty and bra only. I thought that the maid has gone out. I have got angry for her behaviour. When I have entered in my room I have closed the door and sat on my coat, to wear my nighty. Suddenly I was caught from behind and pressed to my bed. It was that man john who has come to return my C.D.

I have cried in fear but Found him as a very strong fellow. He has closed my mouth. He was totally naked. He told me that I have only one choice. Whether to surrender and enjoy or to fight and forced him to rape. He told that the maid will not come since she has other works,. She has given keys to him. He told me that many of the girls in these area including from convent has been used and being used by him. It includes very beautiful to servant girls . Our servant is one among them.He was liking me since from schooldays bye did not get a chance, that is all. I have tried to get free from him but he has climbed over me and with in no time I was naked. He has started galloping on me with his prick inside.

He was a six feet tall, fairer than me, strong with grey hairs on hand ,chest and on his organ. There was a terrible pain .but fear has covered it. . After 30 minutes when he has left the saddle and lied by my side I was almost died. . After about an hour he has got up and has taken some water and has cleaned my private parts and has started pressing my breast, thighs. He has licked my pussy and sucked nipples.Slowly started kissing and licking my neck back and mouth. .He has asked me to introduce my tongue in to his mouth. Finally I have started doing as he has told. Before the morning he has fucked me for three time. He has kissed all my body and left in the early hours.

I do not know whether he has taken some photos or not.Before going he has given one riddle for me to answer proving that he is a ruthless MAN. While pumping me in the last trip he told me that my mother was also had the same taste and smell. He is also doubting me as his own creation. She was enjoyed on the first sunday while she has come to the church with a lady. While returning she was taken to a lonely house by that lady where he has used her. "Poor girl cried a lot but was fucked for the first time .

Later she has never gave me nor have been asked by me" he told. before getting up from my body.

Since then he has used me atleast for 4 time. I fear him and his likes his ruthlessness. He as a conqueror saw and made me to surrender. I hope he will leave me free after my marriage,as he has promised. Now a days I am also enjoying him well. He has a house on the way to the church ,probably the same place where my mom also was enjoyed..Later I have been shown many photos and videos of his enjoyment,But also told that he will never use to destroy any one. In them There were at least two new brides and some of the beautiful rich ladies ,who will never allow him to enter their houses.To my surprise I have also found my beautiful aunt in black and white her teen age. He told me that a camera was with him then ,received as a present from a foreign tourist, for providing a lady on a day shoot... Seeing all those I felt elevated my status. He claims that I am lucky in getting his prick in me ,that prick which has entered in such great rich; and qualified and beautiful and even rev: ladies. . I do not know whether I am waiting for my marriage or for another session with him first.

After these incidents I could forget the bad experiences I have face in mu childhood. Once when I was going to one of our relatives the incident has happened. I was with my aunt who was 19 at that time . She was very fair and slightly plump. Wearing a short dress like a mini skirt. When we have entered that house we came to know that only a unknown man was there. It was about mid day. He called us in and closed the front door with tower bolt. With out any talk he has taken my aunt on his shoulders and went to his bed. I was totally feared and was sitting on a corner. He made her naked and Introduced a long thing from his waist, which i have never seen before. .

She has sucked as ice stick. Then he has laid over her. She was not visible to me bellow his large body. I thought that he is eating her as a lion. Then he went up and down. finally she has got up and dressed. Before going he told me not to tell any one or he will kill me.He has also pulled me and pushed his stick in my mouth for some time. He has pushed in and out also. I was almost breathless. I have not even asked my aunt till now. Now by seeing her photo with john I doubt that she had experience before that day through john. now i consider him as a suud bull of our family still going in strength.
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